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“Let’s looks even, got the right colors this time around. What do you think Artemis? Of course I value your opinion. Well it shouldn’t be flashy, I mean owls are after all blend in with their surroundings. It’s what makes them effective hunters. Why this owl? Well it’s the first one we ever saw. I guess you could say it’s the inspiration to what this would be. What will we hunt? Oh it’s simple Artemis: we’re hunting the fae who would hurt others.”

It was late in the afternoon as the head of a dullahan girl was watching her body paint a mask with the resemblance of an owl. There were a lot of sketches of what looked like a suit that either were crossed out or tossed aside from after getting into debates with her body. Eventually they decided on the construction and how to make it work. It wasn’t as advanced as what their father could build, but since she had little know how about machinery she made due with simpler methods. The suit itself was made of spider silk enhanced by magic to help not only protect herself but be able to connect to the energy inside of her. Her cape was made with owl feathers that could be launched like daggers while her boots and gloves can form magical talons not only for fighting but also improved her climbing capabilities.

Her body let the paint dry on the mask, placing it where the face was on the model that held her suit before she heard a knock at the door. “Oh! Hold on! Just a minute!” She looked at the door as Artemis was doing her best to hide away many of the sketches that were made under the bed before putting a cloth on top of the mannequin. Dianne looked around, nodded her head as she motioned Artemis to open the door.

The body waved hello as Dianne smiled, seeing her mother Dulla in the doorway in a stunning black dress. “Good evening mother, I thought you would be at the celebration with father tonight.” Dulla raised her eyebrow curiously before walking into Dianne’s room. “I was going to have Hana paint my face before heading out. Your father would be making the introductions first.” Dianne nodded her head, gulpping as she seemed nervous. “Dianne, are you hiding something?” Dianne did her best to keep her eye contact with Dulla as she smiled. “H...hiding something? Why would I be hiding something?” Dulla looked at Dianne and then at Artemis who seemed to be much calmer than her sister before walking to the sheet. Pulling up the cloth, she saw the costume and sighed softly.

She sat down on Dianne’s bed as she looked at the costume. Dianne was about to open her mouth, but Dulla had an expression on her face that showed that she was more aware of what was going on. “Did you see what I had in my closet too?” Dianne was actually surprised when she said that. She was almost expecting Dulla to be angry, but if she was talking about the clothing that she had hidden in her bedroom. “ were Nuada, the headless highwayman.”
Dulla nodded her head, looking at the ground now with a soft smile on her face. “You know all the stories your father told you about? Well, they were all true.” Dianne had a surprised expression as she seemed to have the look of wonder like she was a child again. “You mean the metal bugs? The lizard who commands a dragon? The foxes who are blessed with fire and electricity? The mage who was brought back to life? And the angel? Are all of those stories true?” Dulla giggled and nodded her head. “Yes, everything was true and it was all when he was at school.”

Dianne’s mouth was open in shock as she started to squeal happily. Her head started to roll around the dresser, almost falling off before Artemis caught her. Dulla stopped smiling before holding a serious motherly expression on her face. “Now Dianne, you know that there are those who would want to hurt you. And it’s not just humans like Jack. There are fae who do not like what either your father or I have been doing behind the scenes. For all they know, I am the head of the Autumn court. That means we all need to be careful, especially you Dianne. They will kill you if you give them a chance, do not give them that chance.” Dianne had a surprised expression on her face. Instead of being chastised, she was being told to be careful.

Dulla picked up Dianne’s head, smiling lovingly as she looked at her kindly. “Your father inspired me to do good. So I have been doing my best to help out those who need it. I hope he inspires you as much as he did for me.” She kissed Dianne’s forehead gently before placing her back on her body. “Now you two do not stay out for too long okay? I want to do something with everyone back at home.” Dianne nodded her head, smiling happily as she gave her a cheerful nod. As Dulla went to go get ready for her party, Dianne waited for her to be out of direct line of sight before taking her clothes off.

She slipped into her costume, the mask being last as she secured her head to her body. A blue aura began to surround her body and as she waved her hand a blue door appeared in front of her leading out high into the air. She took a deep breath and sighed as she looked out into the night stars. “Okay Artemis, this is just like with dad and the Crimson. But this time you are in full control. This is going to be our third test run. We made sure to have the wings and feathers enchanted so they can not only act like wings but they can replenish the feathers so we are able to fly.”

Dianne’s heart started to slow as she stuck one foot out of the door before exhaling and walking forward. Whatever she could see from her room was gone and all that was left for her to see was thousands of feet of sky. She dropped down from the night sky, her cape blowing in the gusts as she gripped her cape to extend it to its full length.

The appearance of wings could be seen from the moon as she started to glide through the air. Such exhilaration was only felt once when she was a child and was able to fly on her father’s hoverboard. She laughed in triumph, cheering to the moon as she began to flap to simulate the wings of the owl. “Yes! It’s working Artemis! We’re flying! This is incredible!” Dianne’s cheers echoed into the night, the rush of freedom for the first time before she heard a woman’s scream. She twisted her head to the direction of the scream, seeing a woman with dark skin and blonde hair struggling to keep her head above water.

Dianne watched her struggle, knowing she much act immediately. She swooped down silently, pulling out from her belt what looked like a fake human pelvis that then took the form and shape of a whip that was a mix of glowing blue and a strange metal from beyond this world. She looked down at the girl, raising her voice as she watched. “Quick, grab this,” she said loudly as she released her whip. The girl raised her left arm, feeling the metal surround her forearm as Dianne began to pull as hard as she could. She could feel the weight of something pulling her down as she began to use both hands to pull her up before seeing an each usige. It looked like it had her hard in its grasp, forcing her into the water before Dianne’s eyes began to glow blue.

As she gripped the whip with both hands, the light went to her wings as she began to flap them. With each successful flap she released dagger like feathers fused to Ulyaoth, making the creature roar in pain from the magic as Dianne felt the weight go off the woman’s body. Using the opportunity, she flapped as hard as she could to solid land before setting the woman down on the ground softly.

Dianne landed on the ground fast, kneeling down to see the girl closer. Her pink hair was completely soaked along with the green dress that made her think of her mother’s as she checked her pulse. It was steady but it was clear on her face that she went through an ordeal. She continued to look her over her body to make sure there were not any scars. She wondered if she was human, but there was a strange aura around her. However, it didn’t feel like a glamour to her. Maybe she was a spirit, but then she would not be solid. Dianne put her hand on her body and her hand did not go through. She wanted to know more about her, so she created another portal to hide away her costume and change into a dark green dress and ankle boots before she woke up.

The pink haired girl’s eyes opened slowly, groaning as she looked up at Dianne. “Huh...who are you? How did...?” Dianne smiled kindly as she placed her hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay, you will not be harmed.” As she began to come to her senses, she started to look around worried. “T...there was a was a horse! It was made of the waters of the bay! Oh was trying to drown me.” She had a fearful expression on her face as she started to breathe heavily. “B...but I heard a woman and she pulled me away from that thing. Did she fly away?” Dianne didn’t say much, but she knew that the fewer who knew what she was doing the better. The girl lowered her head as she nodded her head. “I see...I wish I could have thanked her.” She did her best to stand on her face, but her face twisted into an expression of pain as she fell to her knees. “ ankle, I think it’s broken.”

Dianne looked around, making sure that there was going to be no disturbance as she had an idea. “Okay, I can be able to help you out. My dad has a few healing items.” She tilted her head in confusion. “But how are we going to get back to his home? I do not know much about this land, there’s too much civilization.” Dianne looked confused as well, what did the girl mean by too much civilization? Even with the nature aspects of the fae race they were able to adapt to change. Was she even a fae?

