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“Hm...this is the second time this month. How is this happening?”

Peaches examined the pumpkin patch as she started to chew on a jelly bean in an inquisitive manner. As she looked at each of the plants carefully, she was examining them if there was anything out of the ordinary with them. It was one thing if the crops were being stolen by people, but a whole patch being transplanted perfectly from one part of the farm to another was something she wasn’t expecting. It was the same thing that had happened with a field of peppers that she was tending to. She set up a plot for them to grow in one location and in the next day they were all moved to another untouched portion of the farm. At first she thought it was some kind of spirit, but strangely enough the spirit didn’t seem to be evil or else there would have been much more obvious hints.

She had tried to lay out traps for the strange being but for the most part they remain untouched. She had thought about laying out any kind of bait but it seemed that the stranger was uninterested. Frustrated she tried to figure out if there was something, anything that could get this thing’s attention. As she walked around in the farm she stopped for a moment and looked up at a tree. As she studied it, she knew that this was not one of the trees that she would have placed on the farm. Especially since instead of berries for fruit it had something else completely different. As she touched the trunk, she jerked her hand back as she felt a strange presence from it.

However, as she narrowed her gaze, the tree itself didn’t seem to be cursed. If anything something or someone was protecting it from the elements. Maybe it wasn’t a tree that normally was grown here? In either case, the tree itself gave her an idea. After grabbing a few supplies and rifle ammo she hid herself behind a makeshift cover created with a bale of hay she to hide herself from the stranger. The tree was important to this stranger and if she was going to catch them then she was going to try to catch them in the act.

Night fell on the farm as Peaches shook her head. She couldn’t afford going to sleep without knowing what was going on. Shifting the hay to only show her eyes, she could hear someone at the tree. Narrowing her gaze, she could see a clear sign of a female body in the shadows examining the tree. It looked like she was seeing which of the berries on it were ready to be harvested as she plucked them by hand. Carefully Peaches slipped out of the bale of hay, rifle in hand as she did her best to steady her heartbeat. Fearing that they could hear her boots she took them off carefully, setting them aside so only her bare feet touched the grass.

The girl seemed completely unaware of Peaches’ presence, humming a song to herself as she continued to gather berries and as she pointed the rifle to the girl’s head she could get a better look at her. Her skin was strange, a mix of white and pale gold along with blond hair. The ears were pointed, but nothing that she had encountered in her travels. What could have those kind of ears and have a tail like that? Above all else, she had been wearing a light green dress and was completely barefoot. Her emerald green nail polish shining in the light.

Peaches kept looking at her with confusion and curiosity before shaking her head. She had made her decision and questions needed to be answered. She picked up her gun again, aiming at the back of the girl’s head before she stopped gathering berries. As she stood still, it was as if all time stood still before she said, “So, I am guessing you want to know why I am here yes?”

Peaches’ eyes grew wide in surprise at the German sounding girl. “I had a feeling you would see me sooner or later. This is your farm after all.” Peaches shook her head, trying not to be confused as she kept her gun as steady as possible. As the pointed ear girl started to turn Peaches put the muzzle of the gun to her back. “Do not move an inch,” said Peaches with a serious tone. Something was off with his girl and Peaches knew that she couldn’t take her eyes off her for a moment. The other girl sighed softly, keeping her arms up as she stayed perfectly still. “Look, I am not a bad person. I just figured a farm would be a good place to gather supplies.”

Peaches’ eyes narrowed as she growled. “You mean steal food? Or put whatever that thing is in my farm? What is that thing? A demonic tree you pray to?” The girl sighed softly, reaching into her satchel before feeling the muzzle on her back again. “Listen, if you want to know what I am working on you will need to see and taste for yourself.” Peaches was surprised when the girl said that it could be tasted. She eased up the muzzle of the gun from the girl’s back, watching as she carefully pulled out what looked like one of the berries on the tree but now dried out.

The girl let the berry fall softly into Peaches’ palm, the farmer studying the berry curiously. It clearly wasn’t a cherry or any kind of edible fruit that she would be known for. As she smelled it curiously she was surprised by what she had smelled. It was clearly a spice but not one she had encountered before and before she could say anything she saw the girl quickly turn around and spray a strange kind of powder from a pouch into Peaches’ face.

As Peaches began to cough she started to stumble around, trying hard to aim her gun but feeling weaker by the second before falling on the ground. She struggled to keep her eyes open as the girl stood over her. “Sorry about that, I can’t take the risk of you firing off that gun. All will be explained later.” Her eyes got heavier as she tried her hardest to stay awake, but soon the powder took hold as she drifted to sleep.

Peaches began to groan softly as she started to open her eyes slowly. From the night sky she must have not been out for too long but she could feel that she was unable to move her upperbody. Seh looked around frantically, worried about what was going on. She then saw Victoria at her feet as she started to tie her big toes together. “Again, I apologize for what I did, this is simply a measure to make sure that she is safe and that you wouldn’t be tempted to kill her.”

Peaches glared at the girl as she struggled in the ropes. “What do you mean her? You’re the only one here and you just tied me up!” The girl sighed as she then showed Peaches her right arm. “Technically there are two of us.” As she spoke, green lines began to show up in the white and gold skin before it started to cover her whole arm. Soon enough green material started to show up behind the girl’s back revealing a strange being behind her. It had no eyes, just a large mouth with what looked like two rows of sharp teeth. Peaches’ eyes grew wider in shock and fear as she continued to struggle. “W...what are you?! Are you some kind of a demon?!”

The material then receded as she held her hands up. “Trust me, I am not a demon. And I am not your enemy.” Peaches looked agitated as she glared at her. She clearly did not trust her and it showed in her body language. “Then why are you doing this?! Why did you switch my crops?!” The girl picked up a handful of dirt as she studied it carefully. “You should have been keeping an eye on your yields. The nutrients in the soil are nearly depleted.”

Peaches’ eyes changed from panic to confusion as she looked at the soil. “D...depleted? How do you even know that’s the truth?” The girl’s hand started to glow with a soft green light. “My mother has her powers derived from nature as well. From what I can feel from the soil is that the nutrients there are running low. Have you tried giving certain plots time to recover from being used for such a long time?”

Peaches only looked more confused as she spoke. “I have a schedule to keep and I will not lose my farm because of it.” The girl then tilted her head to the side. “What about crop rotation?” Peaches was actually surprised by this girl. She seemed to understand a little about farming. “If you are a nature spirit then how would you know about these things?” She looked at the ground, softly touching the soil again as she took a deep breath. “I still feel the soil under my soles and plants need to eat from the soil. If you keep putting the same plants in the same plot over and over again then the soil will be deprived of those specific nutrients. On top of that your plants will starve as well.”

