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Naomi snored softly as she curled up in bed. She had asked Andrew over last night and as she rested he woke up earlier in the morning to set up some decorations for her. On occasion he poked his head in her room to see if he accidentally woke her up. He had been setting some plastic pumpkins around and left one on her dresser before seeing her feet poke out of the covers. As he watched her toes wiggle around he couldn’t help but to give her feet some attention. As she slept, Andrew gently kissed the pads of her toes.

Naomi blushed cutely, sighing as her toes wiggled around from his kisses before he left again. Time began to pass again with her starting to slowly wake up. As she yawned softly, a giggle escaped her lips as she wiggled her toes again. “Teasing me again aren’t you? Well if you want to do that then you know what you need to do in exchange,” she said in a sleepy tone. She could feel tickly sensations on the ball of her foot as she continued to snicker. “Well, looks like you are going to be paying for it.”

Naomi’s eyes opened up and as she turned her head she noticed something odd: Andrew was no where to be found. Confused she continued to look around until as she peered over the foot of the bed and let out a loud shriek. Andrew dropped everything, running into the bedroom as he looked scared. “Naomi! What happened are you okay?!” He could see her curled up completely in the bed with her toes poking out of the covers. Naomi used her big toe to point at the daddy long legs spider that was now on her bed.

A blank expression formed on Andrew’s face, but he wanted to remove Naomi’s fear. Taking a sheet of paper, he slid it under the spider to transport the arachnid. Finding her window he opened it gently, letting the spider back out into the world before shutting it again. Stepping back into her room, he could see her toes shiver as she poked her eye out of the blanket. “ it gone?” Andrew nodded his head, sitting on the edge of the bed as he looked at her. “So...I guess you are afraid of spiders? Personally I do not mind them, but if it is a black widow on the other hand...”

Naomi’s toes went under the blanket as she continued to shiver visibly. “Please, no more talk about spiders.” Andrew watched her shiver as he shifted his body so he was sitting next to her. “I’m guessing you had some bad experiences with spiders?” Naomi nodded her head slowly, but badly was putting it mildly. “Well, there was this rivalry I had with a couple of them. They were pokemorphs like me: an ariados named Ashley and a tangrowth named Jamie.” She could feel Andrew’s arm over her shoulder, hugging her as she poked her head out of the blanket. “They used to tease me a lot when it came to band work. I mean usually there was things such as putting sugar in the gas tank or switching out guitar strings for painted fishing line. But with them...Ashley knew string shot and Jamie knew how to use tickle.”

Andrew tilted his head to the side looking confused. Naomi had sighed and then showed her hand. “Okay you know at the beach and I showed you this?” She made a small fire appear on her index finger. “Well, it’s one of the four moves I know. And for us tickle is a move that is...pretty good at weakening.” She shuddered as she curled up again. “And Jamie was good at what she did, I was tickled until fully drained.”  She turned to look at Andrew, who seemed to look sorry as she nuzzled her chin on his shoulder. “But I know you wouldn’t do something like that though. But with spiders...,” she didn’t say much after that as she shuddered. “Everytime I see a spider I want to immediately use ember on it.”
Andrew then put his chin on her head as he smiled nervously. “Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t get any spider decorations then huh?” As he started to chuckle, he felt Naomi bop him with the pillow softly as she pouted at him. “That is not funny Andrew,” she said while her cheeks puffed out. Andrew still chuckled as he then kissed her forehead. “But at the very least we shouldn’t have to worry about much in the ways of spiders today. Maybe the occasional zombie or possible ghost/vampire, but not spiders.”

Naomi looked up at the calendar in the clock, seeing the 31st of October glowing on its face. “Heh, that’s right huh? It’s Halloween today huh?” She gave Andrew a soft peck on the cheek as she grinned. “I do have to say though the costumes you chose though were pretty interesting. Normally I wouldn’t be putting on a dress.” Andrew nodded his head as he grinned. “It was one of the first things that came to mind. What can I say? I am a Nintendo lover at heart.” Naomi gave him a soft peck on the cheek again, slipping her feet out of the covers again as she smiled softly. “Well, if you like before we get ready we can have a little fun. I did enjoy having your feet as pillows last night.”

Andrew smiled, seeing on her bed his detached feet still relaxing on the bed. His toes wiggling around before her feet finally relaxed as she looked up at Andrew. “How about after I give your feet a little bit of attention we get ready for the day?” Naomi smiled at Andrew’s idea, cuddling up in the blanket while smiling cutely. As she smiled, she watched as he began to lovingly massage the soles of her feet. As he worked the tension from her feet she started to hum softly, giving him some of her sweet music as she started to relax again.

After spending the morning relaxing, Andrew and Naomi got everything ready before the sun went down. Dressed as Mario and Princess Peach they started the late afternoon handing out candy to the children before walking into town. Andrew had been looking at a map, tilting it as he narrowed his eyes while trying to make out Blanche’s direction. “Hmm...does this look right?” Naomi looked at the map, her finger tracing the map as she started to think about the directions they took. “I think this should be the right place. Maybe Blanche is inside the cave?”

Their trip through downtown took them to the forest at the mouth of the cave. But from what he could see the haunted house must have been inside. Before going over the directions in his head, he heard Naomi yelp out in surprise and immediately ran to her. He turned to look at the pokemorph, her eyes frozen in fear as she looked at the spider webs. Andrew knelt down and examined them carefully, noticing one was larger than the other and noticing the sign that was by them. “Hmm...spider bake sale, all proceeds go to real spiders.”

Naomi shuddered visibly when she heard that. “W...why would spiders need money?” Andrew simply shrugged his shoulders. “It could just be a gimmick. I mean it is pretty creative when you think about it. Who expects spiders selling products?” He reached into his wallet, pulling out enough money for both the donut and the cider that was being offered for sale. After leaving the money on the webs, a group of spiders climbed down to retrieve the money and return with a donut in a bag and jug of cider with a simple cup next to it.

It was clear in Naomi’s eyes that she was very weary of both items. As Andrew opened the bag he examined the contents before saying “Well at least we know it is legit. The donut is in the bag.” Naomi crossed her arms as she looked nervous. As she tapped her foot she saw Andrew take a bite of the donut. As she watched him taste the pastry all she could imagine is spiders pouring out of not just the donut but his mouth as well. He noticed how pale she was looking and put the rest of the donut in the bag. “Hey, do you want something to drink? You look like you are about to faint.” As he opened the bottle, Naomi knew that Andrew’s intent was meant to be a good thing. But all she could possibly think of is as he poured the cider into the cup is that instead of liquid all that was pouring out of the bottle was spiders and he was going to give her a large brimming glass of spiders.

Naomi shut her eyes tight, trying to not picture the idea as Andrew placed his hands on her shoulders. “Naomi I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” She shook her head as she looked at the ground. “It’s not you, I guess Blanche really did do a good job with the haunted house huh? I know I am spooked. How about you Andrew? Are you a little scared?” He looked at the cave as he spoke. “Well, I wouldn’t say scared Naomi. I have seen my share of things and in the grand scheme for me spiders are not too high on the list.” Naomi raised her eyebrow, more confused than anything. He sounded honest and that only left a large question: what did he face that would make him afraid?

Setting the memory aside, she saw him hand her the cup. As she looked down, she breathed a sigh of relief as she saw it was just liquid in the cup and not a brimming cup of spiders. She took a sip, relieved that the spiders were only in her mind before handing the cup to Andrew to finish up. His smile made her feel less uneasy. “Though I will say if you were not here I would have used a flamethrower on any web I see here though.” Andrew smiled, walking with Naomi arm in arm as he chuckled. “I guess that’s why you have your plumber here to make sure nothing bad is here princess,” he said teasingly.

She grinned, bopping his head with his hat as she shook her head. “Okay “Mario” no need to tease me,” she said while giggling. He then gave her a playful look as he playfully nudged her. “Although you might be better suited, I mean you do have a fire flower nearby.” Naomi let out an audible giggle snort as she tried to cover her mouth to the best of her ability. “Come on, I’m not supposed to laugh. This is supposed to be a haunted house.” Andrew then grinned as she blushed. As he turned to look at her face she immediately covered her eyes as he kept grinning. “Aw, just like a boo too.” Naomi bopped him again with his hat as she giggled. “You know you are going to pay for this right?” He smiled as he shrugged before saying “It’s worth it, especially when I make you smile.”

As they continued to venture deeper into the cave, Andrew noticed something odd. “Hm...hey Naomi is it just me or is the ground getting stickier?” Naomi nodded her head, noticing that it was getting darker and letting her index finger spark to create some light. Andrew had followed suit, concentrating energy into his right hand to make it glow. “I think we’re not supposed to be here. Let’s try to get back,” Andrew said while looking on with a side glance. He had a feeling growing in his gut that they were off course.

As they started to turn around, Naomi grunted as she felt something tug at her left pink heel. As she looked down her left foot is completely exposed. But she less concerned about about that as she looked on with fear as she stared at five eyes looking at them through the darkness. Before she could say anything however the trap had been sprung with them both now completely wrapped up in a purple web with their feet poking out. Naomi began to struggle hard, the webs keeping her completely immobile before freezing up again as she heard a giggling from the web. “Well, well, well...looks like I was able to catch two surprises in my web.”

Naomi couldn’t see what was going on, but could hear the click of boots hitting the ground as the girl began to giggle happily. She touched the outside of the web as she continued to grin playfully. “I don’t think I want to make you a part of my dishes but I do have other ideas for you.” Andrew could feel as if there were several hands pulling his shoes and socks off before they started to tease his toes. He began to snicker softly, his feet wiggling around helplessly as she giggled. “Oh my such adorable little reactions.”

As he continued to snicker and giggle, he blushed in surprise as he felt his toes being dipped into something warm before feeling the girl’s tongue softly licking each digit. “Mmmm, he does taste pretty good. However you on the other hand...” Naomi struggled more as she could hear the boots get closer to her. “You know what I heard about you? I heard that you hate spiders. I also heard you were stingy with your money. But above all else...” she moved closer to Naomi as she could feel her body near her ear as she whispered into Naomi’s ear “I heard you want to burn them.”

Naomi’s heart began to race, hearing the venom in her voice as she felt her other shoe fall off as the monster giggled. “I think this should be most fitting. Since you hate spiders so much let’s see if we can make your frown into a smile.” Naomi squirmed more, struggling as the webs got her in tighter as the sound of rustling can be heard. As Andrew looked around, he could see several tiny shadows as the spiders descended from the ceiling of the cave. He saw as Naomi began to breathe faster as the spiders walked all of the way down to her feet.

Sweat poured from her face as her expression was frozen in fear as she felt every single tiny leg touching her feet. They skittered along her insteps while feeling more spider webs beginning to tie up her big toes. As she whimpered she could see Andrew trying to keep her spirits up but it was getting harder as every inch of her soles were now tormented by the legs of each spider. As the monster giggled she then held a metronome in her hand. “Now, let’s practice our dancing everyone,” she said in a playful tone.

Naomi’s eyes went wide in horror as she said dance. As Naomi began struggle harder, the metronome started to show its fast tempo with Naomi’s greatest fear: every one of the eight legged insects began to tickle her not just at the same time but in perfect synchronization. As one group of spiders went up one sole the other group went down. But the only thing that could be heard however was the echoing hysterical laughter of Naomi as she struggled. Tears flowed from her eyes as the monster laughed, delighting in the fact of her torment.

In the midst of the sounds several other monsters started to come to the source to the hysterical laughter. She begged for mercy but the spiders were hearing none of it. She didn’t think it couldn’t get worse than this; however, the addition of their mouths nibbling on her soles sent her over the edge. Naomi screamed in hysterical laughter, unable to hear anything more. She had seen Andrew looking angry, shouting something to the monster outside. From his face she could only imagine him demanding her to stop and that Naomi had enough. But she couldn’t be able to hold out much longer. As she continued to laugh hysterically her mind started to slip away. There was always a chance for death in the world, and for Naomi it is looking like her death would be from laughing.

But fate had something else in mind...

Naomi started to hear voices again. She heard the voice of another woman that wasn’t the one outside of the web. A green light began pulse softly as she looked into Andrew’s eyes. The look of relief that he showed as Naomi began to regain her sanity. She raised her head, looking at a rune now hovering over her head as she blushed. She didn’t know what to say. Her heartbeat started to steady before kissing him on the lips.

The monster tilted her head, stopping the spiders as they started to disperse. The laughter had died down, and she could hear something in the webs. She placed her ear gently against the web before pulling back immediately as she sees her purple web now pulsating with a green light. It wasn’t until a few seconds later did the web burst into flames. She could see from the smoke that Naomi was still in her princess costume while her hand has a fireball forming, but her eyes couldn’t believe what she was seeing with Andrew.

The spider monster began to walk backwards in disbelief as she looked at what he was now. His costume was gone, replaced with the robes of a scholar that were dull green in color. But even though his clothes were not extravagant there were two glaring things she couldn’t help but notice: the four green ghost like arms that were behind his back like wings and the third eye that was now fixated right on her. As the green eye looked right into her five eyes, he started to speak to her with his mind in a whispered tone. “Tell me your name,” he said softly to her.

Her fear was apparent on her face as she raised her hands up. “M...muffet, now hold on just a minute. We don’t need to do this. I mean you did buy something from me. I could spare you both.” The arms began to clench their fists as Naomi started to walk towards her. “You nearly tickled me to death and you think you can walk away?” As she prepared for a flamethrower, anger filling her eyes, she immediately stopped. A grin formed on her face as she started to talk to Andrew in whispers. It looked like he was deep in thought before nodding in agreement. Muffet was unsure what they were planning and started to run away. She was unable to get too far though as two of the psychic hands blocked her path. “You are not going anywhere,” Naomi said with a grin. The fire died down as she grabbed their shoes and walked slowly to her. “We agree that killing you wasn’t going to teach you a lesson. So instead of that, we have a better idea. One that will also open up a new source of revenue for you and your spiders.”