The dullahan girl smiled kindly as she held her hand out to her. “I’m Dianne Artemis Vanderburg, what’s your name?” The girl looked at her hand, confused what to do before smiling at Dianne. It was clear Dianne wasn’t intending any harm. “I am Caction, maiden of the desert Lady Dianne.” When Dianne heard this, she tilted her head in confusion. “ a princess?” Caction giggled as she shook her head. “I’m connected to all things that are nature in the desert.”

As she heard that, Dianne had a confused expression on her face. But still she held her hand out and formed a blue portal back to her home. She held onto Caction, using her own body to support her weight so she would stay off her ankle. Dianne helped her to her room, letting the pink haired girl rest on her bed as Dianne went to get his healing amulet. Meanwhile the maiden waited patiently before smiling happily when the dullahan returned. Caction noticed that she didn’t seem to be worried about being told she was a maiden of the desert, but mainly she seemed to be more confused.

Caction watched Dianne kneel down as she spoke. “I know what you are thinking. I mean in the southern areas of California it can easily be a desert. But there is still nature there, you just need to keep a much closer eye for it.” Dianne looked up at her curiously, the amulet beginning to mend Caction’s ankle as she continued to speak. “For me, I am able to communicate with cacti.” Dianne blinked as she looked up into her pink eyes. “C...cacti?” Caction nodded her head as she smiled. “Yes, if it sounds strange the single form is known as a cactus.” Dianne’s eyes became brighter as she nodded her head. “My dad has something like that. If you want I can show you it.”

Caction giggled and nodded her head, smiling happily as she wiggled her toes for Dianne. The dullahan blushed, admiring her pale feet before her eyes caught a glimpse of an owl feather that was supposed to be a part of the costume. She could feel Artemis reaching for the feather, gulpping as the tip of the feather glided effortlessly along Caction’s sole.

Caction squealed cutely, her toes wiggling around as Dianne smiled happily. The dullahan had a foot fetish like her father did and was always curious about it. She looked up at Caction, smiling shyly as the maiden nodded her head to give her a silent permission. The feather explored the full length of her pale foot, making the maiden laugh sweetly as she laid down on Dianne’s bed reduced to a pile of giggles.

Both body and head were in their own world before hearing the door unlock. Dianne snapped back to reality as she looked at Caction completely content in her ticklish world. As Dianne stood up and hugged the maiden, she concentrated hard to channel her magic to slip themselves between planes to be hidden. She was unsure if it was her parents so she needed to be careful. Her heart began to beat louder until she heard the voices of her parents.

Andrew had been in the kitchen, keeping his head lifted while placing a tissue in his nose. “I’m really sorry Dulla. I serious don’t know what happened.” Dulla had put her hand on his shoulder, concerned more about his health than the faux pas at the party as she helped with his bleeding nose. She had gotten him to Rhode Island last year, but it seemed that the fracturing was happening more and more frequently. But as she saw the apologetic look on his face, she gave him a reassuring smile as she kissed his lips. “The party was starting to get dull, too many politics for my liking. Besides, we can be able to have our own party now that we are back home.”

As Andrew heard that, he grinned as he kept his nose still pointing up. “Well...I do have some butterscotch that I made today. I think I found a use for it too: making my dullahan even sweeter.” Dulla blushed and giggled, poking his nose as she smiled. “I believe the amulet was in the bedroom. Dianne gasped, knowing she needed to get the amulet back as soon as possible. She closed her eyes tightly, the blue rune symbol appearing on her forehead as blue lines of magic radiated on her skin as she transported the amulet back onto their bed before Dulla could notice it missing.

All the while the magic was occuring, Caction couldn’t help but be in awe of her magic. It was clear now that there was a reason Dianne was not afraid: she was more than what she made herself as. As soon as the amulet vanished Dianne’s eyes began to glow blue and in an instant Dianne held onto Caction with only one thing on her mind: hedgehog. Caction fell down on top of Dianne, surprised with the change of scenery before her eyes were wide with surprise. It was a hedgehog cactus with several small green orbs and white spines surrounding them. It had recently budded as well after seeing two orbs by themselves in a new pot next to a larger colony. She walked to the pots, speaking to the cacti happily as Dianne sat up to watch her curiously. Caction in time returned to Dianne as she smiled happily. “The cacti are happy, it’s clear your father had learned to take care of their kind before.” Dianne nodded her head as she spoke. “His mother had a lot of cacti too, I guess this is his way to honor her memory. Not to mention it’s something he won’t go into a sneezing fit.” Caction giggled happily and hugged Dianne. “I like you Dianne, you seem to understand nature very well.” She then looked at the moon before looking at her. “Well, for now it is time for me to leave. But I promise to see you again.” Dianne blushed, looking down at the ground before feeling Caction holding her hands. Her smile was serene as she kissed the dullahan’s cheek. “Thank you for everything.”

Before Dianne could say anything, she vanished without a trace. Dianne wondered if Caction was really real. She was now all alone in the night with only the sound of her mother laughing hysterically in their room. Andrew had been licking butterscotch slowly off of Dulla’s tummy as she was tied up on the bed to keep her body immobile while being licked. Dianne sighed, smiling as she shook her head before hearing something in the bushes. Curiosity got the better of her as she poked her head into the bush, seeing a red fox looking up at her. She smiled at the animal, but immediately was surprised as it began to speak. “Dianne Vanderburg,” the fox asked Dianne. A chill went down her spine as she nodded her head.

The fox jumped out of the bush engulfed in flames before appearing as a blonde haired woman on one knee. Her red tail and ears wiggled as she stood up. “My name is Sakura, and I know your father.” As she turned to face the dullahan, she had a serious expression on her face. “You already know about his health issues and there is a reason why. But to get the whole story you will need to head back to where he trained.” Dianne tilted her head in confusion. “I know it is a lot to think about but I promise that I am not your enemy.” Dianne looked right into Sakura’s eyes, silent as it seemed that both she and Artemis were debating if she was really telling the truth. The dullahan then nodded her head, looking at the kitsune as she spoke, “Where do we need to go?”
Wings of Halloween
Story for Gear's halloween jam. Dulla and Caction belong to Gear 25. Sakura, Andrew and Dianne belong to AbadonX
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

For Andrew, anything that is worth it needs to have as much research done as possible. For him it was now trying to learn more about Dulla. With her real self now revealed, he began to study how her head and body worked without having any fear. He watched them, from first glance they are on good terms. While her head was quiet and shy, her body was much more laid back and very protective of her head. They did have arguments, much as siblings did. But they also communicated with Andrew in great lengths. He was more open as the months went on, feeling more comfortable as he told her everything about him. He told her about the school he had belonged to. Fighting the likes of angels, creatures of science, the supernatural and humans alike. He had told her about how with his friends he maintained what sanity he had as he almost gave up on finding a relationship.

Dulla took it with a grain of salt. She learned from his friends how his mind had almost completely broken from the weight of the magic in his body and information going through his head almost drove him insane. But only through returning to Rhode Island was he able to find some balance to restore his mind and body. Both Dulla and Hana were in agreement about one thing: they would make sure that what happened to him before would not happen again.

In time months turned to years as Dulla and Hana became comfortable with Andrew. There were ups and downs as relationships go but with them the ups outnumbered the downs. The biggest hurdle for him was to understand how Hana communicates. Though she can speak with Dulla alright, for Andrew it was hit and miss. He was about to give up until he remembered a book he read when he was a teenager. He spent weeks to build but he was successful in inventing a device to help her communicate with Andrew. Hana mastered a device he created that not only allowed her to type while letting her magically sense what she needed to put down in words, but speak in Dulla’s voice.