Peaches began to calm down, listening intently with what the girl had to say. “The plots you placed those crops in. I had them used for onions and fennel.” She nodded her head politely. “And now those crops will be able to use different nutrients while the nutrients for onion and fennel have time to rest up.” Peaches’ eyes started to soften, her mind now realizing what the spirit was doing before remembering the tree. “And the tree, what is its purpose?”

“Well, the tree is known as an allspice tree. I am using the berries for alchemy.” Peaches looked even more confused than before when she told her about alchemy. “Alchemy? You mean like a philosopher’s stone or something?” She shook her head. “Less stone and more like oils and potions.”

“Potions,” Peaches said with a flat tone while looking skeptical. “Are you some kind of witch?” The girl shook her head again. “I use alchemy to create potions and oils to give myself an edge in case there’s something I cannot be able to kill so easily.” As she said that, she took out one of her kukri for Peaches to see. Her blue eyes examined the blade carefully, realizing that she wasn’t using a steel blade. “Silver? Why silver,” she asked while studying the knife.

“Well, silver is actually pretty useful against magical creatures and the supernatural. I have a steel one too, but that’s more for humans and those who are part human like yourself for instance.” Peaches narrowed her gaze again for a moment, but realizing that if she was trying to kill her she would have done so. “So where does that leave us?” The girl sat at Peaches’ feet as she smiled. “Okay how about this: if you let me grow a few of my herbs on your farm, I can be able to help you with tending to your crops so that you can have the best yields you can find?”

Peaches had been contemplating about this. On one hand she barely knows the girl but on the other hand she did seem to have a grasp on plants and farming. And if it could help her with keeping the bankers off her back then any help would be appreciated. She looked up at the girl and then asked her, “What’s your name?”

The girl smiled at Peaches before giving her a polite bow. “My name is Victoria, it’s a pleasure to meet you Miss...” Victoria stopped as she remembered that she didn’t have her name either. “You can call me Peaches,” she told Victoria while nodding her head.
“Well then Miss Peaches, it’s good to meet you.” Victoria had also looked at Peaches’ feet as she blushed, which in turn made Peaches surprised. Was Victoria interested in her feet? Curious she wiggled her toes for Victoria before saying. “You know, if you want you could try it just for today. And if you do a real good job I suppose we can have more of these sessions like this but we need to be done with everything before this can be started. How does that sound?”

Victoria thought about it for a moment before smiling happily. “I think that can work as an arrangement.” Peaches then blushed softly, watching as Victoria’s fingers began to softly stroke the soles of her feet. She immediately smiled happily, snickering as Victoria’s nails softly explored the soles of her feet. A squeak escaped Peaches’ lips as she worked her way up to her toes, wiggling them one at a time before she bursted out laughing.

Victoria enjoyed watching Peaches laugh happily, her fingers tickling every inch of her soles as Peaches squirmed in her bindings. Victoria then untied Peaches, using her tail to softly tease the pads of her toes and the spaces between. In time Peaches curled up and hugged her own body, giggling helplessly before begging for a break. Victoria nodded her head, giving Peaches time to gather her breath as she blushed bright. “W...where did you learn to tickle like that?”

Victoria smiled while thinking back from her own memories. “From my father actually, he loved to make my mother laugh happily too.” As Peaches gather her breath, she then looked at the moon before looking at Victoria. “Say, do you have a place to stay for the night? If you want I can let you sleep in my house for tonight.” Victoria shook her head as she smiled. “It’s no worry, my home isn’t too far from me.”

Peaches had a surprised look on her face as she looked around at the surrounding area. “Really? I don’t see alot of...places?” Peaches expression turned to shock when she saw that Victoria was no longer there anymore. Where she was positioned there was a note on the ground for Peaches to see. Picking it up, she saw the words “Will be at work in the morning.” As she looked at the note, Peaches couldn’t help but to smile. This girl seemed to be pretty intriguing. Maybe she will be able to find out more about her in the future.
Down on the farm
Second trade for Gear25. Peaches belong to Gear25, Victoria belongs to me

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“Oh hey Andrew, you’re just in time. Everybody just came over.”

Maria smiled happily as she saw Andrew at the front door. Hugging him, he slipped off his sneakers with his sock clad feet hitting the floor lightly. As he looked around he could see three other kaiju there: Naomi, Ariel and Erika. The three already looked like they were getting angry from a previous match in mario kart. Apparently from the look of it, the numbers had been in Naomi’s favor for one session and at the end Ariel had been given a quadfecta. Maria gulpped, worried that there was going to be a fight but as they argued Andrew couldn’t help but notice that all of them were barefoot.

An idea hit Andrew like a lightning bolt as he looked at Maria happily. “I have an idea, but I need you to trust me on it.” Maria tilted her head with a confused expression on her face. But she could see Andrew was very happy. It looked like he did have an idea to help Maria out. He took out what looked like a series of futuristic shackles for ankles before looking at Maria with a blush. “If I might be able to demonstrate on you?”

Maria blushed, offering her feet to Andrew so he can show her what is going to happen next. The devices were clearly designed for a less malicious purpose as Maria was surprised how comfortable they were as she wiggled her toes. “Okay, so now what,” she asked curiously. Andrew blushed, smiling shyly before turning them on. Before she knew it she could see her feet in another pair of the shackles as she looked on in surprise. “ did you do that?”

“Well, you know how in magic tricks where a person gets sawed in half and usually the case is the pair of feet are fake?” Maria nodded her head, curious as she watches Andrew pick up the pair of feet in his hands. “In this case it would actually be the opposite. What you have are a pair of feet that wouldn’t be able to feel any kind of sensation while your actual feet are safe with me.” Maria had a skeptical look on her face as Andrew explained. “Perhaps a demonstration,” he asked as he continued to show a bright red blush.

Maria nodded her head, sitting on a chair and lifting her left leg up. She watched as Andrew started with gently stroking the sole of her foot. Her eyes went wide with surprise when she realized what was going on: she wasn’t feeling anything. Even as Andrew’s fingers stroked her soles up and down she couldn’t even feel his fingers. “Now, watch this,” he said while smiling happily. He held her right foot that was not a part of her body now in his handand started to stroke her sole softly from the base of her toes to her heel just with his index finger. As he did this gentle tease she covered her mouth to stifle a giggle that was going to escape her lips as she blushed.

“Well what do you think?” Andrew had a shy expression on his face, wondering what Maria thought of the invention before Maria smiled happily again. “Actually this might be able to help out tremendously. I bet if you can use enough cuddles for them you can be able to diffuse the situation easily.” Andrew nodded his head as Maria looked at the kitchen. “You can set up everything there, I’ll go ahead and put these on the others.” Andrew nodded his head again, setting everything up in the kitchen as Maria began to speak to her friends. She had made a compelling case to make sure this was going to happen so that the house wouldn’t be destroyed by acts of anger.