The cave went quiet for a long time before the sounds of laughter filled its walls again. But instead of Naomi it was Muffet. As part of her “business venture” she had been put into a set of constructed stocks while tied up in her webs so she could not escape. Monsters were allowed to tickle her feet for a small fee per minute. And though many took advantage of the deal and used there hands, for a few coins extra they could be able to use a variety of items on her soles ranging from feathers and hairbrushes to forks and toothbrushes. Either way as Muffet laughed hysterically she was going to find herself with a considerable amount of money at the end of the night.

As for Naomi and Andrew? They started their walk back home. Both had their shoes on again as Andrew remained silent. Naomi looked at him with concern as she decided to start the conversation. “So...when you said that the spiders were low on the fear scale that form you took on is the reason why,” she said while looking to Andrew. His eyes still remained forward as he sighed softly. “Yeah...I really didn’t want to show you that, at least not yet. But I saw that she wasn’t going to stop and if I didn’t intervene you would have quite possibly have a heart attack.” Naomi nodded as she blushed. “Naomi, I know you have a fear about tickling. But I want you to know that I would never do anything like that to you.”

Naomi looked at the ground as well while blushing. She could still feel the ticklish sensation from the spiders even after walking back home in her heels. Andrew picked up on it, having another idea as he smiled softly. “Hey, I actually have another idea as well. I do believe I owe you some pampering tonight.” Naomi looked at him confused, tilting her head to the side as she watched him veer off slightly to get into a small bakery.

“Okay are you ready Andrew.” Naomi asked as she smiled. As Andrew nodded his head she dipped her toes into what looked like a filling based donut. Letting all five digits get coated, she slipped her toes into his mouth. A blush started to form on her face as he sucked her toes softly. “I am going to guess raspberry for this one? I can feel the seeds more than the strawberry.” Naomi nodded her head as she giggled. The idea in his head was to help get the ticklish feeling away with some foot worship, and after having the donut from earlier on he still had those urges.

As Naomi blushed, she smiled happily as she showed a cup of sparkling cider to him. “Ready for a palette cleanse?” Andrew smiled softly, nodding his head as she set her right foot down and slipped the toes of her left foot in his mouth. As he sucked her toes gently, she poured the contents of the cup gently on her foot, letting the bubbly cider touch her feet as Andrew began to lick and suck her toes and soles lovingly. Naomi was in heaven as she moaned cutely, her toes wiggling in his mouth before she saw it was past midnight. Both had been dressed in their pajamas as she started to yawn.

Andrew noticed her yawning and started to yawn as well while stretching. “Ready for bed?” Naomi nodded her head, blushing as she stood up from her seat. Andrew walked Naomi to bed, laying her down gently as she looked up at him. “If you like you could rest with me.” He blushed softly, smiling as he laid down on the bed as he nuzzled her softly. Naomi had nuzzled him back, looking up at the moon and started to sing softly for him a lullaby. Her voice was gentle and sweet as she rested her chin on his shoulder.

He could feel his body slowly relax as he yawned, kissing her cheek gently before saying in a sleepy voice “Good night my firey songbird.” Naomi blushed at what he said, finishing the song while looking at him sleep. Her heart skipped a beat as she gently kissed his lips again before whispering into his ear “Good night Andrew.”
Welcome to my Parlour
Halloween trade story I finally was able to finish. Naomi belongs to DatFilthySora, Muffet and undertale belongs to Toby Fox and Andrew belongs to AbadonX

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There were many stories that Dianne had heard about her parents. Many of which include different exploits of both of her parents (mainly her father since it was harder for others not to notice a man who can use video games as a weapon). But above all else what she remembered was not the stories that showed fame but the stories that showed her father’s other side: his curiosity, his ability to observe and if it means enough for him his desire to make sure not only Dulla was happy but Hana as well. The most apparent story was during their first years together during the first midsummer night’s eve festival. It was the first time Dulla would be able to make her appearance before everything that had happened with Jack.

The three were sleeping in a bed together. As Hana hugged Andrew from behind in a sapphire blue night gown, Andrew had been resting in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt while cuddling Dulla’s head in his arms. A soft blush was on Dulla’s cheeks as she smiled with soft giggles escaping her lips from Andrew’s breath softly tickling her ears. As Dulla started to wake up slowly, she saw the sun come up from the window before turning her head to see the calendar that Andrew had hung up on the wall. The day has come and there was a lot for them to do.

Dulla yawned, looking up at Andrew with her deep blue eyes as she spoke softly. “Andrew? Andrew it’s time to wake up.” A sigh escaped his lips as his eyes slowly opened. As he looked at Dulla with a sleepy expression on his face, he smiled gently and kissed her forehead. “Morning Dulla,” he said with a soft tone. He rested Dulla’s head onto a pillow so that they could look into each other’s eyes as the two seemed to be slowly waking up. “I have a feeling your sister is going to need the alarm clock. Are you awake enough for it?” Dulla shifted on the pillow, biting her lip cutely as she nodded her head. “Y...yes, I am ready. Wake my sister up.”

Andrew nodded politely, taking their hand gently as he kissed their fingers softly. A bright blush developed on her cheeks, bracing herself for what he was going to do. The night was a relatively cool one, but not cold enough for them to be under the covers so she knew exactly what was going to happen next. As Andrew slipped to the foot of the bed, she watched in nervous anticipation for what would happen next.

He watched her soles happily, her dark feet stirring slightly as her soles stayed still and innocent. Oblivious to the teasing he was going to inflict on them. As he grinned, his fingers started to gently glide up her right sole from heel to toe. Dulla already began to bite her lip softly, her head shaking around as her body squirmed under the blanket. His touch was gentle as he kept teasing her feet, watching Dulla in delight as she holds back her laughter while looking incredibly adorable.

But Andrew knew that this was something she didn’t want to miss so he needed to finish this quickly. That was when he started to wiggle her pinky toes gently. Dulla blushed, looking nervous as she smiled. As he wiggled her toes slowly and playfully, she knew what he was playing: this little dullahan. Once he reached her big toes no amount of preparation could brace her for the frenzy coming to her. His fingers scribbled on every inch of her soles as he used one hand to pull her toes back while his other hand tormented her large sole. Nothing was left untouched by his tickling, which made Dulla’s will power shatter. Reducing her into a pile of loud hysterical laughter as she rolled on the bed laughing.

In the meantime, as soon as Dulla started to laugh, Hana woke up as well holding her sides as she rolled around on the bed. In time her body started to only shake softly as Andrew’s tickling ceased, relaxing as she felt his lips softly kissing the tops of her feet along with the tips of her toes. Dulla panted heavily as she looked at him with bright red cheeks. She would have given him a pouty expression but then that pout exchanged for a light giggle as she felt his lips softly kiss her neck. “Don’t think for a moment that I haven’t forgotten about you either. I want you to be happy from head to toe.”

Dulla smiled, seeing Andrew still being kept to his word for all of this time. She had noticed all too well that he enjoyed tickling their feet, but he also loved to plant soft kisses on her neck and teasing tickles to her ears. She even had found a way to use it to her advantage to poke fun at her sister. One example being imitating a commercial that she had seen with her moaning as Andrew washed her hair. Naturally with Hana her counter was having Andrew scrub her soles as a retaliation. But in the end even with the debates it was still in playful fun.

The preparations took all afternoon and with the sun going down both Andrew and Dulla were about to head to the festival. As Andrew was about to put on his glasses, he could hear Dulla in the next room having another debate with Hana. Curious he knocked on the door and asked, “Dulla? Is everything okay?” Dulla huffed as she sighed softly. “Look, I know you don’t like them, but we need to look presentable okay?”

Andrew opened the door slightly to see what was going on. Hana was in the other side of the room, her arms crossed over her chest as she had her back to Dulla. From the look of things they had their dress ready but what he noticed above all else is a pair of elegant looking sandals designed for their feet. “Come on it’s just for the festival. We can’t just walk in there barefoot.” Hana remained as motionless as a statue as Andrew noticed blue smoke coming from her neck as Dulla rolled her eyes. “Look it’s not like I ask a lot of you, can you just do this one thing for me please?”

Hana kept still, her neck motioning no as Dulla let out an exasperated sigh. Andrew watched the two debate about the shoes before finally getting an idea. “How about a compromise? If you wear the sandals, afterwards I give you both some attention for your feet? I promise you it will not be tickling related.” Dulla looked at Andrew with a raised eyebrow. Before she could say anything though, Hana stood in front of him, extending her hand out to him to signify a deal was made. As he shook her hand, Dulla breathed a sigh of relief, watching as Hana took the sandals and placed them on her feet.

Andrew smiled happily, glad he was able to help and just as he was about to leave Hana put her hand on his shoulder. When Dulla noticed this she knew what her sister had intended to do. She let Hana pick her up before reaching into her drawer a small flashlight for Andrew to look into. As Hana had the light shine in Andrew’s eyes, Dulla began to speak. “Did you have any headaches today? Or any nausea for that matter?” Andrew shook his head, letting them work as Hana then extended her index finger, moving it side to side for Andrew to follow with his eyes. “You haven’t been repeating back as many things I say to you. Are you writing everything down?” Andrew nodded his head, his eyes going to the small notepad he keeps on his person to serve as his personal reminder/checklist on top of Seraphim if his watch was not nearby. Dulla still hasn’t been given many of the details of Andrew’s fracture but what information she was given was clear to her: physically he is fine but in case she was concerned she would need to do some exercises with his mental state. Especially since after what was referred to as “the incident” he wasn’t going to really notice what had happened.

Relieved they hugged Andrew tightly with Dulla kissing him softly on the cheek before Andrew had remembered something. “That reminds me, Hana can you hold out your arm really quick?” Hana raised her right arm for him as Dulla looked confused before he placed what looked like a combination of a bracer/keyboard on her arm. “This way we can be able to communicate if you need something as well Hana.”

Dulla smiled, watching Hana as she touched the keyboard softly. During their time together Hana had been learning in detail of how Andrew’s equipment worked with some exceptions such as anything that was voice activated. Her fingers typed fast on the keyboard, pressing the enter key in a few seconds with the text saying, “Thank you Andrew,” it had said in a robotic like version of Dulla’s voice.

The festival was lively with a variety of fae and humans interacting with each other. This festival had the veils of the supernatural at its weakest. As the party continued, Andrew and Dulla were talking among the court of the fall with Dulla needed to discuss what had happened with Jack. Hana listened, turning her sister to look at her as Dulla smiled. “Okay, I’m going to talk to the others. Be sure to keep a close eye on Andrew alright? You know how he tends to vanish despite how tall he is.” Hana nodded, showing physically that she had been giggling as Dulla smiled as well.

The meeting went on as Andrew was within Hana’s vicinity. She began to work with the bracer, adjusting it to be able so that she could hear things properly before someone took a seat with her at the bar. She couldn’t see him, but had a feeling that it wasn’t one of the types of people that try out their one liners. As he received his drink, he started to speak to Hana. “So, I see Andrew is handling himself pretty well,” he said in a relaxed tone.

Hana felt a chill go up her spine, she had known who the voice belonged to. Back in the mansion she remembered that voice as he picked the locks that held her down. When he lassoed Dulla back to her with his chain she told her what he looked like. Even though he looked like a teenager she could see in his eyes that he looked much older than he looked. He had long black hair tied into a ponytail which had a long silver streak down the middle. But the most odd thing about him was that he had black tattoos and as Dulla had described “the shadows themselves came out of his skin”.

Hana’s body moved as she crossed her arms onto the table. She started to type on the bracer as her body language looked apprehensive. “I don’t like this at all. I don’t want to lie to Dulla. It’s not right.” He took a sip of his drink as he watched Andrew have a good time. He had been showing pictures to a dark skinned elf different places that he and Dulla visited as they spoke. “Look, you’re not lying to your sister. All you two are doing are making sure that there is no drastic changes to Andrew’s mental and physical well being.”

Hana began to type again as Lucifer continued to talk. “I know you are worried about Andrew, you both are.” As he was about to speak again, Hana hit the reply button on her bracer and began to talk. “Then why not tell us what is going on? What happened that would make his mind shatter as you told us?” She placed her hand on her stomach, thinking about the life growing in her before typing again. “He had to postpone his arrival. He was worried and needed to make sure that everything will be okay. But after one month, I never seen him so sick before. Dulla was afraid that he could die at any time.” He didn’t seem to lose his lock on Andrew as he spoke. “I know, usually he plays his infliction off as nothing. But that’s how things usually with him: even if he looks ragged he will still try to complete what he needs to do. More often than not it is detrimental and we have to drag him to the array.”

Hana seemed worried before feeling the glass touch the table. “Your concerns are warranted. That’s why I am making sure he is keeping himself on track. He is very adaptable to his surroundings and learning to travel with you means he is much more skilled with exploring. But without the routine that normally keeps him on track he tends to forget what he needs to do. Which is why I asked you and your sister to make sure he is writing everything down so he doesn’t forget what must be done. What I can promise you is that when the time comes you will know everything. But it won’t be today though. This day belongs to all of you.”

Hana’s body started to relax before typing one last question. “But how will we know if you can be able to help us? What if Ellen tries to seek revenge on him?” He smiled kindly as he then stood up. “Don’t worry, we have eyes everywhere. And that you have Andrew to thank.” As he shook Hana’s hand with a firm grip, he caught a glimpse of Dulla returning from her meeting as he looked at Hana again. “And to answer your question you had on your mind, my name is Lucifer. And this will be goodbye for now.”

Lucifer walked backwards into the crowd. As Hana stood up just as soon as he showed up he had vanished in the crowd of humans and fae as Dulla spoke up to get Hana’s attention. As the festivities began to wind down they returned home with Andrew holding Dulla in his arms. She nuzzled into his chest, smiling contently as Hana waved her hand to unlock the door for them to cross into the living room. Of the three, Hana was considerably relieved to be home as she immediately took her sandals off. She showed herself as incredibly cheerful, wiggling her now bare toes on the floor as Dulla smiled. “Yes, I know you are glad to be home,” Dulla said with a relieved smile on her face.