They had their residence in San Francisco near the ocean. The sun was out in the morning as a series of squeals and cute giggles came from inside their bedroom. Dulla had been sitting in a chair, doing her best to not squirm around as she dug her fingers into an armchair. A bright blush was on her face as her eyes stayed shut tight. After several minutes went by, she could hear Andrew’s voice say to her, “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

Dulla opened her eyes, catching a glimpse of the fruits of Andrew’s labor in the form of a pedicure. He had painted her nails blue to match her eyes and even found a piece of jewelry for her to wear. He found an anklet that had been painted to look gold. He was careful to not pick jewelry that was gold due to the dullahan’s fear of the metal. She sniffled and smiled, holding Andrew’s hands as she smiled. “It’s as beautiful as the choker you gave me. Thank you so much.” Andrew continued to blush, smiling as he gave her a soft peck on the lips. “So, I was actually wondering if you both would be interested with going to the beach?”

Dulla smiled cheerfully and nodded her head. She then tilted her head to the side as he seemed to be continuing to blush. “W...would it be okay if you wore that swimsuit that I got you?” Andrew’s face was bright red as he looked to the side. He had the image in his head about Dulla in a swimsuit that he had been able to find her: a silver and green two piece. But with the new colors he had been found another suit that was a mix of deep blue and black.
Andrew continued to blush as he could hear Dulla speaking in a hushed tone with Hana. It seemed that they were in discussion and it was in great detail. It didn’t seem to be an argument, especially after she heard Dulla giggle. She stood up and walked to her room. She returned as she touched Andrew’s shoulder, letting him open his eyes as he saw in awe with how the swimsuit looked on her. “Well, what do you think,” Dulla asked with a blush. Andrew continued to blush brightly, his mouth opened as he looked. “Wow...”

Dulla giggled, smiling as she helped him up. “I’ll take that as a good sign.” Andrew nodded his head, gathering a towel, umbrella, two chairs, sunscreen and beverages for them. The beach was within walking distance, but Andrew had been more curious to see Dulla walking around in sandals. It was always a debate between Dulla and Hana: whether they would wear shoes or go barefoot. But with the sandals it was a compromise they could be able to live with.

When they got to the beach it was low tide. Andrew put the umbrella in the sand as Dulla placed the towel on the sand. As Dulla rested on her tummy, she smiled up at Andrew. “Would you like to put the lotion on us?” He blushed and nodded his head, more than happy to place sunblock on Dulla. He carefully unclasped the top of her swimsuit from behind, softly touching her dark skin while listening to her giggle. He applied the lotion to the small of her back, shivering in surprise with how cold it was before cooing from Andrew rubbing it into her back. A small sigh escaped her lips as she smiled happily. “That really feels nice Andrew. You are pretty good at massages.”

Andrew smiled appreciatively, continuing to massage the lotion into her back before watching her fall asleep with her body now completely relaxed. As he watched the two, an impish grin formed on his face. The moment was too perfect and he wanted to see her laugh again. As they slept, Andrew buried Hana in the sand with only her feet exposed while placing her head carefully on one chair.

The sisters slept peacefully, but was awakened by the feeling of something cold touching her left sole. Dulla squealed loudly, her toes curling as she woke up. She looked around in a hazy state, seeing Andrew sitting in the other chair while smiling at Dulla. “Hello there my beautiful dullahan, what did you think of the wake up call?” He slid the ice cube on her right foot, making her squeal again cutely as her toes curled tightly. Andrew smiled happily as he watched her feet react. “Such beautiful toes, I think I want them to wiggle.” Looking down at the sand, he saw a seagull feather and slowly picked it up to show Dulla. Hana squirmed as their feet wiggled, wondering what was happening as Dulla giggled nervously. “Oh don’t worry Dulla, I think  you deserve a little bit of tickling too.”

Of course when Andrew said that, he was talking about giving her head attention too. With just the tip of the feather he began to softly stroke the outlines of her pointed ears, making her squeals fill the beach with a cheerful sound as she began to giggle helplessly. Andrew chuckled, loving how musical her laughter was as he continued to tickle her pointed ears. Dulla was completely helpless, knowing that after finding out how sensitive her ears were he began to tickle and tease them as much as every inch of her body. Dulla squealed cutely, her head shaking around before being given a break.

Dulla panted softly, blushing as Andrew went back to her feet again. He sat down, grinning as he held her pinky toe and started to wiggle the digit softly. She began to squeal again, laughing happily as he played “This little piggy” for each toe. As Andrew reach her big toes, Dulla was laughing hysterically. Her cheeks were flushed bright red as she finally was reduced to a puddle of giggles and squeals from Andrew’s gentle touch before slipping to unconsiousness.

Dulla had woke up with her body unburied, giggling still as her body squirmed. She felt Andrew pick her head up and brought her up to meet his face. She pouted cutely, blushing as she looked at him. “You know, that was pretty mean. You are too much of a tease.” He had an apologetic look but she then kissed his nose as she blushed. “But you are my tease Andrew.” He continued to blush softly as she smiled lovingly. Hana stood on her feet and hugged him tightly. He responded in kind, looking at the sisters with Dulla speaking. “Ready to go home?” Andrew nodded his head and Hana brought Dulla home in her arms while Andrew carried the rest of the items home.

Andrew poked his head in the doorway to hear the shower water turn off. After putting the items away he caught of glimpse of Dulla with a towel wrapped around her body. He watched her with a loving smile and softly knocked on the door. She turned to see him and smiled lovingly, motioning him to come in. Andrew smiled, looking at Dulla as she looked at him. As she sat down on the bed, he sat down next to her as he blushed. Hana by instinct took his hand and placed it on her chest, showing him how fast her heart is beating.

He smiled at Hana, placing her hand where his original heart was as Dulla smiled lovingly. “I think you know what this means right?” Andrew nodded his head, silently knowing what Hana had wanted to do. All the years that they spent with each other and never once had they made love. As Dulla looked at Andrew, her breathing became deeper as then he smiled. “But if we are going to do this, I want both of you there.”

He held onto Dulla’s head and softly placed her back on her body before going into the night stand. Reaching into the drawer, he took out the choker that he got her long ago and placed it around her neck. As he smiled, he stroked her cheek gently. “I want you to enjoy every last minute.” His hand then gently stroked her neck before he began to gently kiss every inch. Dulla cooed softly, her body moving closer to his as he moved to her ears.

He kissed her pointed ears softly, his lips gently caressing the outline before planting many soft kisses on the tips of her ears. It made her cheeks flushed as she moaned cutely. His hands moved down, slipping into her towel as his hands touched her breasts. As he playfully massaged and tickled them, he continued to kiss her from behind. His lips moving down to her shoulder as he worshipped every inch of her.

Dulla’s breathing continued to get heavier, moaning softly as she turned around and pinned Andrew on the bed. Her long black hair draped on her shoulders as she was now on top of him. Her hands went down to his shorts as she blushed softly. “A...are you ready?” Andrew smiled lovingly, pulling Dulla closer to kiss her passionately. From then on it was as if was a blur: both Andrew and Dulla took their time exploring each other. It was their first time and they wanted it to be something the other would not forget.

City of Domino, Japan days after the battle of Jack Harryhausen

“Good afternoon Mr. Togami, I assume your trip went okay?”

“Yes it did, do I have any messages?”

“Let me see...yes you have a message from your wives about getting preparations for the Halloween celebration occuring at the end of October to be underway. Of course this is after the Oktoberfest that your wife Seran had almost caused several million dollars of property damage from what is referred to “the bottomless keg incident”. Also your grandson Sorns is letting you know that everything is going well and his daughter Ariel is starting to walk. Oh that reminds me, Mrs. Devorak is waiting for you in the magicks department that Mr. Vanderburg used to work in.”