As Andrew waited in the kitchen he saw the feet of all three of her friends’ feet were now in the cuffs. Their toes wiggled around, wondering what was going to happen next before Maria opened the door. She gave him a thumbs up, leaving the door open so that he could be able to hear what was going on next.

As he listened to the race going on he could hear the determination in their voices as it sounded like Erika was going on win. But as he hummed to himself, he could hear shouts of rage as a blue shell hit Erika on the final turn to the finish line with Ariel snatching the opportunity to win. The events continued to get worse ranging from a clutch victory against a thunderbolt with an invincibility star being used with Naomi at the exact moment it came out to a green shell snipe to take Naomi out of first place, giving Erika the victory. In the end the match was pretty much even until the last race where all three of them were going at each other everything they got while not noticing Maria until the final lap where she acquired the first place trophy completely by accident. To make matters worse, in their constant war with each other the other kaiju had worked it out that in the end all three of them would have tied for last place.

Naomi, Erika and Ariel all stood up as they glared at each other. The tension was present as Maria did her best to calm her friends down. But her words were falling on deaf ears. The anger that they felt from the game was starting to show as they bared their fangs in a metaphorical sense. But before any of them could make a move their looks of anger and malice to each other was quickly replaced with expression of clear shock and bright blushes as their toes started to wiggle around. Maria popped her head into the kitchen opening, seeing Andrew go to work softly kissing each of their soles one at a time as she breathed a sigh of relief.

He started on Erika’s soles, gently planting kisses on her heels before moving up her soles to kiss her toes one at a time. She had been sitting down on the couch, breathing a sigh of relief as her anger melted away from the pleasant feeling of foot worship she was receiving. Soon enough Ariel and Naomi were sitting down on the couch as well, smiling happily as their toes wiggle around.

His focus was kissing their toes one at a time, hearing the girls giggle and coo softly from the worship they were receiving. As he softly licked their soles, their smiles were large as their minds were now completely focused on the worship they were being given. The memories of the matches they played along with the bad feelings that they had melting away with each gentle kiss and nuzzle their big feet were being given.

Andrew wasn’t really focused on the time he was giving the kaiju girls as he cuddled their soles. He just really enjoyed being able to give them all some attention and before too long they were all smiling and happy once again. Erika had suggested they try to do a one player game so that they wouldn’t be as salty. Ariel nodded her head in agreement, suggesting that they should try “Until Dawn” to have a little bit of horror movie fun to see what could happen. As Ariel explained about how no two playthroughs were going to be the same, Maria walked into the kitchen, smiling happily as she hugged Andrew from behind.

“Thank you so much for that,” Maria said as she softly kissed his cheek. She was happy the events didn’t unfold into something more dangerous and fists would have been flying. He looked up at her with a smile on his face as he then looked at Maria’s feet now. “I had a feeling you wouldn’t be as salty as they would from the sound of it.” She then blushed, smiling at him as she walked to get a bowl out from the cupboard. “That device cannot be damaged by liquid right?” Andrew nodded his head, curious to see what Maria had in mind as she smiled. Her tail swishing around as she put the bowl down and placed her feet inside of it. “You are right, I wouldn’t be as mad when it comes to video games. But I still wouldn’t mind a little bit of attention too,” she said while blushing cutely.

Andrew blushed as well, watching Maria go into the freezer and get a container of vanilla ice cream. She visibly shivered as the scoops of vanilla touched her soles. Her toes curling into one of the scoops as she smiled happily. After putting the ice cream back into the freezer, she went into the fridge to show him a bottle of root beer. His blush became a bright red as Maria giggled. “I had a feeling you might be interested in this. Though I couldn’t really use a glass but I think a bowl is more than sufficient wouldn’t you say?”

Andrew nodded his head silently, blushing bright as Maria proceeded to pour the root beer right into the bowl and on her soles. Maria did her best but she couldn’t help but giggle happily as the bubbles started to tickle her soles, making them wrinkle from the feeling. She handed him a spork, smiling as she watched him blushing. “Enjoy,” she said before leaving to watch the game with her friends.

Andrew blushed, watching Maria’s toes wiggle around in the ice cream as he started to eat it gently. Even as the jump scares start to begin Maria couldn’t help but coo and smile happily. As he drank the root beer, he saved some to apply more to her soles to mix with the ice cream. She squirmed as she giggled softly, the prongs of the spork lightly scratching at her soles to make her toes wiggle happily. As he finished up the root beer all that was left to do was the ice cream that was left on her soles.

Maria’s face was a bright red as she smiled happily, feeling his tongue gently move up and down from heel to toe as she giggled. Andrew took his time licking her soles clean of all of the vanilla ice cream. He even used her toes to clean the interior of the bowl, wanting to playfully suck on her toes to give them some attention as well. He took her feet to the sink, gently cleaning them as he could hear more of her giggles before playfully blowing on her toes to dry off some excess water.

As he set her feet on the table and went to work with cleaning up the bowl, Maria went to the kitchen door while shyly smiling at him. “Hey Andrew, my friends wanted to have a sleep over as well and were wondering if you could help them with something?” He could hear them scream in surprise from a death scene as Maria giggled. “There are going to need some help with them falling asleep tonight with some pampering.” He blushed as he nodded his head, Maria blushing as well as she giggled. “If you want, feel free to use my feet as a pillow.”

Andrew shyly smiled back, nodding his head as he softly kissed Maria’s toes. Maria giggled once more, walking back to watch the girls play some horror all the while not really noticing the carnage as Andrew gave her feet the attention she needed to keep herself from having any bad dreams.
My part of a trade with Darksora501. Naomi, Maria and Erika belong to Darksora501, Andrew belongs to me ^^

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“Nameera, this is Sorns. I just a call from your school that you got into another fight again and broke somebody’s nose in the process. Look...I know things can get tough around this time especially now but you can’t just punch your anger out and you especially cannot do it to another living person. And since I am getting your voicemail I know you are at Shibuya. Just stay where you are okay? I will be there in an hour.”

The sound of a beep could be heard from a cell phone as a hoodie covered feline girl was playing at a fighting game for what seemed to be hours. Her eyes darted back and forth, the sounds of her opponent was struggling to match her blow for blow. After performing her super move, the player yelled out of frustration before watching the cat girl leave her spot. She pulled out her music player and began to play some nightcore as she walked the sidewalk by herself while looking at her sandal clad feet. As she hummed along with the song, her ears perked up as she heard someone else humming along side with her.

She lifted her head, looking around confused as she wondered what was going on before shrugging her shoulders and walking again. She continued to hum along with the music until she heard the same footsteps and humming from definitely a female source. She stopped in her tracks again, lifting her head while looking around. “Hello? Is there someone there?” Again she had heard nothing as she started to furrow her brow in frustration. She started to walk again, singing to herself now while hearing the humming. She acted like there was nothing going on and took a turn into an alley way.