Both head and body were happy to be home again for different reasons as Andrew carried Dulla to the bedroom as Hana rested on the bed. As she rested on her stomach, she raised her leg playfully for Andrew to see as she wiggled her toes for him. Dulla blushed, smiling up at Andrew as she bit her lip. As her sapphire eyes looked into his brown eyes, he grinned playfully. “I believe I owe you two some attention.” He nibbled Dulla’s ears, smiling as the dullahan blushed cutely and giggled. As her head shook around, her body held its sides while shaking.

He set Dulla’s head gently on her pillow, adjusting it to show what he was going to do as he sat down at the foot of the bed. As Dulla blushed, Andrew held her left ankle first to plant a soft kiss on the center of her sole. Immediately she started to giggle happily as his kisses gently caress the sole of her left foot. In time her giggles became loving coos as he started to lick the soles of her feet softly. Hana knew how much he loved to worship their feet so she always tried to find ways to make their feet more enticing. In time she noticed he responded to scents pretty well and had used a vanilla scented oil to see if she can tease him when they traveled. In addition to pleasant scent their feet became even softer to the touch to bring them to giggles even faster. In time her giggles became passionate moans as Andrew kept his speed steady while he licked Dulla’s soles. Her face became flushed as Hana pushed her feet against his face. As he smiled, he playfully nibbled her arches, watching her soles wrinkle as he felt her toes tap against his forehead.

As Andrew continued to give Dulla’s feet a pleasurable experience. A pair of cold eyes stared from the window. Ellen breathed softly as she looked at Andrew with fury in her eyes. It took her a long time to repair herself but she was able to restore her body and now had him right in her clutches. Carefully she pulled her pistol out, keeping her breath steady as she aimed her barrel right where his head is. Considering his position, this was almost too easy. A grin slowly formed on her face as she felt revenge was at hand when suddenly a click was heard.

Ellen froze in place, thinking for a moment that she had a gun to her head before looking down to see a rather odd looking collar around her neck. Turning quickly around, her gray eyes met an unknown face. Her violet eyes shined in the light as she remained in the shadows. She was clad in full black while her face was covered in a mask. As Ellen began to growl, she pulled out a detonator as she shook her head. “I wouldn’t try it if I were you. The collar you are wearing right now contains a napalm gel that burns for over two thousand degrees. More than enough heat to incinerate your body while keeping the collar intact.”

The wendigo was about to speak before hushed by the masked woman’s hand. “Before you ask, the collar also contains an interesting little addition: a spirit catcher that would keep your soul in a nice little box from here until eternity.” Ellen growled again, pointing the gun again at the strange figure. But before she could get a shot off she was immediately disarmed with the girl striking her arm with enough force to dislocate her arm.

Ellen doubled back, her gun arm limp as she glared angrily at her. “What are you...? Where the hell did you learn to fight like that?” The girl said nothing as she kept her fingers on the detonator. “I suggest you leave right now and you better hope I don’t see you again. Oh just to let you know, the bomb is on a dead man’s switch.” She kept the device in view while making sure to keep her distance. “In other words, you try anything stupid I will let this go and you will be in a box for the rest of your life.”

As she bared her fangs, Ellen grinned before the girl raised her hand again. “And before you say anything we took care of those undead creatures you had brought with you.” A shocked look formed on her face as she looked around. “We? We who?” With a snap of her fingers several bodies appeared from out of the shadows as the girl crossed her arms. “Last warning creature, walk away now and as soon as you get several miles away the bomb will deactivate.”

Ellen glared at the girl, growling before running off as she looked at the other shadows. “Follow her, but make sure you do not make your identities known. Got to make sure she holds her end of the bargain.” The shadows bowed their heads, running quickly and quietly to make sure she is doing what she is told before the girl watched Andrew and Dulla. From what she could see they were now having a fun time but now was not the time to think about it.

Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small circular device and placed it on the ground. “Roxanne Antigua, authorization code Tau Kappa 4201.” As the device began to activate, she pulled her mask off. It was the elf that had been speaking with Andrew at the party. As the elf waited patiently, Lucifer appeared in the transmission as he crossed his arms. “Status report agent?” Roxanne sighed as she brushed her hair behind her ear. “Target has been dealt with, I think she got the message.” He raised his eyebrow as he looked at the detonator. “Relax, it’s just a fake. Got to admit though, made a pretty good performance huh?”

Lucifer didn’t say much as the elf started to walk around. “So I guess the next question is who will I be reporting to now? I’ll be honest, I joined Gilgamesh to be a runner. I wasn’t expecting to moonlight as a Blackheart for the syndicate.” Lucifer could hear the skepticism in her voice as he pulled out a tablet. “Officially you are under the command of Harriet. You are to report to her about any intelligence you can get about this planet. Unofficially you are keeping an eye on the freelancer to make sure he isn’t getting himself into any trouble.”

Roxanne turned her head, seeing him now resting with Dulla as she raised an eyebrow. “Are any of the stories about him true? I mean don’t get me wrong I read a couple of reports about him, but he doesn’t look like a threat.” Lucifer raised his head to see Andrew as he showed a concerned expression. “Trust me, if you were there you would know that he is more of a threat to himself than a threat to others. We need to make sure that he doesn’t push himself again. Next time we may not be as lucky.”

Roxanne remained silent before nodding her head. “Alright, thank you for the information director. Agent Antigua signing off.” The device turned off before Roxanne picked it up, turning her head to look at Andrew one more time. It was clear from his voice that Lucifer was affected by whatever happened to Andrew must have been serious enough to keep an eye on him after he decided to turn freelance. But for now nothing can be revealed, things are moving into place and her superiors were beginning the groundwork.
Midsummer nights fun
A new story for a trade. Dulla and Ellen belong to Gear of Ren. Andrew, Roxanne and Lucifer belong to me 
Name: Adara Nova Devorak

Age: 18
Race: Hybrid (Wolf/Kitsune)

Element: Thunder

Number of Tails: 1

Kitsune Name: Thundara

Adara is 5'4 and weighs 100 lbs. Adara is much more feral compared to her mother's kitsune form. Her skin has a light tan to it since she spends much longer outside than indoors while her muscles are much more defined. Her eyes have each one different color. One eye has an emerald green iris while the other is a silver/gray mixture. Her hair is raven black that reaches to her shoulder blades. However, the hair is normally not as tame as she tries to make it to be. Depending on the lunar alignment, her hair could be as straight as possible during a new moon to having all of it sticking up like a lion's mane during a full moon. Her fox ears and tail have taking a much more wolf like appearance this time around. Her ears are now longer with the tips being much more defined while her tail looks much like a wolf's tail but only bushier. In addition, her ears and tail are a bright purple.

Typically she would wear light clothing while wearing sandals or go barefoot. She is rarely seen with items such as a jacket or even long pants. She normally feels comfortable with shorts and a simple t-shirt because she feels like they do not restrict her body like other clothes.

Adara, much like her father, prefers to stay outside than staying inside. She feels much more comfortable in nature than being within a building. In her mind, it somewhat feels like a cage to her. As long as she doesn't have to stay too long in a building, she wouldn't become too crazy. Instead, she would only be a little bit skittish and jittery until she can only be able to get out of the room.

She is what you would call a simple girl. It doesn't take a lot of stuff to make her happy or have a lot of fun. She normally is able to find things that could be able to amuse her with minimal difficulty. Though this would be considered someone is a scatter brain, but she does have intelligence. It normally goes with being able to travel without fear in any outdoor area. Even if she got lost, she always feels safe because she continues on by always reminding herself that her father is able to do this. She will be able to survive in the wilderness as long as she keeps a cool head.

She still kind of feels self conscious when it comes to being around other kitsune. She could feel their eyes upon her as she walked through the street. She knows that they don't really say it, but for some reason she normally doesn't feel like they really accept her. Even despite people telling her that she is fine, she feels very insecure since she can't hide her form.

Special Powers/Weapons:
Spark Rifle:
Posted Image
Posted Image (Battery used)
Even despite the fact that she is a thunder kitsune, she still has problems with controlling it. Based on the lunar phase, she cannot be able to controll her thunder during a full moon while she can barely be able to get a charge during a new moon. However, when she does have this build up of energy, she needs a place to outlet it. Since she had no way to be able to control it since a hybrid like this have never been seen, she had asked Andrew for help for aiding her. Thankfully, he knew just the thing to help her out.

He created this rifle to not only give Adara a way to fight, but also be able to control the innate thunder that remains raging in her body. The power of the rifle is the force of a twelve guage shotgun with multiple bolts of her element are fired off. The ammo used are in the form of four batteries that have lunar symbols to help her determine what she needs. However, the symbols are there for a reason. Those symbols not only tell which is which, but also can only be used during that lunar phase. Without these during a phase, the build up of energy would overwhelm and almost destroy her body.

New Moon battery: 3 charges
Waxing Moon battery: 5 charges
Full Moon battery: 7 charges
Waning battery: 5 charges

Energy-Drain/Feed: Kitsune have a great deal of personal energy, however like any energy source it CAN be depleted. To recover, the Kitsune can either rest, or, if (s)he has this power, can gain energy by....other methods. Oftentimes the Kitsune can drain energy from another living being, though this has to be voluntary. The kitsune may also draw from the environment around them, however this process is a lengthy one and is only marginally faster than resting like a normal person would.

However, in Adara's case this is a different story. Though she could be able to draw out the power through her element, the feed takes much longer than normally. Being one who would never take from another being, she would stand for days to wait for a thunderstorm to vitalize her. Furthermore, she would need several more hours of sleep to have any kind of effect on her body.

Senses and Instincts:
Quite simply, this power counts for the increased hearing and scent ability, and the animal instincts. Even in human form a Lycanthrope can smell and hear with about half the strength of their fully changed animal form. In animal form a Lycan has a sense of smell nearly 500,000 times more sensitive than a human's. Their hearing is extremely sensitive, able to distinguish certain sounds from background noises and filtering them out, giving them a hearing efficiency about 10 times as strong as a normal human. These new senses are often very confusing and overwhelming for a new Lycanthrope. For the first month, the senses of a newly infected Lycanthrope are extremely sensitive to being overwhelmed, and are easier to damage than those of an average human or animal.

The instincts are best described as a separate "Beast" personality that every Lycanthrope possesses. It's like having an actual animal inside your head. Most of the time it is at rest, like a wolf lying on a bed of pine needles, relaxing under the sun. It is only when something of interest occurs that the beast springs to life. The sight or smell of blood, an injured person or animal, anything that serves to excite a predator can cause it to rise.

Often times it is merely an annoyance, but if the stimuli is strong enough and the Beast rises completely, it will force most Lycanthropes to change against their will. For this reason new Lycanthropes are actually far more deadly and dangerous than the older, more experienced ones. They don't know how to avert their attention and suppress the beast enough to calm it. The beast can also lead to some basically odd behaviors. The need to touch others for calming contact, the urge to clean things with the tongue, a general dislike for heavy and restricting clothing. Basically, the Beast is always there to serve as the wolf half of the human mind. The full moon every month causes the beast to rise to the surface all on its own. It is completely impossible for any Lycanthrope to resist the change during a full moon. Furthermore, it becomes increasingly difficult for a Lycanthrope to calm the beast in the days before the rise of the full moon.

While this case is true for many lycanthropes, the Beast is much more silent thanks to her kitsune heritage. With her kitsune half, she has a slightly increased sense of control against the Beast and the risk of it being too dangerous. However, that doesn't mean that the Beast isn't going to be there. She still would be affected in the same manner when the full moon is out along with her other abilities. Her senses are increased greatly by 300,000 times while in her animal form and 100,000 times in her human form. Even though she was a hybrid, her mother had enhanced senses as well that lowers the deficit to a slight degree. The biggest thing with her is that her Beast has two very sensitive scents that would allow it to be unleashed. The first scent is blood that had been spilled no matter the creature. The second scent is the crackling energy of lightning and thunder. The electrical discharge would excite her and bring her into a frenzy more than anything.

Thunder wolf:
The thunder wolf, a mixture of kitsune and wolf, is something that Adara considers as a complex thing. She considers it complex since she is has a very unstable level of thunder. With this instability and the introduction of her element, this makes her form much more different compared to a normal werewolf. In reality, her change starts as a quadruped wolf. Her fur is bright gold with white trim along her neck. Furthermore, the fur isn't laid down completely. In reality her fur is constantly spiked and crackling with electricity. Her size is comparable to that of twice the size of a gray wolf on all fours. Though she cannot be able to call upon her thunder in a very direct manner, she can be able to change into a wolf form to access this thunder. This typically comes in the form of biting with her teeth. This normally results in either giving a static shock to stunning someone for two minutes.

However, though her thunder doesn't give her much of an advantage, she can use it to her advantage. Her strength and speed increases by 2x and 1.5x respectively. While in her Thunder wolf form, she can be able to control her changes. In other words, she maintains a slightly higher sense of humanity compared to recently changed werewolves. This is because of the ability of being able to feed off of not just the actual prey, but also her element as well. However, the full moon is a different story. She is unable to control herself during the full moon. Even her personality becomes more feral at the light of a full moon.

Special information:
Lunar phase control
New moon: Is unable to change
Waxing: Change with only the thunder element
Full: Thunder element and physical upgrades. Barely controlled
Waning: Thunder element only

With this half wolf form, Adara has a severe detrimental problem with her thunder ability. Even though she cannot be able to harness it in the most direct sense, she also has the problem of being unable to release it. With this problem, the thunder in her body becomes much more unstable in her body to the point of which that it would become detrimental and damaging to her body.

In addition to those things, Adara is still bound to the weaknesses of both kitsune and werewolf heritages. Not only can she be killed in the same manner that a kitsune can be killed, Adara is still vulnerable to silver. Furthermore, due to the amount of energy expended during her transformation, she needs to consume prey in order to get her strength restored.