“Very well, I think I know what Mrs. Devorak wants to talk about. Hold all of my messages and reschedule all of my meetings. I have a feeling that this is going to lead to.”

“Of course Mr. Togami, and welcome home.”

Lance nodded his head, rotating his head to loosen up his neck. If Sakura was here, it meant she wanted to talk about Andrew. Of his friends, Sakura had always been the most concerned. She had been there when she met Andrew at his worst, so the concern is reasonable. The doors to magicks department slid open, showing a wide variety of various magical tomes and potions adorning the bookshelves. He walked through the chamber, seeing Sakura reading a book that seemed to be bound with human skin and spined in human bones. She tapped her finger on the page, looking up at Lance as she greeted him with a serious expression on her face. “You know why I am here right?”

Lance sighed softly, taking a chair next to her as he nodded his head. “You’re talking about the fracturing.” Sakura stayed silent as Lance nodded his head. “Yeah, straight to the point. And I guess you know about the nature of Mantorok then?” Sakura’s eyes flashed, changing from anger for a moment before looking normal again. She above all else knew about Andrew’s past. She found him homeless after getting to Japan and needed to fix him up as soon as possible. The kitsune crossed her arms, her long red tail swishing around slowly. “Look, I understand your anger but Andrew was more than aware about his condition.”

Sakura shook her head as she grumbled. “I just got a call from Serra. She saw Andrew asleep at his desk but he wasn’t breathing. How could Andrew not tell anyone about this?” She then got angrier as her body started to spark with fire. “And what’s worse to me, you didn’t even have the decency to tell Serra until after he blacked out.”

Lance’s body flashed blue, creating his dragoon armor as he grabbed his spear. He wasn’t looking like he would attack, but he was going to defend himself. “Listen, this was Andrew’s decision. He didn’t want Serra to panic about his health. After everything that happened to her in the past, putting this on her would be the last thing he would ever do. As for “not telling her” I didn’t find out about it until he had his mandatory physical a week ago. I was notified that there were abnormalities in both the CAT scans and his MRI so do not dare for a minute think I would hold this kind of information back.”

Sakura’s fire died down, sighing heavily as she put her head in her hands. It was clear in her posture that this weighed heavily on her. “So what is the end game here? Is Mantorok trying to groom Andrew into something it isn’t? And isn’t it supposed to be dying off?” Lance rested his spear on the table as he shook his head. “I do not know Sakura, we’ve been trying to figure out what was going on and it is looking like there is some kind of issue going on with the multiverse.” Sakura nodded her head, sighing heavily again as she knew this all too well. If it wasn’t gods fighting on a mortal plane, it’s multiverse theory with a hint of time travel thrown in.

Sakura began to rub her temples as she continued to take deep breaths. “So what can we expect? Do not forget I know you have been making deals with other villains in different multiverses so I know you guys are working on getting a cash flow. But what about Andrew? What if he dies?” Lance looked at the tome, flipping through the pages as he came up with the next chapter’s picture. He already recognized Aeria in the group, but the other two are unknown to him. “I think we should follow the book. He left it here for a reason and I think these two girls will be vital for his survival.”

Sakura looked at the chapter’s picture, seeing both a girl who seemed to dress from the early 20th century and the other clearly appeared to be a mercenary much like the Syndicate was. “How do you want to do this?” He tapped his finger on the table before nodding his head. “Okay, Aeria will be okay I can make contact easily. But the one in the dress you will need to speak to. Lucifer on the other hand will talk to the soldier.” Sakura nodded her head as she stood up. “How soon can you get the portal ready?” Lance looked up and smiled at Sakura. If there was one thing he respected, she was a woman of action much like her father was. “In one week we get to all of them, and then we bring them to Rhode Island so they can train. Let’s hope we can be able to figure everything out in time.”
Fighting for the Dullahan Epilogue
Final part of this story, characters belong to Gear25 and AbadonX
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
At the end of the day I always have one thing in my mind: fear. Fear of being ultimately alone, fear of losing all control and hurting those I care about. I turn that fear into pain that I inflict upon myself. But I need to feel this emotion. I need to feel fear (or anything for that matter) to remember I am still human. Only when I feel human will I truly succeed. ~Andrew on his final notes regarding emotions

“This is a nice place, I hope I can bring you here one of these days when the danger has subsided.”

Of all the places Andrew never thought he would be able to see, he couldn’t imagine actually being at Cafe Du Monde. The restaurant was impressive and he had hoped to bring Dulla here one day. But for now he needed to focus on his work. He had been working on a variety of leads As he ate his meal, he could hear footsteps coming up behind him as he ate his beignet peacefully as he looked at his notes. “You know, I caught onto your routine in less than a day. I know you are trying to follow me, but I do not know is where your loyalty lies.”

He heard the sound of heels clicking on the ground, not once turning his head as the woman behind him spoke. “Hm, so you are more aware of things than you honestly let on. I thought you were a tourist to be frank.” Andrew moved his hand, leaving the chair open for the stranger as he continued to read his notes. Before taking another sip of his coffee, he caught glimpse of the woman who was watching. She had been wearing a dark blue dress which matched her eyes, but what was more curious was that her skin was darker than what he would have expected. Filing it away, he took another bite as if he was waiting for the woman to give him his pitch.

The woman giggled as she looked at Andrew. “So serious, now why are you not able to smile I wonder?” He remained emotionless before saying “I’m on business, now speak your business.” She sighed as she softly put her foot against his leg. “Aw, don’t you want to play a little bit?” He could feel her bare foot touch his leg, but he remained stone like in his face before putting a small pouch on the table. The woman looked at the pouch with confusion before he spoke again. “This pouch contains an undetermined amount of uncooked grains of rice that I was able to barter for a little pocket change. I wonder what will happen if I spill it on the table?”

The woman stared at the pouch, her playful smile now vanishing as he untied the pouch slowly. Before he could pour the rice out, he felt her grab his wrist as she sighed softly. “Alright, you got me...I am of the fae race. More specifically I am a representative of the Unseelie court.” Andrew’s gaze never left her face, seeing actual honesty before he put the pouch away. “And the Unseelie court is,” he asked with a weary look on his face.

The woman sighed softly before waving for the waiter to get a cup of coffee as well. “The court is tied to the elements and the seasons much like many things in the world. For us we are tied to the earth and wind while our seasons are autumn and winter.” She could see Andrew’s gaze begin to glaze over, which made her rub the bridge of her nose while sighing. “Look, what you need to know is that the darker fae are a part of this court, including the dullahans.”

Hearing the word dullahan made Andrew snap back to attention as the blue rune glowed on his forehead. She smiled as he seemed more focused. “Good, now that I have your attention, the man you are looking for is our enemy too. He has been taking our kind for years, using their blood to prolong his unnatural life. We tried to save them before, but he was far too crafty and was ready with traps that are designed to stop fae in their tracks. But there is where we can help each other out.” She leaned in closer as she tilted her large fancy hat down. “You have magic that Jack is unprepared for, magic that can be used to distract him long enough for us to release our kind. If you do this, we would be more than happy to reward you for your actions. And if you think this is a lie, then let this be the judge.”

She showed him a series of pictures of various dullahan with Andrew now scanning through each of them before he pushed the pictures back to her. “You are wrong, the one I am looking for is not among them.” The fae continued to be serious before she tapped a picture having only one dullahan. Her hair was dark from what he could see from the picture along with her skin, but the most apparent trait there was were elven ears. “This is the dullahan you were looking for, her name is Dulla Coryela.”