She ducked behind a dumpster, still hearing the humming as she took a deep breath. She couldn’t risk turning yet, especially when she was unsure who the person was. But if there was one thing she had learned, it was how to put up a fight. Nameera clenched her fist tight, using deep breaths to control her breathing before grabbing a piece of pipe. She mouthed a countdown to herself, turning to face her stalker at the count of one. As she gripped the pipe in her hand, she looked around confused as her tail swished around.

“Excuse me miss, but you seemed to be a little agitated?”

Nameera froze, her eyes wide in shock when she realized that somebody got the drop on her. Not letting go of the pipe, her breath grew short before she heard the sound of boots hitting the ground softly. As she remained still, she saw who was dealing with. At first she looked human, but from her ears she must have been part elf. She could see a tail swishing behind her as well, the same color as her raven black hair. She had two different skin colors with a light golden yellow and white on her body and emerald green eyes that seemed to have a shine to them. She was wearing a dress as bright as her smile as she waved hello to her. “Hi there, my name’s Victoria! I go to the same school as you.”

Nameera put the pipe down, now more confused than anything as she looked at the strange girl. How was she able to get the drop on her of all people? She crossed her arms across her chest as she huffed. “So, what can I do for you Victoria?” Victoria’s smile never left her face as she stood in front of her. “Well I was wondering if you would like any help at all?” Nameera rolled her eyes. Despite her attitude she was very intelligent. She would easily be able to become an honor student if she wasn’t a delinquent. “Trust me Victoria, I do not need any help with my homework. I just do not see why I should even do it.”

“I wasn’t talking about homework though,” Victoria said with an innocent tone of voice. Nameera furrowed her brow again, wondering what this girl was on about. “I was talking about your fetish spirit side.” Nameera’s eyes went wide with surprise, her pupils becoming pinpoints as she then chuckled. “Fetish spirit? Come on what are you on about? It sounds like a bunch of nonsense,” she said, shrugging off Victoria’s claim. Victoria shook her head as she smiled happily. “Not nonsense, I can feel the genie side of you.”

Nameera then got angrier, her fist clenched but she was doing her best not to erupt out of anger on her as she sighed. “Look, even if I am what you say I am, why should I believe you? Are you even a fetish spirit too?” Victoria nodded her head happily as she giggled. “Yup! Momma’s an elf just like me!” Nameera sighed again, already feeling like her insides aren’t going to take anymore of the sugary niceness that Victoria is showing off. “And where exactly do you think you can help me out? It’s not like there’s a training facility for us to use.”

“We don’t need one! I can take you to my home!” Nameera raised an eyebrow at that statement. She was going to say something but then watched Victoria create a portal for them both to step into. Nameera looked at the portal, knowing all too well to not step into strange portals but her curiosity got the better of her. She wanted to see what was going on. She stepped through the portal, a bright light engulfing her as she covered her eyes.

Nameera’s eyes started to readjust, seeing in front of her what easily could look like a child’s room complete with an outdoors section that looked like the forests in Europe. But she noticed something was wrong: everything was much larger than it looked. Even the table looked even more massive than should be. Even the dining table was too big. That was when she could hear the giggle again. She looked around, seeing the pair of boots now resting without their wearer on the ground and a pair of massive feet with green nail polish on her toes wiggling. “Okay, what gives? Are you really serious about this?” Victoria giggled as Nameera looked concerned. She had this sinking feeling that she was about to become a permanent part of barbie’s dream house.

“Well, since you are a fetish spirit here is what I want you to do. I want you to tap into your spirit side. And the best way to do that is with a challenge.” She pointed at the top of the table as her tail swished. “There’s a key to the outside portion of this dimension where we can do the next lesson.” Nameera narrowed her gaze, seeing a key as she shrugged her shoulders. “So what do you want me to do? Climb the table leg?” Victoria shook her head while smiling. Nameera then tilted her head as she asked “So you want me to do a complicated design that gets me to the top?” Victoria shook her head again, keeping the same smile on her face as Nameera looked more frustated. “Okay what do you want me to do then?”

“Well it’s simple, I want you to grow.” Nameera had shrugged while giving a confused expression. “Grow? What do you mean grow?” Victoria smiled as she looked around. “As a spirit I am able to grow and shrink not just my whole body but parts of my body as well. I want you to grow in size. It’s a very simple task, nothing too taxing to your mind and body.” Nameera’s eye began to twitch, her anger starting to rise as she crossed her arms. “Are you for real? This is what you call training?”

“Well, this is what I would expect your mother would do after all.” These words brought a fire inside of Nameera as she turned to look up at Victoria. “What did you say?” Victoria tilted her head, looking confused with the now agitated cat girl. “Your mother is Saushra correct?” The fire began to burn bright in Nameera, clenching her fists tightly in rage she started to approach Victoria slowly. With every footstep she started to grow back to her original height. But Viictoria didn’t seem to care about it. She clapped happily, laughing as a child would as she looked at Nameera happily. “Good now you can get the key and we can do the second part.”

“I don’t want to do the second part. I want to know what makes you think you know anything about what is going on.” Victoria appeared confused, tilting her head to the side as Nameera began to shake in anger. “You think anything about me? My family? My...mother? You know nothing about what I am and what I dealt with! You don’t even know why mother is gone! Why should I even listen to what you say?!” Her anger reached its eruption, roaring in fury as she raised her right fist at Victoria and proceeded to strike her as hard as she could right into her face. But what Nameera didn’t expect was what happened next.

Nameera watched in both shock and surprise as Victoria caught her fist almost immediately. Not only that, she was able to match her force with her own force by stopping her almost dead on in her original position. As she looked in her eyes, the childlike innocence that Victoria had was completely drained from her face. What remained was nearly cold, but still had humanity as intricate green tattoos began to form on her cheeks and body as she sighed softly to herself. “You know, I was really hoping we would be able to do things with a degree of civility. But now it looks like we are going to have to do this the old fashioned way.”

She snapped her fingers, the world that Nameera had seen in the house was gone and what took its place appeared to be like a castle. They were now in the middle of a training field, surrounded by dummies that were covered in armor and a variety of shallow and deep cuts as Nameera was dumbfounded by this new persona Victoria took on. Was she more than she claimed? Before she could ask anything however, Nameera felt the wind get knocked out of her body as Victoria’s knee slammed hard into her gut forcing the cat girl to fall on her knees gasping for air.