Beta Thunderwolf:
This is the next upgrade to power. Once a lycanthrope has achieved Beta Status they will have more control over their animal forms and retain about 50% of their human personality and mind once changed. It is also possible for a Beta to manipulate and halt the change, allowing them to shift only certain aspects of wolf anatomy such as teeth or claws, all while staying in human form.

With this increased control also comes the power to halt the change partway into wolf form, allowing a Beta to take on the classic wolfman or bipedal anthromorphic forms seen so frequently in fiction. The general rule is that no half-wolf form can be more than 2 feet taller than the height of the human form. For reasons of simplicity, these half forms have the same stat levels as the full wolf form.

The power also increases the base stats of the lycan in wolf form. For the Dire the change increases them to 5x (5 times) the raw strength, stamina, and bodily durability of the natural animal, and about 4x the speed, agility, and reflex speed of the natural animal.

In turn the Lupus rise to 4x (4 times) the raw strength, stamina, and bodily durability of the natural animal, and about 5x the speed, agility, and reflex speed of the natural animal.

With Beta status a lycanthrope does not have to rest moments after the change, and can find a suitable place to rest and recover even if they haven't fed on meat or blood. The beast personality is still mostly in control while in wolf form, but with Beta Status, the lycanthrope is able to assert more of their personality, allowing them to direct and influence the wolf.

Adara's form is much more altered when she attains her beta status. For instance, the wolf side is much more apparent in appearance during the day. Personality speaking, she is much more wilder in nature during the times of the full moon or when she is in danger. So almost by accident her fox side can be suppressed half way to become in tune to her wolf nature. Her wolf form also changes to a very huge degree. In her full form, she is now able to unleash her thunder in a different way. In the beginning she was only able to use it only through her teeth, but now she is able to unleash her power through her claws. The electricity in her has increased in power by a factor of 2 times so that her opponents could be harmed with a stronger electrical shock. However it is stronger with her fangs than her claws. Her claws have a 1.5 factor.

Turning into a half wolf form is even more stranger. When she changes into her half wolf form, she doesn't have a completely furry body. Instead she gains spiked golden fur along her shoulders and upper back and along her forearms. She is capable of using claws for her hands and is even able to use her fangs. However, the effectiveness of her electricity is cut down to 1.5 increase with her fangs and a .75 increase from her claws. Her strength and speed is increased to a factor of 4x and 3x respectively.

Inari Choker:
Adara has always been known to have problems with being able to keep a human form within the moonlight. The choker is designed with the power of the kitsune Inari. It is a golden colored choker with Inari's holy symbol that is used to be able to control her transformation. The choker can only activate whenever the sun goes down and she must have it around her neck to have it work. It can only be removed from her neck whenever the sun goes up. For her thunder, she can still tap into the thunder that she has in her body. However, it is only functional to only manifest in thunder based claws. Her bite attack is ineffective and lacks any thunder and in addition she loses the innate bonuses of her nightly transformation that granted her stronger speed and strength.

Kamen Rider SHOCK:
In the beginning, there was a simple belt that had the kanji for thunder for the buckle. However, when Adara gets the belt, it all changes. The belt immediately reacts to the choker of Inari that is on her neck when she calls out the word "Henshin". Once it is said, her entire body becomes engulfed in electricity and slowly her body receives purple and gold armor. Unlike some kamen riders and taking a much more insect like form, Adara's kamen form takes the shape and appearance of a wolf. Though there are a pair of three cylinders on the tops of her hands, both her hands and feet have claws on the ends of them. The parts of her body that are covered in this form are her head, her chest, her forearms, her waist, her shins, her feet, and her tail. The parts of her body that are not covered in the change are protected by constant electrical field that acts as a defensive measure for those places. The field itself can actually vary when it comes to strength. At the height of the full moon, Adara's electricity is at its strongest while at the new moon the field is at its weakest. But because of the nature of the belt reacting to the choker, it can only be able to activate if her choker is on her neck. The armor's defenses allow her to take attacks easily by a normal blades and even rifle fire. However, the same electrical field that protects her bare areas could short out. This would leave her bare parts vulnerable from enemy attacks.

SHOCK punch: The three chambers on her hands allow her to store up her innate thunder element to unleash a blast of thunder. The range of this attack is highly limited. In order of the punch to work, she needs to literally have the chambers touching a solid piece of matter. Once the punch connects, the thunder is released from the chamber to administer damage that is equivalent to triple the damage one can receive from a 12 guage shotgun at point blank range. After a single use, she needs to take thirty minutes to have the attack cool down.

SHOCK strike: This attack allows Adara to turn her element into much more of a melee opponent. This channels her thunder elements into the claw pieces of her hands and feet to make her attacks even more dangerous. Though this weapon does not have a real cooldown, it is has a consistent feed. The reason why she doesn't have a real cooldown is because her thunder always waxes and wanes. If she has her form active during the light of the full moon, then her strikes last longer. However, the new moon would make her hardly able to summon up the electricity to keep a single strike going. Unlike the SHOCK punch, Adara has to tap deeper into her thunder to keep her strikes going to the point of actually having to feed directly into the electrical fields that protect her.

SHOCK cycle: The SHOCK cycle shows off much of Adara's kitsune nature. Formed from a modified kawasaki ZX14, Adara's motorcycle is bright purple in color and on each side of the motorcycle there are foxtails that serve as side guards for her body. In addition to this, they are retractable. The system arrangement of her vehicle allows her to be able to feed her electricity into the bike and use it as a fuel to power her motorcycle. The cells can be able to hold enough energy to fuel the vehicle to get a maximum of 45 miles to the gallon with the cells being the equivalent of a 20 gallon tank of gasoline. The overall speed of the bike is the maximum of 120 miles per hour.

History Before AHS/ASA:
In the realm of kitsune, it was normally logical to have mates when it came to help with the population. It had even been known that some had mates be meta humans. This had ushered into a very interesting age with kitsune that not only have elemental skills, but also the powers of their former life. However, Adara's tale started off with a little bit of a rocky start.

Sakura had married Ray in a less religious manner since she had a thing about being around any places of worship. As she looked into his eyes, she knew that she didn't want to be with any other person. However, to conceive as a kitsune was something she had to learn from her friend Rish. At first she had been concerned about several things, but the biggest concern she had was that he would have his sanity. She had attempted to perform several dry runs, but she hasn't been able to go all of the way. It was at that time when she had called upon the services of Andrew and thanks to the aid of Xel'lotath, he had been able to maintain Ray's sanity and repair it after they had consummated their love.

The love Sakura felt for Adara was a strong one. Though she knew that there would be slight complications with the overall appearance, she didn't care. She loved Ray and she loved the child that they now had. For the beginning of her life, Adara had difficulty when it came to figuring out how to use her element. Even finding out that she had thunder in her body, she couldn't be able to unleash it directly. At first Sakura asked her friend Rish about how best to invoke her inner powers, but after several attempts Adara still was unable to use her thunder. In time this had made her felt more insecure about who she was and rarely ventured out of the forest.

However, in time the thunder had began to slowly build up to the point that it was almost unhealthy. Her energy had been fluctuating between very low levels to extremely dangerous levels. With such a dangerous level of fluctuation, she continued to suffer in great pain. To make matters worse, without any kind of outlet, she wouldn't be able to last for long. Sakura knew that being of mixed blood was a risk, but she didn't think that it would take to this dangerous extreme. She had called her friends once more while Ray watched over Adara. This time however, she was much more serious. She had heard rumors about how the celestials were thinking about removing Adara, and she would be damned to have them take her away. Her eyes now showed a light that made her look like her father. She swore to them that day that no matter the cost and how risky it will be, she would fight off anything who would consider Adara a monster. No one would harm one hair on her head. Appropriately enough, she had made that promise to them on her third birthday.

On her ninth birthday, Adara had been going through an odd change. At first she seemed to be happy. However, every few weeks she had became much more aggressive. Sakura wasn't sure what was happening and Ray wasn't sure either. At first they thought the thunder was playing tricks on her mood, but then she immediately burst out of her home and ran as far as her legs could carry her. They spent hours searching for their child, confused as to where she could go and then it dawned on them. What other place could she feel the most safe that she was aware of? The answer was simple: Paradise. The couple went into Paradise and immediately noticed there being blood on the ground. They would have been afraid, but the scent of the blood wasn't Adara. Eventually Ray noticed a wolf in the distance covered in blood and shivering. At a closer glance, the two couldn't believe what they saw.

The one shivering was a mixture of wolf and fox. The fur was bright gold with white around the neck. What made this creature even more peculiar was that the gold for was sticking straight up in the air as if it went through the whole static electricity treatment. It walked over to them as it continued to whimper. By the looks of things it wasn't injured. However, it looked like it was remorseful about something. Sakura knelt down in front of the young creature and held her hand out. She gently nipped her fingers and by that moment she knew who it was. Sakura felt a static shock from the young animal's nip and then realized that it was Adara. She had been able to change like her father had, and what's more importantly she had been able to find a way to outlet her electricity

However, even with this new outlet of power, rumors of the celestials becoming uneasy with her daughter was getting rampant. She stood against them once more like she did a long time ago as she looked at the gold fur kit. Pulling out her gun, she told her daughter to run and charged into battle.

The duel between both Sakura and the celestial kitsune was intense. Though an embraced, Sakura still had other tricks up her sleeve other than her powers. Both kitsune had took heavy damage, but the celestial kitsune stood her ground. In fact, she looked like she was barely damaged. Eventually the kitsune felt she had the advantage. She could be able to overpower the flame kitsune and take her out. However, she didn't know much about the symbol that was burned along her shoulder. It started to pulsate with a blood red light and she had taken the form of the nine tailed aspect Macha. The celestial took several steps back in horror as she beared witness to this. However, Sakura had continued to smile softly. A massive fireball that coincides with the creation of Fireball Z was being made as she started to build up celestial power. The two charged straight at each other with a mixture of light and fire kitsune magic that resulted in a massive explosion.

The clash of powers had left a massive reaction and created a portal. Throwing caution into the wind, Adara threw herself into the portal. She wasn't sure what was going to happen, but she knew that her mother would do what she needed to do to save her family. She needed to keep hidden.

Name: Matthew Roberts (Code name Abadon)

Age: 30

He was pretty tall for his age. He is 6'0 and weighs about 190 lbs. He has a slight muscular build as well. There were marks on him where he had been experimented on, but they are pretty superficial. Matthew usually wears all black, kind of like the school uniforms. He has a silver cross around his neck which he uses kind of like a lucky charm. His eyes are blood red and he keeps them behind a pair of sunglasses. The lenses are very thick in nature to hide the color of his eyes. However, the sheen of his eyes is pretty dull considering that he is blind. In addition to the dullness, there are several streaks of blue that sort of look like veins. His hands are covered in a pair of black gloves, which he normally keeps on him at all times due to the fact that he had been affected with a slight case of necrosis and his hands had decayed a little bit. They don't appear to be completely decayed. Instead they kind of look like hands that are just beginning to feel the touch of zombification. This was due to the fact that his power had corrupted his body slightly. Usually he can be found with his staff that he uses to move through the crowd. The composition is of a disturbing shape using bone.

Despite the fact that he looks pretty dark clothing, he is a pretty nice person. He is not the kind of person who would shirk off a crowd and will try his best to interact with people. This way he could be able to slowly work with his own disabilities and feel comfortable about himself. At the moment he is pretty self conscious about his hands due to the fact of the necrosis that had damaged them. He doesn't fight, but when provoked he is a capable fighter with his bone staff. He loves to cook, but is weary around sharp objects due to having less then 100% feeling in his hands. He has a slight interest within the occult considering what the scientists had done to him. That is why he had the notes from the book they had taken. He studies it, hoping to find a way to reverse the necrosis completely and restore his body. But he is pretty pessimistic about restoring himself. The notes are pretty random, and looked like they were being drawn out by a mad man. His greatest fear however is to be completely lost to the darkness. He had read how deep the Centurion had gone into the darkness and had been scared if that would happen to him.

Special Powers/Weapons:
Bonestaff of Pious:
There were two relics of eternal darkness. The first artifact is the black heart of Mantorok and the second is the staff that Pious Augustus had wielded. The staff that Pious once wielded held the power of Eternal Darkness, the essence of three of the four Anicents. However, with much effort from several people, they were able to supress much of the negative energy of the staff to make it better used for their new subject. For the moment, Matthew can only be able to access the power of Chattur'gha's influence. His full magical energy has yet to be unleashed. The staff had been considerably weakened by the battle with Alexandra, so for the moment when he can be able to use the Influence temporarily.

Anicent Influenece:
With the powers of the Anicents at his command, Pious had been able to gain several kinds of attributes that were able to make him much more of a threat to any that opposed him. Matthew is able to unleash this power that sleeps in the Bonestaff. Much of the power had been siphoned away with the death of its owner, so he would need to study more to understand his power.

Chattur'gha's influence:
Level 1:
Chattur'gha, the strongest of the three Anicents in physical prowess, was the first bit of influence he had been able to discern from the anicent relic. At the first stage of the Influence, The blood red rune would form onto his chest. This infuses Matthew with the might and rage of the monstrous creature. His muscle mass is doubled and increases his strength and speed. However, due to being blind, he would need to be very close to the person or going against a crowd to have this power be any effect against someone. Also, this spell only lasts 5 minutes after being unleashed. After the spell has expired, he would suffer from a strong case of fatigue and has a strong probability of vomiting.

History Before AHS/ASA:

This is the voice of once a well known doctor from the 18 th century that echoes in Matthew's head. His mind had been plauged with the story that now must be continued. It was said that Alexandra was able to defeat Pious and destroy the essences once and for all. However, this was not the case. Deep in the array the Heart stood to await the day the real wielder would come. However, what happened to Pious' bonestaff? It had been brought back to its place of origin. Deep in the middle east in an underground temple, the staff remained until a new owner would come to take it.