Andrew’s rune on his forehead started to glow brighter as he seemed to get angrier. It was clear in his expression that he felt he was being lied to and the fae was trying to lie to him. For all he knew, Jack could have easily killed Dulla and he would not have known. The fae rolled her eyes before putting her hand up. “Okay I need you to calm down, you’re going to make a scene. But before you say anything I need to show you this.” She reached into her dress and pulled out what looked like a broken trinket. She set it on the table, watching as Andrew’s attention then went to the strange object. As he messed around with it, he could hear it click open and saw a few random objects fall out.

He seemed to be confused, but as he studied the objects with a single strand of blonde hair catching his eye. “The Coryela name holds weight to us. There is a lineage of them holding court for both Autumn and Winter. She was meant to hold court during the Autumn season, but something happened that forced our hand to help her escape with a new face.” He held the strand of hair and nodded his head. “So you used a glamour to hide her in plain sight?” The fae nodded her head, glad that this human seemed more aware than he looked.

Andrew remained silent as he seemed to be contemplative. “Say I believe you and Dulla was using a glamour. Why wouldn’t she simply tell me?” The fae looked up at the sky as she did an exasperated sigh. “She couldn’t, there is too much to risk. But I will say this: if you came this far for her, obviously you care about her.” He blushed softly which made the woman smile. “You don’t have to tell me anything. Passion is part of our creed and I can see your passion for her in your eyes. Although it would be hard to tell since you seem to have no emotions to speak of at first glance. However, you weren’t swayed by my advances, so she must have affected you deep down.”

She was about to take her leave before putting her hand on his shoulder. “And no, the reason you did it is not because of honor. I have seen into your heart, and you have some monsters in your head. But this is different, this is because of love and I can respect that. And as to my fellow fae who are taken by this man, I know you will save him too. And no, this will not be about honor either.” She leaned in closer to his ear while grinning. “It’s because you don’t want to kill him, you want him to suffer,” she whispered breathlessly. Andrew turned his head, seeing that she was gone.

The moon started to rise as Andrew stood at the foot of Jack’s mansion. His gaze remaining hard as he placed his palm on the door. He appeared to be gathering up his courage, but his eyes flashed bright with fury as he spoke sharply, “Nova blast.” A massive blast of energy shot from his palm, blowing apart the doors as he walked into the massive house. It was odd, no one seemed to be around. He almost thought that he was given false information until he heard a familiar sob. His memory flashed to Dulla, giving him speed in his step to reach the source.

Andrew kicked down a door, only to be met with the various swords of many female dullhan clad in bright red garments. As he looked at the many swords now pointing at his body, he could hear clapping. “Well, well, well...I’m quite glad you are here. Look Dulla, your special stranger has come to rescue you.” Dulla looked with tears in her eyes as she looked at Andrew. “Andrew...please I can explain...” but she fell silent as she saw him raise his hand to have her be quiet. She began to look fearful, but her expression changed when she saw his smile. “I know what happened. My people have something similar to what your people did for you.”

Jack chuckled as he shook his head. “Aw, how sweet of you to forgive her. Too bad it will not be enough this time. I should warn you, these are not illusions. They are more than able to kill you. In fact, let’s get this over with.” He snapped his fingers, making the dullahans charge right into him. However, they started to pull back as the bodies showed clear signs of fear. Andrew smiled, pulling out one of his golden coins as he smiled at Jack. “Should have stuck with silver with Ellen and her crew. Dullahans hate gold, you should know after all with all of the dullahan surrounding you.”

Jack clenched his jaw, standing to his feet as he grabbed a rapier from one of the dullahans. “If you are going to do something right, you have to do it yourself.” Andrew then pulled out his sword. It was a one handed blade that has a constantly shifting blade with the jet black face and a silver edge. Andrew charged head first into the fight, the two now sharing hits as they repeatedly swung their swords. Though Andrew’s strength was clear in his attacks, Jack had a considerable amount of experience compared to him.

The battle had waged for several minutes as Jack seemed to look bored. He continued to swing his blade before seeing an opportunity. He kept Andrew moving around, eventually finding himself seemingly surrounded and when the time was right he put the rapier through his chest. Dulla watched in wide eyed terror as she screamed Andrew’s name as he fell to the ground. Jack was beside himself, laughing for the first time as he walked triumphantly to Dulla’s head jar and grabbing it so that she would have a good look at her fallen champion.

Andrew’s breath was ragged as Jack chuckled to himself. “You have no idea how much of a pain you really were. But now that my Dulla is broken I have so many ideas I want to do with her.” Andrew began to gasp, but was trying to speak. Jack smirked as he knelt down beside him. “What? One last defiant word for your beloved? Go on, say to her what you were going to say to me.” Andrew panted heavily, moving his head closer and whispering into Jack’s ear, “Why would I care? I’m just an illusion.”

As Andrew said that, a thunderous sound erupted in the silence as Jack felt something pierce his body. As he looked down, he could see a hole in his shadow that was made. Before he could do anything however multiple shots rang out in the mansion and as Dulla’s head fell out of the jar she felt a strange black chain wrap around her mouth and pull her hard into the darkness. Jack caught this image and his eyes started to fill with rage once again. As he roared in anger, he stood up on his feet and was staring right in the eyes of someone who clearly wasn’t Andrew. Her blonde hair blew softly in the breeze as she fired one last shot through Jack’s heart, watching as Jack fell to the earth coughing up blood. He began to breathe faster, seeing himself now looking up at the faces of two men and one woman. The woman smiled as she looked at Jack before saying, “You have been weighed.” He looked at the older man who was clearly reptilian as he grinned to bear his fangs “You have been measured,” he said with a gruff voice. And the younger man with black tattoos on his face looked at Jack with contempt before saying, “And you have been found wanting.” Jack was confused, unaware what was going on before seeing Andrew’s grinning face saying, “Welcome to the new world.” After saying that, everything went black as Andrew punched him hard in the face, rendering him unconscious.

Jack groaned softly, feeling that he was now in a sitting position. His body was tied in heavy chains as he struggled to escape. He roared in anger before looking right from the other side of the desk to see Andrew. He growled as he sat back up again. “So, you were able to deceive in the end? If it wasn’t for the fact I want to put your head on my wall I have to give you my respect. Tell me, are those friends of yours?” Andrew nodded his head patiently as he seemed to be in his own little world. Jack simply chuckled as he looked at his enemy. “You really think you won? When I get out of this little chain trap you put me in I am going to...” he stopped talking as he then began to cough up blood. He looked at the blood in shock as Andrew continued to smile, showing him his arm and a bandage covering a cotton ball was present.

He continued to smile as Jack started to look on in pure horror. “You know, I kind of had a feeling that you can escape. A man like you probably would have means to break out, so I am going to leave you with a lasting punishment. While you were running out of blood I thought I would “contribute” by giving you my blood. Of course I have a bit of a condition with my blood as well.” Andrew pulled out a file, showing Jack in detail what was wrong with his own body. “The second heart does give me power, but there’s always a catch. My blood is magically corrosive. Thankfully it is only my blood that is corrosive, but that makes me quite unfavorable to a blood donation.” Jack’s breathing sped up as he realized what was going on: Andrew had found a way to rot him from the inside out. As his eyes grew wilder, Andrew smiled kindly before shaking his head. “She was right, I did want you to suffer. I know you will escape but I think making you impotent should be a good consolation prize.”

As Andrew stood up, he walked away while waving goodbye to Jack. “When I see you again, I wouldn’t be surprised if you look worse than the last person who crossed my path.” Jack could feel his mind snap as he screamed, straining against the chains as he continued to cough up blood. The purple magic sparking off in his body as he looked on with rage before Andrew slammed the door behind him, locking Jack away.