Victoria raised her arms, stretching her back as the tattoos continued to form on her body as she spoke. “Though unfortunate for your timeline, your mother had to go back in time. Her having to leave is a fixed point. It is as much about Saushra as it is about Lynn.” Nameera’s face twisted in rage as she shouted in anger with her claws out. She attempted to swipe at the elven looking girl, but she kept up with her move for move. She tried to swipe at Victoria’s leg with her left hand but it was quickly proceeded with Victoria grabbing her arm as she went from a judo throw to an arm bar. As Nameera groaned in pain, she could feel the bones in her arm twisting as Victoria looked her dead in the eye. “You’re only angry at your father because he is safe. He will be there for you no matter what even with all of the rage and outbursts you show.” Nameera got angrier, deciding to use the claws on her toes as she scratched at Victoria’s legs.

Victoria clenched her teeth in pain, stopping the arm bar she rubbed at the scratches from Nameera’s attack. Nameera grinned, but watched in shock as her wounds start to heal. “Fine, if that is how you want to do it than so be it.” Nameera clenched her teeth as she began to claw the ground. She made a beeline right for Victoria, screaming as she attempted to slash at her chest. But as her claws came out, a silver flash came from Victoria’s leg and before she knew it she was doubled over in pain.

As Nameera held her side, she yelled and groaned in pain as she saw Victoria with a kukri in her hand. But instead of being made of something likely like titanium her kukri was made of pure silver. Blood dripped from her blade as she turned to face her. “You got that anger out of your system? Are you ready to talk rationally now?” Nameera’s anger boiled over as her hair started to fall out of her head as she went into an attack stance. “No, now I am going to beat you senseless.”

As Nameera started to sound more reptilian as she had a smile full of aggression and rage. But that smile faded when she saw something roll at her feet. Her eyes went wide in shock at the bomb thrown and before she can run out of the way she was caught in an explosion. Instead of fire she was met with plenty of smoke but above all else sparkles thanks to the silver splinters that were contained. Nameera staggered around, but as she looked at Victoria again, she raised her fist but was shocked to see fur still there. Disoriented with the blast and plenty of questions, Victoria made her move by throwing a solid right cross into Nameera’s cheek and before she knew it she was knocked unconscious from a german suplex as her head hit the floor hard.

Everything went dark for Nameera with time being a nonstarter for her. She was unsure how long she was out but it was safe to say it was more than a minute. She tried to stand but she felt like she was sitting up but tied to a chair tight. As her sight stabilized she saw what looked like green tendrils moving down from the ground along a table to meet Victoria again as the source. Instead of her normal clothes though she had been covered with an emerald green material that covered up to her neck as she seemed to drinking some tea. It was clear now why she was able to change her persona so fast: it wasn’t Victoria she was dealing with, it was a symbiote. “So, will we now have a mature conversation?”

Nameera huffed, blushing as she looked to the side as Victoria drank. “Look, I understand you are mad. But the fact remains that your mother had to go to the past.” Nameera remained silent as Victoria continued to speak. “It’s a messed up thing but at the end of the day it is always about multiverse theory. Suffice it to say, this is the time line that she needs to go back from because she wants to keep her safe.” Nameera now was more silent as she looked at the table as she sniffled softly.

Victoria didn’t say much but could tell that Nameera had things on her mind. “My’s today.” Victoria nodded her head as she continued to let her speak. “Normally it wasn’t a big deal, I know my mom was busy but I didn’t really understand why. But when I was thirteen and I began to realize that I am starting to gain more of my fetish spirit side. My dad did his best, but it wasn’t enough. So I tried to hide away what I was. I wore baggier clothes, looser shirts and hoodies to hide my appearance. But even through all of those clothes people started to notice me more. I didn’t know what to do.” Nameera was trying hard to not break down and cry, but Victoria could see this as she released her from the tendrils. The material receded back into her body as she placed a comforting hand on Nameera’s shoulder. “I can help, but you have to want to be helped.”

Nameera nodded her head, placing her hand on top of Victoria’s as she rubbed her eyes. “If I may ask, what do you call yourself?” She knelt down as she looked at Nameera. “Though I am known as Flora, you can call me Victoria to help ease the confusion.” Nameera nodded her head as she tilted her head to the side. “Also, who were your parents?” Victoria looked to the side, already sucking air through her teeth as she rubbed the back of her head. “Well my mother is a fetish spirit of elven descent named Lyza. But my father you probably heard of. His real name is Jericho Maxwell, but you also know him as Lucifer.” Nameera was surprised, raising an eyebrow as she told her who she was. “You’re his daughter? I could have sworn that he was sterile.” Victoria had a grumpy expression on her face as she sighed. “Why is it that everyone always says that?” Nameera began to smile again before giggling happily.

Victoria smirked as she placed her hand on Nameera’s head. “So, ready to head out now?” Nameera nodded her head as she stood up. “Yeah, I think dad’s going to kill me though...” her voice was distant but Victoria gave the same expression on her face as she sucked air through her teeth. It was her tell when there was something more to it. “Well, not quite you see...”

Sorns pulled up in his car as he walked into the mall to find Nameera, only to feel something hug him tight from behind. He had a surprised look on his face as he turned to face Nameera but also a new face. “Nameera? When did you get here?” Nameera kept silent as she hugged him tight. “I’m sorry dad...” Sorns put his hands on her back, hugging in response as he smiled kindly. “It’s okay kiddo.” Nameera wiped her eyes again as she smiled. The damage she was dealt with was gone while she was unconscious thanks to Victoria’s knowledge on herbs. But before she had forgotten, she then held Victoria’s hand as she looked up at her father. “Dad, this is Victoria Maxwell. She’s a year behind me.”

Sorns had a surprised look on his face as he looked at her. “Maxwell huh? You don’t mean that Maxwell?” She nodded his head as he had the same surprised expression on his face. “Huh, I guess he wasn’t sterile after all.” In her head Victoria rolled her eyes but on the surface her smile was as bright as the sun as she shook Sorns’ hand. “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Orteal!” Sorns smiled as well, surprised by the exuberance of the girl as well before turning his head. “Do you need a ride home?”

Victoria shook her head as she smiled. “I was talking to my father and he said it was okay for me to stay over for Nameera’s birthday.” Sorns nodded his head, knowing that Lucifer was known for honesty above all else as he opened the door. “Well, let’s go home then. It’s nice to know that Nameera won’t feel alone.” Victoria nodded her head happily, sitting in the passenger seat behind the front seat as Nameera looked at the elven girl. Victoria had given Nameera a wink, showing it was still Flora inside as well.

As Nameera stepped into the car, Victoria began to talk into a lot of detail with her parents and how they met. As she listened, she started to feel happier after meeting Victoria now. She had a feeling that Victoria can help her with her fetish spirit side and with enough effort become someone that her mother and father can be proud of.
Of Sylvans and Spirits
My part of a trade. Nameera, Victoria, and Sorns belong to me. Saushra, Lynn and Lyza belong to DactDigityl

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Andrew hummed to himself as he walked to the pizza store that Maria had been working at. She had been doing such a good job that she had been given more hours and was more than happy to let Andrew come around to volunteer his services. Knocking on the door, he saw her in her guard’s uniform and waved hello. Maria smiled happily, opening the door and hugging him tight. “It’s nice to see you again.”