Unfortunately, it had returned to the hands of the corrupt. The US government, using the information they had on "blank slate" meta humans, had found a new source of individuals for the Gilgamesh project. After scientists had unearthed the staff, the government tried to find subjects for this twisted experiment. Many of them went insane or died, and they were the lucky ones. Several others had been cursed with many awful things. This begins the story to Matthew. His family now had owned the house where just a few miles down the road the lines of a fateful struggle had been drawn by a freak twist of fate. They were able to get it for little to no money considering that the last couple of residents met "unfortunate" demises.

His father, a well known scientist and a member of the project, knew that his son would have the gene. But there were no powers. He was completely blank. As much as he didn't want to do it, he used him to see if he could be a good bridging point for the original. When Matthew was given the staff, thanks to the energies given off by Ulyaoth, it had left his optical nerve permanently scarred, leaving him completely blind. He didn't understand about why his father did it, but he heard voices. Voices of men and women who, much like him, were forced down the long and dark road. But unlike them, he had a choice. He could strive to keep his darkness in check or it could consume him and make him a threat. He knew what he had to do. Using the money he had in a trust fund, he was able to go to AHS and find out his final choice: whether to be good or evil.

Name: Serra Sivo

Age: 35

Personality: Serra is a loud party girl. She loves to party and seduce both men and women just for the fun of it. She is very playful and flirty. Serra is also a major pervert and loves to watch porn and hentai. One thing she hates is a kill-joy and people who try to ruin her fun. But she is easily impressed with power and beauty.

Powers: Serra’s first power is called Enhancement. This is the power to enhance herself and other in any kind of abilities equal to what she is fighting for a short period of time. Her second is the power to manipulate Kai force. This is a type of energy that is different from both Ki and Chi force. Kai is an energy force that can be easily manipulate and even forced or taken from into another vessel. Whether it be human or a plant, anything living.

Legendary Weapon: Interdimension Javelin - A weapon that can be stored in an invisible rift. It is a weapon that can break through must magic.

Energy Cleaver: - Created by the Energy Lord to fight against a powerful slime, this weapon is brimming with electric energy. However, there is a hidden power within this weapon once they battle with it. It can combine itself with the wielder's energy, making it a lot more powerful and forming it into an energy axe.

History: Serra was born in Oakland, California. Her mother died shortly after her birth and she only had her father. When Serra was six, her and her father moved to China and her father became a high Chinese official. During her stay in China, she studied in the Chinese fighting arts and learned to manipulate energy. As her father became richer, he became more uptight. Serra loved her father very much, but he started to impede on her fun. Serra began to sneak out at night and get into all kinds of trouble. To try to calm her down, her father arranged a marriage for his daughter when she came of age. He did not tell her for she was only 11 at the time. Later on, as Serra got older, she became flirty and playful and cared nothing of it. Until one day when she was 13 and she was raped. It was a horrible experience and after words she stayed home a lot and was a lot more passive. Then, her father told her about her pre-arranged marriage and it angered her very much. She ran away from home to finish her studies in Kai force. After mastering most of her skills, she was told to go train at a special school known as Anime School High, but her fiancée is still looking for her and demands she returns, even though they have never met. Serra set off on her training at AHS, but knowing her, she’d just play around the whole time…..

Name: Aeria

Age: 21

Appearance: Aeria is just as beautiful as her mother is. She is 5'6" and weighs 120 lbs. She is a very slender girl with a pretty toned body. She has long dark brown hair that reaches to the small of her back and either wears it in a ponytail or puts some beautiful jewelery in it, depending on her mood. She also has smoky brown eyes, which are behind a pair of glasses, but there is an interesting way that her eyes work out. Because of her father's interactions in the past, her eyes can change in the colors of three of the Anicents. Red would mean that she is angry, blue would mean that she is sad, green would mean that she is happy, and her original eye color would mean that her mood is normal. When she isn't wearing her uniform, she typically would wear a lot of pants and shirt combination along with a pair of sneakers or sandals. Her nails are typically painted in a bright color and she has a gold ring on her right hand. She also has the symbol of Mantorok on her left arm and it occaisionally glows with energy even though she can not use the power. In addition, she has a pair of tattoos on her soles. They consist of a pair of chocolate brown and purple feathers crossed like an X and a pair of scrolls. One scroll has her name, and the other one has sisterhood of the feather.

Personality: Aeria is just as playful as her mother was in her day. She also had picked up her taste in hentai and porn, but it is not as big time for her. She has little problem of getting tickled even though she is as sensitive as her mother is as well. She hates people who try to ruin her fun and usually won't hang around with killjoys.

She also has many of her father's traits as well. She usually has can buckle down when the chips are down and she is as smart as her father is. Not only that, she has her father's long fuse so it is pretty difficult for her to rise to anger quickly. The only way for her to raise her anger is when she sees people in trouble. When she gets angry, she has no problem helping the weak out. She has grown to love various types of food that he father and mother had cooked for the family, even though her mom is still trying to learn from him.

Futhermore she has respect for other people's property along with being interested with special items that she never seen before. However, if something doesn't belong to her, she usually won't touch it at all. Even if the item is really interesting, she would ask people to see how it worked.

Special Power:
Kai energy: Like her mother before her, Aeria has the power to use Kai energy. She isn't as good getting the energy as her mother is, but she can be able to send it against her opponents pretty good. However, this drains her stamina pretty good and she can not be able to use this power for a pretty long time before she needs to take a break.

Nova shield: Keeping to the way of the energy powers that her father had, she was able to channel her energy to create an energy barrier to protect herself from enemy attacks. However, just like her father's nova beam, she can only be able to call upon this attack for two minutes before getting completely drained like her Kai energy.

Nova Cannon: Using a combination of her kai energy and the energy her father uses in his nova skills, Aeria is capable of sending out a powerful beam of energy that is stronger than the nova wave. However, it's main flaw is that like her father's nova beam, it has a time limit. She can only hold it for thirty seconds before wearing out completely.

Nova Impulse: Aeria had been able to hone her power to unleash the wrath of her full potential. With this power, Aeria can be able to do one of two things: she can a. unleash for basketball sized orbs of high energy and send them out or b. eight softball sized orbs of lower power. Like the wave, she has a set limit for both of them. The power is only able to be used for 8 salvos *small* and 4 salvos *big*

Laser Saw: Like her father before her, Aeria learned machines from him. With this weapon, she was able to mix it with her kai and nova energies. It possesses a pretty sharp serated blade for melee, but it also has a laser portion she can use to fire off a blast of her nova or kai energy. The laser portion does need to cool for an hour after five shots of either energy.
Laser Saw
*note: disregard the worded description of said weapon. I am using it for the picture.*

Unlucky blade:
It is called the unlucky sword for a reason, it's not that strong. In fact, this is the exact reason why people don't use this weapon. The sword was weak in the battlefield. However, it did have a hidden secret in it. When combined with an energy user, it turns into a blade of energy. This makes the sword a lot stronger than before
Unlucky blade

Darkest Night: This form is only accessed when Aeria has high amounts of anger building up deep in her body. Her mother Serra, though never really said it, was a dragoon of darkness. Even though she leaned towards using energy based powers, there was always that darkness in her. And now that darkness is in Aeria. When changed, Aeria has midnight black battle armor consisting of many spikes and a dragon on her chest plate. Not only does her strength increases, but also her kai, nova, and energy blade all gain a darkness attribute. The first time she uses it however, she goes into a beserker mode until she is stopped. The other times, it just tires her out when her anger subsides.

History: Aeria was born to Andrew and Serra shortly after he graduated from AHS. He had been able to grow into a pretty tough warrior and learned how to use a multitude of attacks, like her mother. She knew that her parents were rich from the Gilgamesh settlements, but she knew that Andrew wanted her to know what it is like to work. She had shown her father that she was able to have as much work ethic as he had, but she also loved to party.

When she was a young girl, she loved hearing the stories of her mother being a dragoon and her father being a "heavy metal king" as it were. She usually would go to the garage to find the Crimson Sunrise and fly around the city with it. When she did get home from her joy riding, her father was usually there at the front door. He didn't scold her, but rather told her to be more careful with that board. It was one of a kind and it would be pretty difficult to make another one. Aeria smiled at her father and learned to respect people's property.

What she didn't know is that Andrew was continuing his research on the beings known as the Anicents. These beings were the source of Andrew's magic and he had found something he could be able to use in his studies: the last of the Anicent's forces: a Chattur'gha trapper. While leaving to take a break and go out with Serra, Aeria went into the study to have a look at the trapper itself. What happened next was something she never would have known. The trapper exploded, and Aeria was caught in the blast. She was sent through time and space and she found herself in their old alma mater: AHS. Knowing that her father could be able to help her out, she began to search the school for her parents to find out about the Anicents.
Character files part 3
Part 3 of character files 
Name: Lance
Last name: Togami

Age: 50

Race: Slayer (part human, raptor, and dragon)

Lance is 6'8" and weighs about 180 lbs. His body consists of emerald green scales and a white belly, but he usually won't show it because he wears jet black clothes that hide all of his body. He has emerald green eyes, one of the only parts of him that remained more or less human. There is also a long scar over his right eye. He has five fingers like a human, but they have claws on them. His legs are well toned and so is his torso. When he speaks, he has a repitilian like quality to it. He has no hair, so he covers his head with a wide brim cowboy hat. He also wears a pair of gloves that are designed to make it look like they are human hands.

Lance is a man who values honor and the way of the warrior. He is extremely loyal to those who are his friends, but to those who are his enemies they better watch out. He is a very intelligent person and is not afraid to speak his mind if he feels that something is amiss. At first glance, people might think that he is wound up a little too tightly and he might appear that never has any fun of any kind. But when gets to know him a little better, he really knows how to have fun. But in battle, he has a sharp contrast of attitude than when he hangs out with friends. He becomes very aggressive, cunning, and even at times a little bit of a loose cannon. Ready to let loose on his unsuspecting foes.

The only skills that he has were the ones he had been given genetically. His DNA was altered so that he would have the speed of a raptor and the strength of a dragon. But those have their limits. His speed and strength could become severly compromised if he comes into an area of severe cold. In fact, if he ever goes into a cold area, his motor skills decrease dramatically and it looks like he will slow down to the speed of a snail and the strength of a very old creature.

Leviathan's spear: This deep blue colored spear was forged with the scales of the legendary sea dragon Leviathan. When Lance calls upon the power of the dragon, his body is covered in saphirre blue armor. His defense will increase and speed is decreased drastically (meaning that he can't run anymore), but in its place he can jump even higher (about the height of a 3 story building maximum). He can also shoot out surges of water from his spear, but it eventually will run out. If that happens, he will revert back to normal. He constantly needs to recharge it in water to keep it going.

Claws of Seiryu: A blessing from this creature had given Lance a pair of pretty sharp claws that can be unleashed from his fingertips. However, this can only work in his slayer form. However, this helps him a lot more in this form. With this gift, the limiter on his speed is released, letting him go back up to his original speed (60 mph, based on Jurassic park). Not only that, he can also access his grand dragoon powers in his slayer form now.

Shapeshift: With Andrew's help, Lance can now change into a human. He would have lightly tanned skin, and long green hair. With the sacrifice of his innate slayer abilities, he now doesn't have to worry about the cold. He can still use his dragoon powers.

Triton's ward: A special kind of amulet that possesses the power of the water. It's a silver outside with a blue center which looks like it is a continuous ocean wave. With this amulet, he doesn't need to worry about running out of water in his dragoon form. He gains an increased defense to the element fire as well. However, this amulet is kept on a chain, and it can be taken away from him if he gets too careless.

Dragon Force: After all of the training that he had undergone as a dragoon, his dragon side awakened. He can call upon his dragon half to increase his strength and defense. The only thing is that he can not use this power in his transformed state. The requirement to use this power is to be in his slayer plus dragoon form.

Sea slayer:
Forged in an enchanted spring, this sword literally has water coursing through it. With this weapon, the sea's blessing is upon the target. Not only they can be able to breathe underwater and swim better, but it complements the frozen claymore when it comes to fire.

sea slayer

Grand dragoon form: By fighting against the grand dragon of water, Lance had gained his powers. The main differences in this form is that there is more blue armor added to his body, giving him more defense. Not only that, he receives a pair of wings to give him the power of flight. Plus his resistance to flame increases. He also receives two of the dragon's powers:

Ice spear: By concentrating his water energy, Lance is able to channel the cold into his spear, making the tip solid ice. With all of his might, he can shoot the ice and when it lands, making fairly moderate damage. The only thing is that he can only use this in his human dragoon form along with his other powers. The cold compromises his slayer form too much.

Purge: Using the powers of water and the cold, Lance is able to heal people's wounds and some sickness (colds and fevers). The only thing is that this can only be used when he is around water that hasn't been contanimated by anything bad and it isn't as effective as the grand dragon's power.

Dreamtide: The third of his grand dragoon power waking up. With this ability, Lance is capable of sending forth a chilling wave of water to his opponents. There is a slight chance that it could make the opponent drowsy, but the chances are low.

Freeze blink: By channeling the power of ice into his spear, he can be able to make a thin layer of ice around him within a 20 foot radius. Even though it doesn't really give him much an advantage by using this power since fire can destroy it easily, but gaining it gives him an interesting bonus. Lance now is given the skill to have better traction in snowy and ice territories.

Fimbuterv: This is one of his stronger dragoon powers. With this power, he can create a tornado of ice, water, and wind and send it straight at his opponent. However, there are two things about this. One, the power depends on whether he uses the claws or the spear *the claws are stronger*. Two, this takes a while for him to charge up.

Tidal Surge: Like he did before, Lance is capable of making strong blasts of water from his spear and claws. However, with this grand dragoon power, he takes it to a whole new level. With this power, Lance is capable of charging up his water power to make his water attacks increased by 10x. The only problem is that he loses a lot of energy in this attack.