Andrew walked out of his mansion, sighing softly as he saw Dulla talking to his friends. She seemed to be in deep thought before walking to him. She had a concerned look on her face as Andrew smiled kindly. “Jack will no longer be a problem for you anymore.” Dulla put her hand on his shoulder as she looked into his eyes. “They told me about what you have in you...about your powers. Is it true? The fracturing?” Andrew had looked to the side as he nodded his head. “Yeah...price of having been linked to the ancients as long as I have. My mind, body and soul can fracture and I can exist in different universes.” Andrew looked to the distance as he spoke with a somber voice. “Listen, if you want to leave then I would unders...” he felt Dulla’s hand on his shoulder as she smiled kindly. “You accepted me for all that I am, and I accept you for all that you are.” He blushed softly as she kissed his lips before whispering into his ear, “I love you.”
Fighting for the Dullahan Chapter 5
Chapter 5 of my story, Jack and Dulla belong to Gear25.
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(Contains: violence/gore)
Chapter 4

When people look at me confused with all of the rules I put on myself, they think I am just being crazy. In reality the rules are there to keep me in line. Too often there are times that I am very tempted to simply tear through an entire army with little sympathy. But if I am pushed hard enough then there will be a problem. You know the phrase “wear your heart on your sleeve"? Well I figuratively rip mine out of my chest which in turn makes me more logical than emotional. Without my emotions things become a little too clear for even me. Honestly, there are times that I even scare myself. ~Andrew on how he handles high levels of stress.

Word traveled fast through town that the Hanged Men gang had struck during the middle of the night and many of the townspeople were on edge. Normally they would simply march through a town and pillage, but this attack seemed much more different. When Buffalo had heard it was Andrew and Dulla who were attacked, he got worried for Andrew. He didn’t get to know him well and he was concerned Andrew would charge head on into the fray without knowing the full story about Ellen.

As he ran through town, he eventually tracked him back to the saloon with Andrew pouring something into a canteen as he hummed to himself. As Buffalo approached him, he couldn’t help but feel there was something off with him. He could remember the fight Andrew broke up between himself and Sha. Andrew had maintained an air of strength with Sha, but this time it felt different.

As Andrew shook the last contents of a bottle into the canteen, Buffalo took a seat next to him as he spoke. “Listen, I heard what happened with Dulla and I am sorry.” He looked into Andrew’s eyes, noticing he didn’t appear to have any signs of the influence of alcohol. If anything, his eyes were even clearer than normal. “Wait, if you’re not here to drink then why are you here?”

Andrew exhaled softly as he closed the canteen. “Did you know Ellen only pops up around sunset and appears before the sunrise?” Buffalo tilted his head in confusion as Andrew seemed to be speaking thoughtfully (or at the very least faking it). “Very few supernatural beings exist in that time frame, and combined with what the people in the saloon gave me for information I think I know how to stop her.” He gave him a soft smile as he continued to speak. “Who knows? Maybe I can put the fear of death into her.”

As he paid the barkeep, Buffalo put his hand on Andrew’s shoulder. “Andrew listen to me, Ellen is nothing you have even seen. Granted Sha is kind of a jackass but Ellen is insane.” After hearing insane, he turned to look at Buffalo while pointing to his own head. “True, but madness doesn’t work against the mindless,” he countered before walking out of the saloon. As he pushed the doors, Amy was to the side watching Andrew going behind the building with Buffalo trying to reach him.

Amy moved silently, listening to Buffalo trying to appeal to his mind while Andrew reached behind a barrel and pulled out the blood red board that he showed Dulla last night. The gleam of the blood red painted metal was enough to catch Amy’s eye as her jaw dropped. She stepped out of the shadows, looking at the strange device before looking at Andrew. “I...wha...what is that thing? Are you even from around here?!”

Andrew sighed again as he turned to face Amy. “As much as I want to explain everything, right now is not the time. There’s only one thing that needs to be done and that is to get Dulla out of harm’s way. I know where Ellen is going to be and I will be striking at night. But if you wish to know more about me I suggest to help me out.” Buffalo shook his head as he had this look of confusion on his face. “So you plan to go out against Ellen and her gang all by yourself?! Well I have to agree with madness not affecting the mindless because obviously you have no mind if you are planning to stop Ellen!”

Andrew moved forward, looking down to Buffalo as his face appeared to be carved out of stone. He expected Andrew to show some kind of spark, but instead he simply walked away and started to prime his board. A growl started to come out of Amy’s mouth as she rolled her eyes. “Okay! If you are dead set on facing off with this woman, I will help.” Andrew turned to look at Amy and nodded his head. “Thank you Amy, I guess that is two that I will owe you.”

Buffalo had a frightened look on his face as he pulled Amy aside, getting into a debate with her. He was concerned with her well being and he was afraid that Andrew was going to bring her into a suicide mission. As Amy explained about her meeting with him, Buffalo shook his head as he almost was about to shout himself. But instead he walked to Andrew’s location with a frustrated look on his face. “You know where Ellen is?” Andrew nodded his head. “And I am assuming you have a plan?” Andrew nodded his head again as Buffalo started to rub his temples. “Alright here’s the deal: Kathica and I have dealt with Ellen in the past. I can tell you that she is very dangerous and she will have plenty of backup and no I am not just talking about her gang. And you are standing there telling me you have a legitimate plan to take her down?” Andrew continued to nod before speaking. “Just buy me some time and I will show her a real army.”

Buffalo didn’t understand what he had meant, but it was clear Andrew must had some kind of plan. “I will bring Kathica along, but trust me if you put her in danger I will make you answer for it,” he said with a hard glare. Andrew nodded his head before getting onto the board. “I know, I can tell with you that you do love her. You do what you must for the one that you love. Just as I will do everything in my power for Dulla.” He primed the board, making it float several inches off the ground as Andrew spoke to Buffalo. “There’s a ghost town ten miles north of here. We strike at sunset.”

The sun started to set as Buffalo, Kathica, and Amy went to the town that Andrew talked about. As the trio walked into town, Amy ducked into a two story building to take up a position to take down anything with her rifle. Meanwhile Buffalo and Kathica walked along the main street while hearing the sound of a woman chuckling in the night. Ellen was resting her back at the wall of the empty sheriff’s building as she clapped her hands. “I have to say, getting you to do his dirty work is quite impressive. But I am curious: where is the stalwart knight to save his princess?”

Buffalo could feel his heart beating as he pulled his gun out. His eyes started to dart around as he could hear the shuffling of many feet as the bone men started to come out of hiding from the alleyways. As one of them started to lunge for Kathica, a shot rang out from the silence as Amy fired her rifle from the safety of the building she chose. As the creature dissolved into nothing more than black ooze and bones, he turned to Kathica and nodded his head.

The couple moved back to back, the sound of Buffalo’s gun going off as Kathica’s claws came out. Buffalo knew that he wouldn’t have enough bullets for every undead creature, and Ellen was counting on that. She started to grin and giggle, watching how futile things would be looking for the three until a bright light came from an alley. A wave of pure energy moved like water on the ground, tearing through five of the Bone Men vaporizing them in the process. A shocked looked was on both Kathica’s and Buffalo’s faces as they tried to find who did it before they could hear foot steps.

Andrew walked out of the alley, his eyes showing no emotion as he gave Ellen a smile. Ellen couldn’t help but laugh in spite of herself as she watched Andrew. “This is just precious! You seriously do have a death wish don’t you?” He sighed softly as he adjusted his glasses. “You caught me off guard where I slept. Now I am ready for you Ellen and this time you are the one who will be unprepared.” She continued to chuckle as she watched Andrew speak. “Are you truly serious? I am nothing that you ever faced! Braver men have faced me and fled in terror! And not only that, I am immortal so I have lived several lifetimes! I have knowledge beyond your understanding and my Bone Men can attest to that.”