Andrew blushed, smiling shyly as he seemed to be speechless as he tried to get some words out. But with Maria it was a little more difficult for him. He had been getting training with her friends on how to best communicate his feelings. He walked behind her, blushing as he looked at her boots while thinking about questions. “So, are you having a better time tonight? The animatronics aren’t giving you a hard time?” Maria shook her head as she smiled. “Nope, though honestly I think they were more curious than aggressive. At least that one night,” she said while thinking about it. “Anyway, I was wondering if you could be able to help me out with something?”

Andrew nodded his head, curious what she wanted him to do as he smiled. “There seemed to be an issue with the vents and I was wondering if you can be able to help me see if there was any obstructions in it.” He tilted his head to the side, looking at his own body as before looking up at her. “Are you sure it will be okay? I mean I am not exactly very small.” Maria nodded her head. “It will be fine, the ventilation was completely renovated after one of the robots were found in the vent stuck. They have been upgraded to not only keep them out, but also in case of dire emergency you can be able to use them to move around in the restaurant. At least that’s what the day shift guard told me.”

Andrew listened to Maria, nodding his head before asking “So which of the vents need to be looked at?” Maria smiled, taking him to the office and showing him the open vent. As he examined it, it did seem that it could be able to fit his frame inside. “And you are absolutely sure I won’t break anything? I don’t want to get you in trouble by accident Maria.” Maria smiled at him, giving him a soft peck on the cheek as she giggled. “There is nothing to worry about.”

Andrew blushed bright, watching in silence as Maria handed him a walkie talkie so that he would be able to talk. nodding his head as he crawled into the vent. His ankles stuck out of the hole as he held his hand out and created a sphere of energy for light. As he looked around, he could see in the distance if there was any obstructions before speaking up. “Hey Maria? I don’t see anything that might be going on inside of the vent.” He couldn’t hear Maria’s voice and was starting to get a little bit concerned. “Hey Maria? Are you there? You’re pretty quiet back there.”

As soon as he asked his question he could feel the vent close around his ankles as he blushed bright in surprise. His feet wiggled around with his toes pointing down when he heard Maria on the other line. “Sorry about tricking you like this. But with all of the work I had been on made me thinking about having a little bit of fun.” Andrew didn’t really say anything at first, but then he blushed brightly as he could feel Maria take his shoes and socks off his feet, leaving his large soles now completely helpless and at her mercy.

Maria giggled softly, blushing as she sat down next to Andrew’s feet as she started to massaging his heels. He gasped in surprise, listening to Maria giggle happily as she massaged his feet intently. “Tell you what Andrew, in exchange for this would you like to have some fun with my feet? I think the animatronics were pretty curious about what we are doing so they want to see what we will do?” He blushed bright, biting his lip as he could feel her now massaging his soles gently as she hummed to herself. It seemed that she really did miss playing with his feet after working such a long time. He sighed softly, smiling to himself as he could feel her fingers gently knead his tired soles.

A blush formed on his cheeks, his toes starting to wiggle around as she continued to give a full massage with the center of his soles being the next part. From the cameras the robots seemed to be now fully active. However, as they moved through the restaurant, they seemed to be avoiding getting into a confrontation with Maria. If anything they seemed to be actually helping her. A large robot walked up to Maria, showing her a bottle of a sweet smelling oil as she giggled happily. “Yes this will do nicely.”

Andrew could feel something wet touch his soles as he snickers softly. “I have a feeling these robots are following you huh?” Maria giggled, humming to herself as she continued to rub the soles of his feet happily. He could feel plenty of his tension from the soles of his feet melt away, feeling completely relaxed by Maria’s massage as she started to work on his toes one at a time. What he didn’t know happened that night was the robots were actually studying what Maria and Andrew were doing.

After a while, Andrew started to fall asleep, snoring softly before he back to snicker. His feet wiggled around before hearing Maria shooing away a robot that was tickling his soles softly. The vent opened up to let Andrew get out of the vent. After slipping out of the vent, he could see Maria blushing as she looked at him. As she looked into his eyes, she crossed one leg over the other as she showed off her large bare feet for him. As she bit her lip, she wiggled her toes for him. “If you go to the kitchen, you will find a good surprise.”

Andrew nodded his head, walking to the kitchen to see a sausage and pineapple pizza freshly made and already had an idea of what he wanted to do. But as he looked at the food, he then had another idea. Returning back to the security office had the piece in tow along with a can of pineapple rings as he sat down with her on the ground. As he took out a ring he placed it on his toes, blushing as he looked at her. “What do you think?”

Maria blushed and smiled, using her big toe to boop him softly on his nose as she giggled. “I guess I should go first then.” As Andrew blushed, he started to snicker and and smiled big while Maria softly kissed his toes while nibbling the pineapple rings that he put on. The kaiju had a big and playful smile on her face as she nibbled both the pineapple rings and his toes as he snickered. As she licked his sole softly, holding his ankle as she softly sucked on his toes. His face was bright red, letting instinct take over as he held her right foot as she held a slice of pizza between her toes.

Licking his lips, he started to nibble on the pizza, working his way slowly as she licked his soles. As he snickered, he reached the crust and started to softly nibble her toes playfully. Maria giggled softly, dipping her toes into the pizza to cover each digit in tomato sauce and cheese as Andrew began to lick. Both the human and kaiju were lost in the moment, worshipping each other’s feet with a pair of the robots watching. As they exchanged glances, they both shrugged their shoulders, letting them continue their fun as they walked to the dining area playing cards until the sun came up.
Pizza time
Part of my trade with DarkSora501. Maria belongs to DarkSora501 and Andrew belongs to me ^^

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The clever girls: a family of raptors that have been learning how to interact with the kaiju before hearing that they were now going to be adding a new person to the mix. They were directed to the jungle enclosure where they were met with a recording and a set of four communicators. As three of them started to look at the devices, Azure pressed the play button to hear the voice of someone who clearly was reptilian.

“Good afternoon ladies, who I am is not important but what I am here to do is give you all a chance for survival. Included with this transmission is a set of communicators that I highly recommend that you use. After all, if you all get separated you will need to be able to talk to each other. So, good hunting and let’s see what you are all capable of.”

As the tape stopped, Azure looked at the device and huffed softly. “Yeah, like we’re going to actually need these things to talk to each other.” She waved for her sisters and started to speak softly. “Okay, this is how we’re going to do this: I’ll take point and Delta you take the rear. Echo and Charlie you two go to the sides. We’re going to show this guy who the hunters are in this jungle. Let’s get to work.”