Fog of War: Lance's newest defensive water power. As long as he is around a water source (at least 25 gallons), he can be able to make a dense fog around him. This fog is pretty hard to see through, but it is easily dissapated from a good amount of heat. If not dissapated, the fog stays for thirty minutes.

Dragonclaw is less of a power and more of a fighting style that the slayers had created for themselves. It uses their innate speed and strength to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Taking pages from martial arts like kung fu and shotokan to even moves found in the art of Parkour, the dragonclaw would allow a slayer to be able to fight off their opponent with not just their bodies but the whole area around them.

Energy signature scan: Learned from his first special powers class, Lance is able to find a person by energy signature by just closing his eyes and focus hard on their mental picture.

Gunpowder knowledge: From the previous science class that he and his friends had attended, he had learned how to create gunpowder.

Energy Ball Creation- This power is very weak. The user can only create a small ball of energy that is highly unstable, though with concentration the ball can takes shapes and color. Use as an attack would be the same effect as flicking someone.

Lance was created a few months after Andrew's "alterations". His mission: bring back Andrew. He was supposed to assist Lucifer at the time, but when Lucifer sided with Andrew, his mission parameters changed and now his orders were to kill them both. The problem was is that he felt that this was wrong. Not only this was a dishonorable act in his mind, there was no logic to it. He knew Andrew did nothing wrong, so he discussed it with his superiors. Unfortunately, he was strictly "disciplined" for his questioning of authority and he was sent to a military installation to be "put down". They placed him in a transport and was riding with a convoy that also had some technology there. As luck would have it, Andrew made a raid on the convoy for new technology. When he opened the transport carrying Lance, he was extremely afraid for his life. But Lance was able to convince him he wasn't the enemy and asked if he could join him. Andrew agreed, reluctantly at first, but now his is glad he joined up.

Name: Harriet Williams Togami

Age: 30

Harriet is a beautiful child much like her mother was in Lance's eyes. She has midnight blue hair and emerald green eyes. The hair is cropped short to where her shoulders are and wears a pair of glasses to cover her face. However, because of her mother's shifting skills, she can make her hair and eyes the inverse (midnight blue for her eyes and emerald green for her hair. However, when she gets really mad, she changes like her father. Except that her scales are now a bluish green color mixture. As to what she normally wears other than her uniform, she is typically found in jeans, t-shirts, and jackets. Her footwear normally consists of sneakers and a pair of sandals. She only wears the sandals if it does get warm. Her nails are usually painted with a bright blue and a green gem toe ring is on her right foot.

Harriet is a caring soul much like her father Lance. She doesn't like the fact when people are lonely from circumstances that are past their control, so she would be friendly to people that look like they need one. She usually has a gentle demeanor and loves to laugh. She usually keeps a fair amount of comedy cds with her. Not to mention that she got some of them on loan from her uncle Andrew. However, she isn't completely all happiness. Though she doesn't stress about the minor things, she can be able to get upset. There is a deep aggressive streak when she gets angry. However, she only gets angry when someone is a deep danger for either herself or her friends.

Special Powers/Weapons:
Morphing wings: Like her mother, Harriet has the wings like her mother did. They have the look of quicksilver and possess a bright silver color. She can be able to retract and make them known, but this hurts her everytime the wings come out of her skin. However, she has an interesting thing about them. Although they won't be able to let her fly, thanks to her father Lance she can change them into the form of a pretty strong ice which could be able to shoot out small spears of ice with them.

Metal wings: The quicksilver wings that she has makes Harriet able to make steel wings. They kind of look angel like, but they are definitely not angel wings. Unlike the other wings, she can actually be able to fly with them. Although, it is only for about ten feet in the air for now. But like her ice wings, she could shoot out sharp metal projectiles with a flap of her wings. But she feels more pain in this style.

Style of the Slayer: Thanks to her father Lance, Harriet can be able to use the power of the Slayer. The only thing about this is that she can only use this when she changes. When she changes in anger, she gains a pretty decent strength and speed boost. She is as fast and strong as her father is, but she can only be able to access it when she grows angry.

Yellow Dino Sentai: After going to the gulf of mexico with Illidan, they had uncovered a the power of two sentais. With the Yellow dino, the costume that Harriet will wear increases her defenses and strength. However, for some reason it supresses her slayer powers and her morphing wings for the moment. But that doesn't mean she doesn't come unarmed. She comes equipped with a pair of bladed tonfas called the ptera grips.

The pick of destiny:
Harriet has gained half the pick of destiny. The pick itself is green and given supra-natural powers as it was originally one of Satan’s teeth. It was knocked out by a blacksmith in the dark ages after Satan was summoned by a wizard. The wizard turned the tooth into a pick and gave it to the blacksmith as a reward for saving him. The pick allowed the user to play amazing music, a fact which has come down through the ages, its use by all the greatest rocking bands is a fact quite hidden from the world.

Magical girl form:
Because of the energies of the pick of destiny, Harriet needs to have the pick in her possession to unleash its power. The quicksilver like wings that she has changes into a demonic state. Her clothes vanish in a pair of coiling flame dragons and changes into a form of battle armor. The armor itself is a mixture of red, black and silver featuring a pair of oriental dragons entwined on each of the bracers on her forearms. Though her boots are also platform, they have metal studs along the shins.

Her half of the pick changes into a bright blue green metallic guitar that matches her slayer form. It is virtually indestructible like Jade's guitar and has a dragon's head on the top of the guitar's neck.

Shredding licks- As Harriet's magic ability is fueled by Satan the girl can tap into a greater power and perform music that is way beyond her level. What does that mean? It means whenever the girl is transformed or in possession of her half of the pick she can play heavy metal music a thousand times better then she could normally.

Dragonclaw is less of a power and more of a fighting style that the slayers had created for themselves. It uses their innate speed and strength to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Taking pages from martial arts like kung fu and shotokan to even moves found in the art of Parkour, the dragonclaw would allow a slayer to be able to fight off their opponent with not just their bodies but the whole area around them.

History Before AHS:
Harriet is the child of Lance and Phoenix.

Being raised as a meta human in this day and age, she couldn't help but get looks from other humans. However, she just ignored it. It was like water off a duck's back. However, during her elementary days, a boy in school called her mother a freak of nature and something snapped in her. She hated when someone insulted her mother. That was when she activated the powers of the Slayer. She was found in the hospital with all of her strength drained. Lance told her about when he was a slayer. Not to mention that he had made her promise that she can't get very angry anymore.

She had a pretty interesting relationship with her family. Even in particular with the other children that he and his friends had. However, to much of a great surprise, she connected well to Seran's child Mara. She always enjoyed hanging out with her. In fact, Mara was the one who taught her to fight. She did have a little bit of difficulty with the other memebers of Seran's family, but soon they warmed up to her.

When she found out that Mara left, she became sad. To make matters worse, Aeria was gone too. Her closest friends were now disappearing and she didn't know why. She was with her father Lance when Andrew and his wife along with Lucifer were talking about what was happening. This wasn't a coincidence. Something needed to be done. Therefore, by a collaboration from Andrew, Lance, and Lucifer, they created a gateway from where they thought she would be using AHS's memorial as the droppoint. Andrew was going to go through the gate, but he saw a bright blur go past him. It was Harriet, and she was making a blitz for the gate. Lance tried to catch her, but it was too late. His child went through the gate and now she is in the past.

Name: Istamu Togami Orteal

Age: 33

If you put Istamu near Lance, you couldn't even notice if there is a difference between them. Istamu is 6'3" and weighs a total of 220 lbs. However, he looks pretty cut in those terms. He prides himself in his strength and endurance. His skin has a healthy tan to it. His hair and eyes are a bright emeral green. However, his hair is cut short to keep it more neater than his father's. In terms of clothing, Istamu has his father's taste when he was living his days as a slayer. He wears a long black trenchcoat and a wide brimmed cowboy hat to cover a pair of black sunglasses. As for his main clothes, he has multiple types of jeans and t-shirts along with sneakers.

Like his baby sister, he can change too. His fangs and claws are a lot more defined compared to Harriet. Not only that, his flesh looks more toned and his scales are actually a bright blue. His scales however are bigger. They sometimes even look like scale armor too in the right light.

He is an open and freindly person, but he is much more weary in terms of Mara. He has no problem with the neko sisters, but Mara is his biggest problem. He usually butts heads with her for every little reason. Sometimes the arguments can even esculate into fights. He loves his sister and will protect her as much as he possibly can. He will protect what he thinks is right and will protect those who hurt his family and friends.

Generally he is fun to get to know and slightly crazy when it comes in terms of fighting. His balance is pretty delicate. Given the right reasons, he will get aggressive with his enemies. There had been times that Istamu had been known for higher amounts of aggression whenever Komala or Mara were involved, but has not been seen yet. It was mainly a rumor. At least people think it is a rumor.

Special Powers/Weapons:
Slayer Style *different form*: Like his sister after him, he has the power of the slayer. It would even seem he didn't have a trace of his mother's power. However, that wasn't the case. His body did undergo a massive change for a different kind of slayer because of his mother. He has the strength and speed of his father. Although, he was known to be a little bit stronger than Lance because of his love for Harriet would make him do more aggressive things.

The alteration is that he can change the color of his skin and things touching his skin to match the background around him. Seen from any angle he will look familiar to the things behind him to a certan degree. His power is almost always active giving his skin a tint depending on where he is, if he stays still for too long he will start to blend in completely to his background. He can sometimes control his power. But that is only because of the level of his emotions. If he is too mad, he can't stay like this for a while.

Sapphire slash: By concentrating on a new found energy, Istamu can be able to charge up his claws to unleash a stronger energy slash attack. Not only that, he can shift his style to make it into a stronger, slow strike or a weaker, quick strike. However, this attack is only useful for ten times before he would have to recharge for five hours.

Alpha/Omega Orbiter: *see MP's profile*
This magic orb has two incarnations. Alpha and Omega. The alpha form is also know as the guardian form and in powered by the feeling that one has to protect. In this stage, the orb can create a dome of pure solid Jurai energy. The shiled can last up to thirty minutes long before finally weakening and dispersing. The Omage setting is also known as the Warrior form. Liquid metal covers the user's body and infuses with the weilder's cells. This gives the owner of the Orbiter a metalic shine and endurance. The user's strength is also increased while sacrificing speed. The Omega/Warrior setting is powered by high amounts of rage.

Think of it as only one orb, changing from blue to red

Other info: The orbiter is an orb that may seem to be solid matter, but is in truth merely energy. The orbiter gives off a reading similar to a soul, or thought waves, but they are merely distorted energy coming from the owner. Telepaths, Empaths, soul searchers, and energy detectors will sometimes get confused by the waves admited, if they are trying to scan the user.

Dragonclaw is less of a power and more of a fighting style that the slayers had created for themselves. It uses their innate speed and strength to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Taking pages from martial arts like kung fu and shotokan to even moves found in the art of Parkour, the dragonclaw would allow a slayer to be able to fight off their opponent with not just their bodies but the whole area around them.

History Before AHS:
Love, hate, family. These truths are held in Istaru's heart. Son of Lance and Phoenix and the older brother of Harriet, he is the more aggressive of those of the gilgamesh bloodline. Especially when it came to terms about Mara. Those two always butted heads together about many things about Lance and Phoenix. He was pretty defensive when it came to terms of his father and mother. Anyone would think he had a problem with the Orteals, but that was wrong. He was close to the nekojin girls Namir and Komala, especially Komala. He had a crush on her, but he couldn't say anything about it. Whenever he saw her, he felt awkward and ran to his room to practice fighting moves.

His powers emerged when he was arguing with Mara one night. She had changed into her dragon form and began to hit him pretty hard. He was able to collapse from his wounds until he changed into a slayer. He blocked a series of punches against the girl and rammed his head into her chest. Before the night was gone, they left to nurse their wounds. For the moment, it was a draw. But these two will be seeing a rematch in the future.

The oddest thing about him was his relationship with Seran. Many people hated her, but Istaru had a deep respect for her. She was a pretty strong fighter and could be able to get things done. He learned much about machines from her and his uncle Andrew.

When Mara disappeared, Istaru was on cloud nine. Whenever Harriet wasn't around, he was seen in downtown shinjuku doing cartwheels and singing to himself. He hated her that much. However, he was concernd about his sister. He thought a trip out of this country would be a good idea. After packing up for the trip, he decided to check up the lab for his sister and noticed she went through a portal. When he saw this, he ran after her before the gate closed for good. Now all of their children were gone. They were in the past.

Name: Athena Hirano

Age: 38
Gender: Female
Race: Slayer
Rank: Gamma

Athena's at a height of 5'6 and weighs 110 lbs. Even though she was powerful in nature, her body doesn't show that. Her overall structure is that of a dancer. However, she normally wouldn't showing her body in her slayer form. In her slayer form, she would normally wear long coats and boots that cover much of her body along with gloves that hide her claws. Since her head is much smaller than a male slayer's, she normally uses a beanie, wool preferrably to retain better heat, to hide her head. However, just because she wears such clothing to cover her body doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy some of the nicer things she could wear. Typically she would favor skirts over normal pants or shorts and blouses. When she is in her shapeshifted form, she would wear sandals and open toed shoes mainly because she spent most of her life having to wear boots and the like.

Her physical form is something that isn't very intimidating. Coupled with the fact that her body is more toned than muscular, her scale color is something that usually takes a couple moments to glance once more because her scale color is pink in nature. The only spot on her body that isn't pink is her stomach. It is white in color and the scales are much smoother than the rest of her body. Her eyes are a bright red in color, and possess an unusual softness to them.

When it comes to to her overall personality, she is incredibly nice. Considered very kind in nature, she normally was the one who would tend to the other younger slayers and make sure that they are okay. When she is able to blend into a crowd, she is easily very sociable in nature. Easily able to get along with people, she had been known as one of the more capable of joining various packs at the same time. This way, she could be able to aid as many of the slayers as possible. However, this makes her hurt much more. With making several allies, she doesn't want to see anyone get hurt.