He looked at the undead as he tilted his head. He raised an eyebrow as he simply snickered. “Hm, that’s a pretty fancy amount of skills you have there. But I am curious, do you feel fear?” Ellen’s eyes went wide, her laughter echoing in the ghost town as she slapped her leg. “You know I am actually going to feel sorry about killing you. You are just too funny. But no, I do not feel fear! In fact, why would I fear anything?! I AM IMMORTAL!” She extended her arms out, laughing hysterically as Andrew gave a slight grin as he looked at her. “No fear huh? Let’s change that then shall we?”

As he said that, he put his index finger to his forehead. He exhaled softly as his hearts started to slow down. “Burn away the body, abandon the mind and all you have left is soul. Transcend and become one with the multi-verse...emissary of Ulyaoth!” The blue rune burned brightly on his forehead, the lines that pointed down started to cover his face and pulsate with a strange blue energy as his eyes vanished as the sockets turned burned blue. A robe started to drape his body that was silver in color along with a pair of bracers that were on his wrists and four orbs that surrounded his body appearing last.

Ellen looked on with disbelief, what was Andrew really? But all she did was smile as she pulled out her gun. “That’s a nice set of clothes you have on there. Too bad for you that the clothes will not make the man here.” As Buffalo shouted to Andrew to move away, the gun went off in Ellen’s hand. She was about to laugh again, but her mouth hung open as the bullet was suspended in mid air with the blue energy of Ulyaoth. His eyes locked on the bullet as he scoffed at it. “Matter means nothing to me. However, it does mean something to you.”

The bullet fizzled away and as Ellen reloaded her gun Andrew sent out a whip from his bracer. The end of the whip struck Ellen in the stomach, but instead of leaving a wound it was somehow stuck inside of her body. She had a shocked look on her face as she then looked at Andrew while he maintained an emotionless expression. “Let’s see what I can grab out.” He jerked his hand back, the whip pulling out her liver as she started to cough up blood. She started to get angrier, watching as Andrew held her organ in his hand and then simply tossing it aside as if it was nothing to him.

She gripped her gun tighter, growling as she glared angrily at him. “Do you have any idea how long it took me to get that?! I had to search all over town for that damn thing!” She aimed the gun at his head again, but this time one of the orbs greeted her. It hovered in front of the gun before firing off a single beam, making the gun vanish from her hand and back to Andrew’s hand. He looked at the weapon for a moment, smiling softly as he started to melt it with his energy. “And I am guessing that was important too?”

Ellen started to clench her fists tightly, a growl escaping her lips as she glared at Andrew angrily. He tilted his head to the side as he spoke with a calm tone. “Forgive me, my ability to read emotions seems hampered. But you seem angry right now. Are you angry at the moment?” Hearing him ask that finally made Ellen snap, screaming with a primal rage as she charged right at him with her hands outstretched. He grabbed her wrists as her teeth seemed more pointed as she began her attempts to bite his throat out. As he moved his head around, she began screaming at him. “I am going to not just kill you! I am going to eat that smug look on your face! And then when I am done eating you, I am going to use your organs as spare parts!”

Andrew smiled at Ellen as his head continued to move around. “Interesting, you actually wish to eat me? Tell you what: have at it. Take as much of my flesh as you want.” Andrew then grinned at her as he finished his thought. “In exchange...I’ll just take your hands.” His whips he used before started to wrap around their wrists as his hands glowed with a blue light. It engulfed their limbs in a flash of light, but only Ellen was left screaming in pain as a portal appeared from behind Andrew to drop her hands from the sky.

Ellen clenched her teeth in pain as she backed up. However, Andrew slowly closed the gap as he continued to look only at her. “So, before I put you in the ground let’s put it to rest shall we? Do you feel any fear Ellen?” Her pupils dilated until there was nothing left as she raised her head to the sky. As she took a deep breath, she screamed at the top of her lungs,”BONE MEN!!!!” The undead started to surround Andrew, their hands ready to tear him apart as he simply grinned. “All I needed to hear,” he said as he snapped his fingers.

At first there was no sound, but soon the ground started to quake under their feet. From out of the alleyways several larger monsters started to surround the Bone Men. Buffalo looked worried, they were nothing that he had ever seen before. Were these the things Andrew actually can summon? Their upperbodies were massive, but there were no heads. Only three mouths that rested at the top of the torso. Their limbs were long but the hands each had three fingers. Their flesh didn’t even look right. It was as if their bodies were almost spirit like from the blue flesh he saw.

The monsters surrounded the Bone Men, Ellen looking in disbelief as Andrew looked at his army. He didn’t say anything, but with a snap of his fingers the monsters roared in unison and began to tear through the Bone Men as if they were nothing. Sparks of blue energy came from their bodies as they sent off bolt after bolt. The Bone Men continued to melt, leaving behind nothing but a black material and bones as Andrew slowly walked towards Ellen. Her face was contorted in rage as she charged straight at him. But only until moment did she regain some composure when she saw Andrew hold his palm out to her and only seeing a bright blue light before everything went black.

“Wakey wakey Ellen, I need you to be completely focused.”

Ellen heard that all too familiar voice and growled again, but when she woke up she was met with many changes. Not only were all of her Bone Men were killed, Andrew had reverted back to his original form. She even noticed that she was now left in her bra and underwear and her clothes were set far from her. In addition, Ellen saw that her feet were now removed as well by the same tactic he used on her hands and a purple barrier in the shape of a heptagon now surrounds her. She glared at him angrily as he simply relaxed. “So, now you have more of my limbs. Do you think I am going to break? Think I am going to simply tell you whatever you want?”

Andrew shook his head, humming to himself as he walked through the barrier. “No, this is the part where I perform a couple of social experiments. But I would be remiss in my character if I didn’t give you one chance to prove me wrong. All you have to do is tell me two things: who hired you to take Dulla and where she will be ending up.” Ellen stayed silent, blood still coming from her wounds as she remained defiant.

Andrew sighed softly before waving his hand. The sound of shuffling feet started to come towards them as Ellen came to watch as every last member of her gang were tied to what seemed to be zombies. But the zombies he had were different. His zombies all had blue skin with their torsos distended from being drowned. The zombies stood in a line as Andrew then spoke in a clear but monotonous voice. “Today we are going to play Prisoner’s Dilemma. Here’s how it is going to work: if your boss tells me what I want to know then I will let my zombies kill you all. However, if one of you tell me what I need to know, I will spare the entire gang’s life and allow you to leave. But whatever payment you got from your job I will take in exchange. So, who is feeling talkative?”

He could hear one of the men spit on the ground as he laughed at Andrew. “Ha! You think you can scare us with these things?! Ellen’s Bone Men are far more dangerous than these slobbering fools!” Andrew grinned as the man spoke and pointed to the zombie he was tied to. “Looks like we have a volunteer for demonstration. Now...chant.” The man had a confused expression on his face when Andrew said that, but saw the zombie starting to speak. Its head was raised up to the heavens as its mouth started to fill with the blue magic of Ulyaoth. The man started to get more frightened, shouting to Ellen and then to Andrew before the zombie exploded.

The man’s parts flew around the area, some fizzling against the barrier as Andrew exhaled softly. “Now, are we feeling more talkative or should I set more of them off?” One of the gang started to visibly tremble in fear as he started to shout at him. “Wait! We don’t know where she is! Jack just said to get her on the train and some headless woman gave us gold!” Andrew turned his head when heard that name. He remembered a man who made her suffer, was this the same person he fought when he got here? As he processed the information, he continued to speak softly. “And where was the train heading?” Ellen couldn’t believe what she was seeing, her men betraying her right in front of her.  The man stumbled on his words as he looked fearful for his life. “We only know it is heading east I swear!”