The girls nodded their heads, moving quickly through the tall grass as they kept their ears and eyes out for the stranger before Charlie stopped in her tracks. “I see him in the distance. And he is Erika big.” Azure poked her head slightly from the grass and could see in the distance what looked like a man clad in a long trench coat and a wide brimmed hat to cover his face. As she started to move silently toward him, she saw him twitch and immediately stopped. Could he have seen her moving in the grass? She turned her head to her sisters, pointing to Echo and Charlie to position themselves to the sides of the stranger while she keeps his attention. They nodded their heads, moving quickly and quietly through the grass as she continued to move forward to keep the attention on her.

Her blue eyes locked onto the man, grinning as she mouthed a countdown to her sisters. By the time three came they charged him from the sides, taking him down immediately. But the celebration was cut short as Echo looked down and was surprised by what she saw. “Wait a minute, what kind of a joke is this?” Her eyes met a mannequin that was built like a man of a tall stature before taking its head off. She raised it up to show the others before shouting “We just got tricked!” She slammed the head into the ground, growling before looking at Charlie. “Come on, let’s show this joker what it means to play these games.” Charlie continued to remain motionless as Echo looked confused. “Charlie come on, what’s the matter?”

Charlie turned her head to look at Echo, her eyes showing a mix of surprise and fear as she looked at her sister. “I...I think we might have a problem,” she stammered as she pointed at the ground. Echo moved closer to her sister, seeing that her sister had stepped on something that appeared to have some kind of button. But from what she could see it must have been a trap. She saw a rock nearby and grabbed it as she looked up at her sister. “Okay Charlie, I’m going to move this rock where your foot is. Just don’t make any sudden movements okay?” Charlie nodded her head, looking nervous as Echo gripped the rock in her hand. As she remained steady, she placed the stone right beside Charlie’s foot to exchange her sister’s weight for the stone. However, before the stone could put its full weight on, an explosion went off that echoed in the jungle.

Azure’s eyes went wide with fear, afraid of the worst happening to her sisters. But as she moved forward she and Delta had the same look of shock and confusion in their eyes as both girls were now covered in what looked like a strange substance. But one thing was clear: whatever it was it was keeping them from moving. Charlie and Echo struggled, unable to even move their legs as Delta growled. “He’s playing us for fools! This man is going to pay for what he did!” Azure turned her head as she hissed. “Calm down Delta, he might still be here. Now Echo do you think you can cut both you and Charlie out of this...whatever this is?” Echo had a free hand as she tried to move her claws into the sticky mess, but as she moved her claws against it there was no resistance. She shook her head as she growled. “No good, whatever this is I can’t get any kind of leverage to cut us out.”

Charlie still was worried as she looked at Azure. “What’s going on?” Azure growled as she shook her head. “I don’t know, it doesn’t make any sense. It was almost as if this person knew what was going on. It was almost he was baiting us to...” she went silent as she looked into the woods. Delta walked up beside Azure as she remained silent. “Do you think it might be her?” Azure shook her head. “Couldn’t be her, she wouldn’t just use stuff like this. We might be dealing with someone who is more than they say they are.” Delta had said nothing at first but then focused her attention. She saw a flash of what looked like scales and without hesitation roared and charged straight for him. Azure turned to watch while shouting. “Delta stop! We don’t know what this thing is!”

However her words fell on deaf ears and as soon as Delta leaped straight at him, she was launched back by a single punch which landed her straight into the sticky substance on her back. Azure looked on with a mix of fear and anger before turning to look at the one responsible. This one didn’t seem like he was a kaiju, but he was definitely reptilian. She could see him emerging from the grass, a creature that was clearly much larger than she had thought as he stands at nearly seven feet tall. The emerald green scales she could be able to see shined brightly in the sun while the rest were both covered by a grayish color metal shirt and a pair of light blue pants. But he seemed to be armed, but not with a gun. From what she could see it looked like a pointed metal weapon that people usually called a spear that is strapped to his back. Azure started to growl as the pair started to walk in a circle.

He was the first to speak as he looked into Azure’s eyes “I see you chose not to use the communication devices. A pretty costly mistake in the end.” She growled louder as her hands were poised to claw out his insides. “What did you to my sisters?! What is that stuff?!” He looked behind him as they continued to struggle. “Relax, it’s a biodegradable adhesive grenade. It’s pretty useful if you want to keep someone from moving too fast. After all I should know because...” before finishing the sentence, he became a part green blur. He appeared behind Azure and while crossing his arms he finished with “we have more in common than you think.”

Azure moved her tail to whip him, hitting nothing but air as he moved quickly in front of her again as she bared her teeth. “You...there’s raptor in you isn’t there,” she asked while her face was frozen in a state of anger. He nodded his head as he moved into a fighting stance. He had a smirk on his face which finally set off Azure, charging straight at him while her claws out. As she lowered her clawed hand onto his face, he caught her arm and forced her it back into a neutral position. Her rage building she continued to swipe at him, only getting angrier as he continued to deflect her attacks before shoving her back.

The claws on her toes dug into the ground, forcing a hard stop as she glared at him. Meanwhile he simply watched her as he shrugged. “Well, while your fighting style is not bad, it leaves much to be desired. To be honest I have seen bar fights that shown better promise than right now.” Azure roared loudly, charging again with him continuing to avoid the claw swipes from her hands and feet. But with each attempt she had made he seemed to act as if he was water. Moving with the flow of the fight while directing the flow, he found his opportunity and immediately did a pair of hard punches to Azure’s midsection.

She fell flat on her back, gasping for air as she heard the voices of her sisters calling for her to get up on her feet. Her breathing got heavier as she first got up while on one knee. “You’re holding back on me. I can feel it in your moves. What did you have orders to not hurt me to bad?! Was it for discipline?!” He had a flat affect on his face as he watched her silently. She then looked at the spear as she shouted, “If you think you are better than me, then prove it! Show me everything that you have! Take out your weapon! Trust me when I say this, I do not know who you are which makes you a threat to me and my sisters. And whoever is a threat to my family is going to die!”

He sighed softly, holding the handle of his spear as he spoke. “Trust me, if you knew what I was you wouldn’t be asking for this. But if you want to tempt fate, so be it.” As soon as he slipped the spear out of the holster, Azure charged straight into his direction one last time. This was not like the other researchers, not like Erika. This meant to her that he was fair game, and she was now hungry for the kill. She threw herself at him, mouth open wide to tear out his jugular before being engulfed in a blue light.