Through her time in the project, though she had not really preferred to fight unless she needed, she learned how to be very good with her hands. To be more specific, she had learned some degrees of being a mechanic. She had been known to be very handy with a wrench and is usually seen within the ranks repairing things more than fighting in the missions that she is in.

What she really doesn't like is in two fold. The first thing is herself being easily captured. Because she is not as skilled in hand to hand combat as a typical slayer, she doesn't know how to really defend herself in battle. This usually makes her a viable target in being captured by her opponent. The second thing is not being taken seriously in her slayer form. This is simply because her scales are pink. It is quite difficult to instill fear and intimidation into an opponent for Athena since her scales look like bubblegum or cotton candy.

Special Powers/Weapons:

Slayer Speed: With their conditioning, a slayer is capable of running up to speeds of 60 miles per hour on flat land. However, when it comes to being able to run at inclines up to 60 degrees, they can hold a sustained speed of 30 miles per hour. Stamina plays a much more important role in this than strength. When it come to running, it is much easier to run on flat land than having to run very fast on an incline. The highest a slayer could be able to run for is up to 5 minutes at 60 mph on a high incline. Furthermore, there is alos the cold to consider.

Slayer strength: With their conditioning, a slayer is able to hold up to a maximum weight of 600lbs without it encumbrance. Plus this also factors in with direct combat. Stamina does not play a role in strength. Or rather, it doesn't play a much more important role compared to speed. Though the strikes would be much harder running at full speed, stationary a slayer could easily be able to take on three really big linebackers without having to worry about calling for backup. Furthermore, a slayer conserves their energy more on strength than on speed.

Shapeshift allows them to change into a human form. Though this would actually get rid of all powers that the slayers has except for the dragonclaw fighting style, this would also negate the innate weakness that the slayer possesses. Because her scales are pink, her hair itself has taken on a pink color.

Athena's shapeshifed form:
Posted Image

Construction pod:
Due to her not really wanting to fight, she decided to take the path of technology. Using her mechanic skills combined with Andrew's technology, she created this item. It is double the size of a basketball and is portable enough for Athena to keep on her back. The drones themselves are not heavily armored and are very weak defensively currently. She can only be able to call upon two drones at one time and after that, it takes thirty mintues for her pod to cool down and use another set of drones again. Currently she has only one drone: Inhibitor drone

Inhibitor drone: The inhibitor drone is a support type drone that fires a beam that cuts the speed of those who want to damage Athena by 1/3. The beam itself is able to extend up to one foot and a width of two feet. It can only last for about three minutes and require a cooldown period of ten minutes. How it gets around is through a means of it benig a quadrapedal machine.

Dragonclaw is less of a power and more of a fighting style that the slayers had created for themselves. It uses their innate speed and strength to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Taking pages from martial arts like kung fu and shotokan to even moves found in the art of Parkour, the dragonclaw would allow a slayer to be able to fight off their opponent with not just their bodies but the whole area around them.

History Before Arrival:
Athena couldn't really think about much of her original life. There wasn't much to think about in the first place. She had been taken from her family when she was a young child and placed with several other young children. What she didn't know is that she had been placed in a program that had instilled much controversy in the ranks of the US government. However, she couldn't really understand what they were talking about. All she knew is that they were being trained for something big and she didn't like it.

By the time of her 9th birthday, she had been genetically altered to be a slayer. However, considering that she had been one of the only members of her "group" that had been a success, she had been transferred into Lance's group. This was mainly because either the genetic alterations were not holding for the children or they had been severely damaged by Typhon and had to be put down. The very visage of the prime slayer instilled fear in her heart and always had prayed that she never had to be alone with him because she knew that she would be killed by him. She didn't want to take anyone's life in cold blood. She had been punished several times when she failed to comply by her superiors or by her team leaders. But Lance was different because he knew she wasn't meant to be a warrior.

He had encouraged her to take up other things within the compound and eventually had started to gain knowledge with understanding how to take things apart and put them back together again. In time, not only her confidence increased, but her courage as well. Watching Lance stroked her own flames as she tried her best to give as much aid as she can. Though not a soldier, she had been able to aid her comrades with moral support.

Her mind had been restored once more when she saw Lance defeat Typhon. Once that happened, she no longer saw a creature of her nightmares. He was only a man...well something that looked like a man to some respect. As they punished Lance severly and transported him to be killed, Athena wholeheartedly joined the resistance group to defeat their oppressors. She had been instrumental with dismantling several key technologies to give them what they needed.

When she escaped, she had no idea what to do until she had met up with a group of slayers as well blending in with the crowd. They got her a job as a part time mechanic, taking apart broken parts and repairing vehicles until rumors started to fly around in the garage. However, one thing is perfectly clear: though in the group Athena was at peace, she and the ones she connected with would never be linked to the government anytime soon. She only desires peace in the end, whether it is peace for the race itself or peace of her body and mind. The only time she would ever raise her claw was only in the act of self defense, never to deal a deadly blow first.

They had been saying that Lance had been sighted in Japan on several occaisions. Taking what money she had earned in her job, she bought a plane ticket one way to Japan to see the Alpha with her own eyes. Even as it meant taking up several jobs in many garages, she was going to see the Alpha with her own eyes.

Name: Sorns Togami Orteal
Current Age: 21 (currently aging has been slowing)

For the lack of a better word, Sorns orteal is as much of a giant as his grandfather before him. He is at an overall height of 7'0 with a weight of 210lbs. As a slayer, he has red scales that are the color of blood and appear to be jagged around his arms while looking like it is a part of a suit of scale mail along the rest of his body. The claws of the slayer even seem to be different with the top portion of it being obsidian while the bottom of his claws are a burgandy color. His body appears to be very muscular in appearance and much less of him was lean. His eyes are a deep blood red color, which he normally hides with a pair of dark tinted sunglasses. Since his size gets him into trouble with clothing, he normally has to be careful with them. Usually he prefers to use clothes that are solid darker colors normally. Though he doesn't wear many other accessories, there is one thing in particular that he normally keeps with him when his mother is out and about: a hat that has a monkey's smile and a small brown tail in the back that his mother makes him wear because she considers it being very cute on him.

Sorns normally keeps silent for himself. He doesn't usually talk and prefers to listen moreso than normal. However, when he speaks he seems to have a calm tone to it. However, that tone can easily change into something that sounds very menacing in nature. To many, he could be considered as a person who would have no class, but in reality he seemed to have a much more refined taste. Due to his aggressive nature, Sorns had taken up much more calmer things than his father: reading books, drinking tea, and listening to classical music. All of these things are used to keep himself from going off on someone and not to inflict injuries on people. He only sees his strength to be better used as a last resort and not something he can use on the get go. The reasoning for this is when he goes down that path, it would be incredibly difficult to stop him.

In terms of his family, he loves his mom a lot. However, he always feels embarassed when she fawns over him. It is those kinds of situations that if he had forgotten something, she would be there with it in hand to remind him whether it was a lunch or even his monkey hat. If she had been threatened in anyway, he would immediately become aggressive at the drop of a hat and make the person wish that they would not be dealing with him. If there is one thing that would defend without any question it would be both his mother Namir and his sister Lily.

Special Powers/Weapons:
Slayer Speed: With their conditioning, a slayer is capable of running up to speeds of 60 miles per hour on flat land. However, when it comes to being able to run at inclines up to 60 degrees, they can hold a sustained speed of 30 miles per hour. Stamina plays a much more important role in this than strength. When it come to running, it is much easier to run on flat land than having to run very fast on an incline. The highest a slayer could be able to run for is up to 5 minutes at 60 mph on a high incline. Furthermore, there is alos the cold to consider.

Slayer strength: With their conditioning, a slayer is able to hold up to a maximum weight of 600lbs without it encumbrance. Plus this also factors in with direct combat. Stamina does not play a role in strength. Or rather, it doesn't play a much more important role compared to speed. Though the strikes would be much harder running at full speed, stationary a slayer could easily be able to take on three really big linebackers without having to worry about calling for backup. Furthermore, a slayer conserves their energy more on strength than on speed.


Shapeshift (recommended):
Shapeshift allows them to change into a human form. Though this would actually get rid of all powers that the slayers has except for the dragonclaw fighting style, this would also negate the innate weakness that the slayer possesses. This form gives him a lighter complexion and blood red hair.

Posted Image

Sanguine Style:
The sanguine style is a type of fighting style that ultilizes the power that is dormant within him. Because Chattur'gha draws from within the power of blood, Sorns is capable of using the power of the Anicent. However, the trick is that in order to perform these tatics, he needs to be able to tap into his own bloodstream to activate his attacks. However, when it comes to tapping into the blood, some attacks do not require him to have open wounds in order to access it.Furthermore, he must call upon the name of the sanguine style and follow it up with the name of the attack. The maximum amount of techniques under the sanguine he can use are two at a time. Currently he only has 100 Blood Points in total. In order to replenish it, he needs to have 8 hours of sleep. In addition to that, he starts feeling very large anemia effects when his blood points are cut down to 20 points or lower. Currently he has one move for the Sanguine Style, the Blood Claw.

Blood Claw: The cost to use this is 25 BP. What this does is channel the blood into the underside of his claws and infuse his claws with his own blood. However, this attack does not need to have open injuries in order to activate the attack. The blood is mixed with the oxygen and hydrogen that is naturally formed from within his blood to the magical energy of the anicent of flesh and bone. When the claw is activated the overall size of the claw is doubled in length and strikes with physical damage followed with arcane magic splash damage that strikes at a 2 foot radius.

Chattur'gha's maw:
Sorns is always trying to understand what his mother had given him in that final battle. From his studies he had been able to confirm that not only did have the core abilities of the beast, but the beast is inside of him. All he really needed to do is release the power inside of him. By calling upon the Sanguine style, his body takes on the form of a two legged version of Chattur'gha. His original body is now covered by a thick red and black exoskeleton. In this state he receives a pair of crustacean claws that he be able to retract and use as bracers. Though he lacks the slayer claws in this form. The crustacean claws are able to crush for 3000 psi. For his head, appears he has several smaller eyes around his left eye and a mouth that splits open three ways. In this state, his strength, speed and stamina are increased in power. In addition to this, his carapace can be able to take hard blows from even the likes of a point blank 12 guage shotgun. While in this form he is gains a heightened defense against any attacks that might affect his mind negatively. However, the greatest flaw is the arcane. As Chattur'gha fell to Ulyaoth, in this state Sorns takes triple damage from any magical assault inflicted to his body

Bloodtrocution: Bloodtrocution allows Sorns to channel his blood into his hand to cast blood red bolts of energy. The nature of the attack is of medium strength and for each attack he uses in his human form to be at the level of the three point spell and in the Chattur'gha's maw form a five point spell while paying 10 points per cast. With this technique however due to its nature being linked to the arrays used, they can be resisted by the arcane.

Blood bomb: The blood bomb mixes the power of the arcane with the notions of science he had learned. When the blood red sphere is created with his blood, the power of the arcane is mixed with the amplified oxygen and hydrogen that was made from the blood's aqueous nature. This results in creating a strong explosive force that is merged with arcane energies. However, due to the potency of the spell, he requires to use 50 points of blood in order to create one bomb.

Sanguine Rifle:
Combining the super science of Faith No More and the supernatural powers of the Anicents, Sorns crafted an advanced rifle. Though the weapon is built with the signature black metal that made Seran well known, much of the weapon had been created using parts of Sorns' exoskeleton taken off to make a durable outside. However, due to its nature, the only way for the rifle can be used is if Chattur'gha's maw is active. The Anicent's powers are much more apparent in this weapon. Drawing upon the power of his blood, it requires 20 points of blood for a whole magazine. However, the rifle has three settings (3 point spell equivalent [weak, 9mm] 1 point expended, 5 point spell 5 points expended [medium, assault rifle], and the seven point being the strongest requires 10 points of blood [strong, rocket launcher])

Dragonclaw is less of a power and more of a fighting style that the slayers had created for themselves. It uses their innate speed and strength to overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Taking pages from martial arts like kung fu and shotokan to even moves found in the art of Parkour, the dragonclaw would allow a slayer to be able to fight off their opponent with not just their bodies but the whole area around them.

Templar shield:
The Templars were known as the elite warriors of the day in the church. With Sorns he is no exception. Though lacking the demonic influence of her grandmother Seran, he is not lacking in the more celestial forces that drive him to attack when called upon and defend those he loves. The shield is a grand tower of silver with a blood red cross in the middle. With this shield, it can be able to take not just powerful explosive blasts, but also strong arcane assaults. In addition to this, it can serve as a potent weapon when it comes to bashing and even serving as a battering ram. However, due to its celestial nature, it will always conflict with the power of Chattur'gha's Maw. He can only use the shield in both human and slayer form.

History Before Arrival:
Sorns had been conceived around the time when Istamu had been hired as a security detail in the middle east. He had taken his wife Namir there so that she could be around him during the sights and sounds of the country. However, during on a routine security sweep, Namir had fallen through a hole and Istamu immediately dived in to save his wife. What happened was they were in an underground chamber that contained a massive pillar that had the bodies of several people cemented together. After much exploring, they had been captured by a man named Adrian. He was a cannibal and Istamu was helpless as he watched him trying to devour his wife. However, the underground held a dark secret. It housed the power of one of the Anicents: Chattur'gha. Immediately finding a way to infuse itself into Namir, she turned into a power muscle bound creature and stopped him from eating her.

Now, why would the possession mean something?

The possession itself affected not just her body, but the children she had inside of her body. Istamu didn't know at the time that there was a possibility that some of its influence would fall on their children, but none the less it happened. When the children were born, Istamu saw two things: that their daughter Lily was completely human with no trace of slayer DNA and that their son had all of it. In fact, in many ways he did look like his father. He brought him before Andrew and he did confirm that suspcion, Sorns had been infused with the power of Chattur'gha. However, the influence wasn't as severe as he thought originally. Andrew had said that he wouldn't turn into the creature, but he could be able to make his own abilities in time. The power of Chattur'gha was hard to tell, but his belief was that he could be able to eventually craft his blood into something more. In the meantime, that side of him remains silent. Sorns never really could understand the anger swings that he has since his father never told him what was going on. To this day he walks the path unaware of what is transpiring in his body. All he does know is that he was different from his sister and what drives him more than anything now is to find the secrets that are housed within his body.