Andrew had a soft smile on his face as he nodded his head. “The one who spoke please get the gold and leave it near me. Then you all will be free to go.” The zombie who held the one who talked released its grip on him, making the robber stumble on his feet before running back to grab a sack of gold that was meant to be their payment. Andrew turned his head, watching as the sack was opened to confirm before he nodded his head. “Very well, then the zombies shall let you go. Get to your horses before I change my mind.” As the zombies released the remains of Ellen’s gang, they all ran as fast as they could while ignoring Buffalo and Kathica. Not that Buffalo would honestly blame them. After Andrew had just done it would have been a surprise for even one to stick around.

Ellen looked at Andrew angrily before laughing. He however seemed to have no expression on his face as he walked out of the barrier again. “So that’s it? You’re going to let me go now?” Andrew shook his head. “No, you will tell me where Jack is.” Ellen glared at him as she turned her head. “Something tells me you know this man, and unfortunately for you your time is running out.” Ellen scoffed at him as she rolled her eyes. “Really? And why” she stopped talking as she saw the first rays of sunlight appear in the horizon. As she backed away, Andrew’s glasses shined in the light as he spoke. “You should know that this barrier is special. Not only it can hurt you but it also leaves behind corrosive damage.”

She stopped short at the barrier, looking at him with shock as he knelt down on the ground. “You are aware there’s a huge difference between immortal and invincible right? What you really need is invincibility. That way you will not burn up in the sun. Immortal just means you never age. Besides, I noticed your hands and feet didn’t come back so you have no regenerative powers.” As he spoke the sun peeked out over the horizon, making Ellen clench her jaw as she felt the burn of the sun’s rays as she looked at Andrew with a grim smirk. “And you are aware that it will take hours for the sun to burn me away? I literally was crusted over in a couple of hours so I can outlast you.”

Andrew nodded his head as he produced a glass bottle and his canteen. “I know, which is why I need to speed up the process. Tell me something Ellen, have you ever heard of lobster l'americaine or crêpe suzette?” Ellen rolled her eyes as he continued to pour something into the bottle. “I think you are more than aware of what I eat. And once this barrier is down I will show you what I like to eat.” As she laughed, he continued to pour the canteen into the bottle and tore a piece of her shirt off and stuffed it into the bottle.

“The reason I ask is because they both share a common denominator. You see what they both have in common is the use of alcohol in their production.” He walked into the barrier again with the bottle in his left hand while his right hand glowed with energy. “And the first thing that my chef taught me is that when you cook with alcohol you put it away from the heat. Otherwise, this happens,” and as he said that he lit the fabric on fire and threw the bottle at Ellen’s body. He stepped out of the barrier again, watching as Ellen screamed in pain while the alcohol’s flames consumed her body.

Amy could see the smoke from her vantage point and immediately ran out to see if Buffalo and Kathica were in trouble. What she was met though is the faces of Buffalo and Kathica staring in both fear and disbelief as they watched Ellen burn. She stumbled around, the pain becoming too much as she struck the barrier multiple times. The pain she was feeling from the burn was now being magnified through the barrier. Each strike she used with her forearm caused the damage to be shot back at her until her whole body seemed to be pulsating with the purple energy’s damaging magic. In time the blows broke the barrier but the damage had been done.

Ellen crawled on the stumps where her hands were and her knees as she nearly seemed to be dead. What wasn’t burned away was slowly being corroded by Mantorok’s magic. She continued to crawl until she was met with Andrew’s figure as he knelt down in front of her. “So, are we ready to talk?” Ellen coughed heavily as she looked into his eyes. Though lacking in fear, she could see how he had no soul. He didn’t take any pleasure, any desire of vengeance, he didn’t even gloat. To him it was purely scientific and if she didn’t talk he would make sure that he would end her life. Her breathing was ragged as she looked up at him with a weakened expression and with a raspy voice she said,”N...New Orleans.”

Andrew nodded his head, smiling softly before putting his foot on the back of Ellen’s head. Buffalo saw this and walked behind Andrew. “Hey, what are you doing? You got what you were looking for.” Andrew tilted his head to the side as he seemed to be making a calculation. “True, but I don’t remember ever saying that I would simply spare her life. In fact, I never told her that I would spare her. I guess she must have made the assumption.” He began to press his foot harder into her skull, making her groan in pain as Buffalo look frightened. “Wait a minute, I know you had to do what you did because of Dulla, but back then you had to fight. You don’t have to here!”

Andrew nodded his head again as he spoke. “Also true, but again there is no rule to sparing her life. Tell me the rule and I will let her live.” As soon as Andrew said that, his face went white as a sheet. Did he really just say that? Did Andrew just ask Buffalo to tell him the rule of sparing others? This couldn’t be the same person from before. Soon Kathica stepped in as she looked frightened as he applied more pressure to Ellen’s skull. “N’yow hold on Andrew, why would you even ask if there is a rule? You don’t need to kill her. Look at her, she’s barely alive.”

Andrew then turned his head to look at Kathica as he buried Ellen’s face in the ground with his foot as her voice was now muffled by the dirt. “Technically she was never alive in the first place. So can it really be murder if she is undead?” Kathica gasped, already starting to look frightened herself how easily Andrew can speak about killing. It was almost as if they were arguing with a machine and it was using every path of logic it can find.

Amy then walked up behind Andrew and spoke with a serious tone. “You’re right, there is no rule but can you not see what you are acting like now? If you do this how are you any better than Ellen?” Andrew blinked a couple of times as he then spoke to Amy. “Because I never sought her out. What I did was purely defense. Now to make sure she doesn’t do anything bad anymore I will stop her.” He applied greater pressure, the pain in her head starting to build as Ellen screamed in the dirt. She was unable to do anything against Andrew and it seemed that her fate was sealed. “I am curious to see how far her immortality’s limits are. Call it my final experiment Ellen. I want to see if you can come back if you have no brain left.”

He raised his foot higher to stomp the back of her head and immediately Amy said loudly “I am calling one of my debts in!” Andrew’s foot stopped inches above Ellen’s head as he spoke. “Are you sure? I believe I owed you twice and you wish to use one on someone like her.” Amy nodded her head, her heart beating hard as she saw how quick Andrew reacted. “Yeah, I’m using one debt on her. Please I do not want you to save Dulla and then lose your soul.” Andrew nodded his head and then walked back to Ellen’s clothes. After throwing them back into a building with boarded up windows, he grabbed Ellen behind her neck as he showed her to Amy. “I want you to remember this day, and how she chose to let me to spare your life. It may take you a long time to rebuild yourself, but I will still keep a close eye on you. You come anywhere near me, my friends, or the ones I love then I will get a lot more creative with you.” After saying that, he threw Ellen inside the building, slamming the door behind her as he could hear her scramble in the darkness as she screamed in pain.

Andrew seemed to be completely ignorant to her pain as he walked past Buffalo, Amy and Kathica. Before reaching his board, he heard Amy’s voice again. “What did you mean by creative?” Andrew tilted his head again as he calculated everything again. “I think I would test to see if her limbs could act independently from her head. Maybe cut her body into many pieces and separate it through the Grand Canyon staggered for several miles.” Hearing that suggestion made Amy’s blood run cold. She knew now Andrew was now a man on a mission. He knew where he needed to be and now the only question was this: what sort of man will be meeting Dulla when he reaches the end?
Fighting for the Dullahan Chapter 4
The chapter that shows the darker side of Andrew. Andrew belongs to both Abadon X and Buffalo, Amy, Kathica, and Ellen belong to Gear25
Right now I am working on showing some of the things I have written in time. I will eventually be getting ready to do a bleach fan fic that always was on my mind.


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