Azure could feel resistance, knowing that she had hit her mark. However, something was definitely wrong. Instead of tasting blood and flesh, she could only taste metal. Moving back quickly, she could now see the hybrid now covered in sapphire blue armor as he put his spear over his shoulder. As he started to rotate his arms, she only appeared to be more confused than angry. What was this thing? How did the armor come out of nowhere? There was something that she was not seeing and something he was not telling her. But as she watched her sisters in peril, the only thing on her mind is making him pay.

She roared as she charged him, slashing as he seemed to be moving slower this time. She exploited his sluggishness to the best of her ability but with only his face exposed it was proving to be difficult to hit as he still possessed is fluid motions. She spun around to whip him with her tail but as he was pushed back, she growled in pain from the throbbing sensation that she felt. Hitting the metal torso was much different than hitting a tree. But she watched Lance’s expression become tired as he sighed softly. “Well, I think I have seen all that I have seen here. It is time to end this.”

Azure was taken aback by this as he said that. “W...what do you mean end it?” Lance closed his eyes, crossing his arms on his chest before his metal gauntlets produced claws for each finger as his emerald gaze met hers. Azure knew he was going for the kill and she wasn’t going to just sit here to let him do it. Her claws were fully spread out as she roared, charging straight at him before he placed his hands on the ground and saying “Freezeblink.”

What happened next was something Azure could not have believed. The area around them immediately had a layer of ice that made it almost impossible for her to run. Not to mention that she had never truly felt real cold before. Azure started to panic but as she struggled to get on her feet, a spear of ice shot inches from her body. As she looked up, she could see it was the other reptile who was firing off the shards. In fact he continued to fire at her but oddly enough he wasn’t trying to hit her. As he fired the shards she started to feel lazier. Her movement was starting to become sluggish as her breath became shallow. As the voices of her sisters became more distant, she could see the last thing being the reptile kneeling in front of her. He leaned down to her ear and whispered, “Sadly for you, the difference between us is that I can protect myself from the cold.” And just like that she was completely unconscious with the roars of her sisters being the last thing she could remember.

Azure started to moan softly, her teeth chattering from the cold as she started to feel warm again. She opened her eyes, seeing the night sky before seeing the other reptile sitting in front of a fire that he made for her. “W...what is going on? What are you trying to do?” He produced a blanket to cover her upperbody as he spoke. “I wanted to see what you all were capable of. To be honest there is a lot of room for improvement. But then again at least I do not have to start up from scratch. All four of you show promise.”

Azure glared as she stared into the fire. “You didn’t beat me, it wasn’t a fair fight. You had too many alien things and without them my sister and I would have killed you.” He then sighed softly as she could hear the rustling of papers while he spoke. “It’s not about being fair, it’s about not trying to die.” The rustling stopped as he held up a picture for her to see. “Do you think she cares about what’s fair and what’s not fair,” he asked with a serious tone while holding up a picture of the Indominus. Azure’s heart rate increased as she looked at her. There was a little fear as she breathed faster. “Right now she is causing plenty of damage and I am here to make sure you and your siblings have the tools necessary to fend her off.” Azure now looked confused, from the sound of things he had wanted to train her and her family to be strong enough to stand against the Indominus. But she had remained silent as she stared into the fire before he spoke again.

“You know, I wasn’t always like this,” he said while staring into the fire as well. Azure rasied her head as she started to listen to him. “I remember the experiments, the “culling” of subjects and finally the end product of what you see before you.” Azure was surprised that he was telling her all of this. Was he an experiment as well like the Indominus? Azure then shook her head, saying he was like the Indominus was unfair even if he tricked her. He seemed genuinely concerned for their well being. After a period of remaining silent, she then looked up at him and asked “So what did you do?”

“What do you think? I lead the ones who were still alive and altered against our creators. Even against our own alpha too.” Azure was even more surprised when he said that. He stood up against an alpha of his own kind? “W...would that make you the alpha of your people as well?” He nodded his head as he looked into the fire. “We needed a leader who could look out for our kind’s interests, I guess at that time I was our best chance. Now that I am older, I am now better equipped to help my race out. Though the rank of alpha might not mean now what it meant years ago, it’s still a title of respect which must be earned through your deeds.” Azure listened with intent, noticing the honesty in his voice.

As Azure continued to think, he continued to talk with her. “I know you might not trust me, but one thing is clear: if you want to survive you need more than a hunter’s instinct and brute force. You need to be more clever, and if you want I can give that trait to not just you but to all of your sisters.” Azure had a serious look on her face after her teeth finally stopped chattering. “And why would you do this? What do you gain from all of this?” He simply shrugged his shoulders as he spoke. “I see a lot of myself in you when I was your age. If the want the reason why, the simple answer is that I want you all to survive but also to succeed.”

Azure listened to him intently, remembering her own interactions with Erika as she watched his face and listened to his voice. She couldn’t hear any falsehoods in it, he sounded like he wanted to help them out even it if sounded strange. She stood up on her feet, looking him dead in the eye as he stood up as well. “Do you have a name,” she asked as the moon made her blue hair shine. He nodded his head as he looked into her eyes. “My name is Lance Togami.” She looked down as he held his hand out to her, remembering this is how some people greet each other as she carefully shook his hand in return. “And my name is Azure, and I will be keeping you to your word “alpha”,” she said with skepticism in her voice when she called him alpha.

As the sun came up, the rest of the clever girls were moaning while wiping off the no longer stick substance from their clothes. They were both a mix of grouchy and sore after being stuck in their positions for hours before the adhesive grenade wore off. As they stood up on their feet, they could see Azure and Lance walking side by side, wondering what was going on now. As they started to growl, Azure looked at them all and spoke up. “Listen up! This one’s name is Lance, and he is going to be the one helping us against the Indominus!” The growling ceased, leaving only whispers of confusion as they spoke among themselves. “What can he possibly do to the Indominus that others have tried and failed,” Delta said with crossed arms.

Lance stepped forward as he spoke. “It’s not enough to be stronger than your enemy, you must be smarter and learn to deceive. Only when you have learned these techniques can you truly be able to live without fear of this dinomorph. The first lessons will start tomorrow. I will teach you how to trick your opponents by both deception and strategy. Make no mistake: this will be an extensive session. You will not understand what is going on at first and what I will do will seem alien to you. But make no mistake: everything I do has a reason. I know this because this is how I trained my own children. And when I am done with all of you, you will no longer be betas. In my eyes you will all earn your title of alpha by proving your worth. Are there any questions?” The sisters looked at each other silently and shook their heads. “Good, then get plenty of rest. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.”
Who is clever
Part of my trade with gear ^^. The concept of the clever girls belongs to gear 25 while the raptors are from jurassic park and universal, Lance Togami belongs to me
Right now I am working on showing some of the things I have written in time. I will eventually be getting ready to do a bleach fan fic that always was on my mind.


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Send This To All Your Friends, And Me If I Am 1.
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1-3 you're bad friend
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10-& Up you're loved =7=
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