Name: Ariel Wingates Sonia Orteal
Age: 15
Rank: Gamma, Sneaky Kitty

Appearance/Clothing: Ariel stands at a height of 5‘2 and weighs 115 lbs. Despite her small stature she has a lean muscular form like a dancer’s body given the combined heritages of both races. Her skin complexion is near the edge of pale with her eyes being a surprisingly piercing blue while her hair is raven black with streaks of blood red present. Even her cat ears are raven as well and along the edges of her ears there is a red trim She normally doesn’t wear too fancy of clothing given the upbringing, so she typically wears street clothes just like her parents have. But she did have two special pieces of clothing that she always keeps close when she needs to wear them: a red cloak and a wide brimmed hat much like what Lance wore in his beginning days of a slayer. She also keeps a crucifix with her, but it is to note of her training as a monster hunter while she was living in London. Much like her mother she does wear sandals as well, but she also paints her nails red.

In her slayer form her muscles are more defined. Her scales are the same raven black as her hair with the red being shown as streaks much like tiger stripes going left and right along her body. The scales for her stomach, palms of her hands and the soles of her feet would be a light gray in color. Her ears would still be there, but it would be frilled on the ends and be wider than normal cat ears.

Despite the histories of her parents, Ariel had lived a pretty decent and quiet life. Her parents were loving and above all else tried to keep her from going too deep into the world that they were always a part of in the future. She has a fascination with heroes, the more complex the better. The best example of her curiosity with heroes was the Green Hornet from where she had seen the business model of her father's company now being based off from. She had learned early on in her life that sometimes you do need to keep the fact that you are a good guy hidden away because people can use that against you, especially the bad guys. As long as you know who you are, you will not lose yourself. She is comfortable around people, but is usually found with any books that spark her interest such as fantasy, sci fi, or even detective books. Though kind in nature, she does have an aggressive streak both due from the blood of Chattur'gha that is in her veins and in her Moonian heritage. However that only comes out when there is a lot of danger. But when that happens, it doesn't come out with plan rage. She shows herself as an individual who was trying to not mess with others (See: Fury of the Timelord). She doesn’t get angry, she rather would show her enemies why she is a threat. In her mind, she doesn’t get mad; she gets creative.

Her biggest dream is to be a hero as well much like her parents were, but after hearing stories about Lucifer and how he had been working out as a spy she also pictured herself being just as sneaky as he was. She still plays a lot of games with trying to improve her ability to blend in crowd not by using stealth or special powers but rather play a game she calls “Plain Sight” where she would try to blend into a crowd and not raise any suspicions.

Special Powers/Weapons:
Slayer Speed: With their conditioning, a slayer is capable of running up to speeds of 60 miles per hour on flat land. However, when it comes to being able to run at inclines up to 60 degrees, they can hold a sustained speed of 30 miles per hour. Stamina plays a much more important role in this than strength. When it come to running, it is much easier to run on flat land than having to run very fast on an incline. The highest a slayer could be able to run for is up to 5 minutes at 60 mph on a high incline. Furthermore, there is also the cold to consider.

Slayer strength: With their conditioning, a slayer is able to hold up to a maximum weight of 600lbs without it encumbrance. Plus this also factors in with direct combat. Stamina does not play a role in strength. Or rather, it doesn't play a much more important role compared to speed. Though the strikes would be much harder running at full speed, stationary a slayer could easily be able to take on three really big linebackers without having to worry about calling for backup. Furthermore, a slayer conserves their energy more on strength than on speed.

Shapeshift (recommended):
Shapeshift allows them to change into a human form. Though this would actually get rid of all powers that the slayers has except for the dragonclaw fighting style, this would also negate the innate weakness that the slayer possesses. For Ariel she considers the shapeshift as an ability that has to be used in dire situations much like how a person would turn into a werewolf as needed.

Race Weaknesses: There are some weaknesses. Here are the major ones.

Mood Swings - Moonians are often moody, for instance. They can, dependent on their circumstances, react in extreme ways to the things happening around them. They like to battle, too, so if you make one mad...they may wish to take out some frustration on you. If depressed, they get really depressed. I don't think they get uber-chipper, but they DO purr. Think how a cat reacts to things on this.

Sensitive Ears - In terms of hearing, Moonians hear on a scale higher than humans, but not at such a level that this can be considered a special power. Besides, there's also the fact that loud noises can really hurt their ears, as can physical trauma. They can also be subdued - to a point - if the ears are rubbed gently, but you'd better not try that without permission. (It's like a kitsune with that. Gotta be careful.)

Milk - It takes alot of alcohol to make a Moonian drunk, but milk will get them there faster. They lose a good deal of control over their senses with enough of that, to the point where some severe drunken behavior will occur, fighting likely. Drunken Moonians are a mixture of pleasure and pain. They fight for amusement and kick your ass even if you're a good friend of theirs. And if you beat them? Hard to say... Not all Moonians can even remember what happened after a milk binge. Some might even lose control of some of their powers.

Single Weapon Mastery - A Moonian who has a weapon of one certain weight (like big and heavy, in Marina's case) will have trouble with weapons of a different build. They'll swing it improperly, or awkwardly. It would take time for them to come to terms with this new type of weapon-usage. Also, while any Moonian would certainly become enlightened to Earth guns and technological weapons, it's very unlikely that any of them would have the desire to make any great use of them. Exceptions may exist, still.

Cold climates: With the slayer race, by being 2/3 reptilian they are primarily cold blooded in their transformed state. When their core temperature drops, they start off appearing to be sluggish. The lower the temperature becomes, the more likely they start to go into stasis. If they stay too long with the maximum amount of time being 12 hours they start to lose brain function to the point that they go into a coma. In a full day a slayer would die in near freezing temperatures.

History Before Arrival:
In the future, the original creations of Gilgamesh have built everything up they could to create the Togami syndicate, a special organization that uses the business model much like the Green Hornet: there will be those who are good guys while disguised as the bad guys. At the current head of the organization was Istamu Togami with Sorns now heading the weapon building company Faith No More. But even when he isn’t building weapons he is working along side with Som either being the good guy or the bad guy to not only keep the world safe but also keep an eye on what the underworld is doing so that they would be ready for anything that comes.

But for Ariel, all of the things she heard could easily be considered for her to be one large comic book. At a very young age she didn’t seem to take much notice or importance about the path of a warrior as is for the Bluemoon house, but Sorns had thought of a way for her to understand these things. For her childhood she had been sent to London, learning from the Hellsing organization about monster hunting and was given a lot of books on the subject of the various creatures that existed. It brought her to a world of curiosity and began to imagine herself much like the monster hunters of old. On her 13th birthday she had been given her cloak and hat along with the a journal to take down notes as to teach her how to defend herself against the monsters of old. Upon completing her class and getting a crucifix for her graduation present, she returned to Domino ready to learn much more about the monsters of this world both those who do and do not look like monsters from the school that trained the likes of her mother and father: AHS.

Ariel had been in her first year in AHS when she had been noticing something wrong with her mother Som. She had been not eating and was going without sleep for days. She remembered there had been a mission where she needed to be undercover, but that couldn't be it. Then in the middle of the night she could hear her mother scream and when she ran into the room Ariel saw Sorns hugging Som while she cried, saying something she couldn't really pick up with her ears. Worried for her well being there was only one person she could be able to speak with on such matters: Andrew. At this time Andrew had taken up the mantle of the warden of Mantorok, keeping an eye on the timelines as the Dead God once done itself while keeping an eye out for any guardian attacks.

She found the ancient city underground the mansion where it all started, seeing her father's teacher at the array. The area itself was massive with nine towers that connect to a specific rune that Andrew had used himself. Through the array he would have been able to perform an augmented spell and had been able to establish connection with Mantorok, allowing the spells to have different effects as well, including the ability to access time travel to send only one person through with his spells. While working through the timelines to make sure each alignment was trying to kill the other, she started to tell him everything that was going on with Som. As she spoke in detail, he seemed to be lost in his thoughts before stopping. He had noticed a point in time where Som would be at her most vulnerable and if she engaged the entity directly she would be killed. Andrew presented Ariel with the mission: go into the past and provide as many roadblocks as possible to hinder the movement of the creature, keeping it at a weaker level until it was time for Som to fight it. But there were some rules: the first rule was that she couldn’t be seen by neither the slayers or the moonians because of both scent and appearances. The second rule is to not be in the presence of neither Som and Sorns or else everything would fall apart. Lastly if she had to be a part of an event she needed to vanish as quickly as possible, to be a ghost like in the stories she heard about Lucifer. When asked about Som, Andrew had simply smiled at Ariel and said to not worry. He would intervene on her behalf and make sure that if Som was going to into the past one more time that she would handle it at the right time because if she came in at the wrong time then everything would be lost. Ariel had agreed to his terms, he used the power of the array to send her back into time to help her family even if they would never know about it.
Character files part 2
Contains the slayer race characters I have created
Name: Andrew

Appearance: 6'3" with fairly tanned skin. A sort of big build. Other than the uniform, he usually wears sneakers, denim jeans, and an orange shirt. He never really talks about it, but he also has a series of scars on his chest and stomach. Though he tries to keep them hidden, he keeps two swords with him at all times to protect himself: soul calibur and ragnarok. He wears a watch on his right hand even though it is the dominant one. He also programmed his watch to do many things, from keeping dates and phone numbers to actually being able to hook up to any kind of computer. He also wears glasses, which he can use for scanning things too. Since he usually is connected to technology, Andy usually keeps with him a PDA with many of his designs in it. He tries with all of his might to tame his wavy dark brown hair, but it seems to make a wave in the front and spikes up on the sides. Past his glasses he has dark brown eyes, which can be able to change color upon command. *This is not a power, this is just something he is able to do*.

Personality: He usually is a laid back, very calm and level headed person. However, if you give him a reason he will fight to protect someone regardless the odds that are against him. He is prone to fight by his emotions and he even puts his own heart into it. Even though he usually fights by using his heart, he has an impressive military mind. The only problem is that he usually has the tendency to rarely use that skill. Other than that, he is an easy person to get along with. He is very friendly and also a great cook. He is usually happy and thinking up of several jokes and memories that he feels are funny to him. However, when he is angry, he needs to find a way to vent off his anger. He would try to challenge people to fights, or go to some secluded area and "test out" his new weapons. Although, most of the stuff he is making now are still in the developmental stages and he would usually have some form of first aid on his body. There are times that Andrew can also be forgetful and his mind would wander from time to time, therefore giving him almost continuous bouts of "senior moments" which mean that he would forget things like what he was talking about, why he came into a room, and if already did something already. Whether or not this was a byproduct of a project of his is unknown. If that doesn't stop him, his constant procrastination will. When he finally buckles down, he is a very hard working person and can really astound some people.

Special Power:

Gear Head: Despite his outward appearance, Andrew is actually a genius when it comes to machines. He has been known to create several kinds of equipment and weapons to better himself. But there is a downside, which is partly due to the senior moments, he can only be able to create new things when he has an "inspiration".

Nova Beam: Andrew received this attack a long time ago in his training, this was the first ever attack he was given. This beam is very weak by all standards, but don't let the appearances fool you. He can hold the beam at a constant stream of energy for 2 minutes before it completely tires him out. Someday Andrew wishes to find a way to make his beam stronger, if only he can remember when to do it.

Nova blast: The next level to the nova beam, the nova blast allows the user to unleash a stronger and wider blast of energy rather than a beam. But even though it is stronger than the beam, it can not be held as long as the beam (duration is only 30 seconds) without draining him completely.

The Anicents:When Andrew went to Long Island, he had discovered an object of interest to him. This began his journey through the world of "Eternal Darkness". The object he took into himself was the heart of Mantorok. With it, he was able to call upon magic spells that used these runes: Antorbok (project), Santak (self), Redgamor (area), Tier (summon), Narokath (absorb), Pargon (power), Bankarok (protect), Magamor (item), and nethlek (dispel), Later on, he successfully absorbed the power of the other anicents and can use their spells. Chattur'gha represents flesh and blood, Xelo'tath the mind, and Ulyaoth magic. Mantorok is like a combination of the three.

Da Runes

Spells he uses:
Protect Area: (Redgamor, Bankorok)
Enchant Item: (Antorbok, Magamor)
Recover: (Santak, Narokath)
Dispel: (Nethlek, Redgamor)
Magic Attack: (Redgamor, Antorbok)
Reveal Invisible: (Narokath, Redgamor)
Magik Pool: (Tier, Aretak)

Aretak: The last rune of the Anicents. This runes gives Andrew the power to summon the very monsters that gave him a hard time in the past. All of the creatures have no personality of their own and they could all die in battle. If they die, Andrew would feel their pain. The basic spell is Tier Aretak and.....(Ulyaoth, Chattur'gha or Xelo'tath). The following monsters he can summon are these:

Trapper: The weakest of the three creatures. All three alignments don't have that much of a difference in powers. They are protected from melee' weapons (swords, axes, etc), but can be killed by missle weapons (arrows, bullets, shuriken, etc). They are specifically used for recon since Andrew can be able to see what they see. If he needed to, he can self destruct the creature to send him to the Trapper dimension to restore himself depending on his alignment.

Zombie: The moderate ones, but with varied abilities. Chattur'gha zombies are the strongest of the three and are able to regenerate their limbs. They have the appearance of a person's muscular system. But when they lose their heads, the go into a beserker mode and flail around at everything in their way. Xelo'tath zombies look like mummies, and they can regenerate too. However, they grow phantom limbs which drain sanity faster. Their main weakness is flame. Ulyaoth zombies have blue skin and look like they were drowned. Don't let their appearances fool you though. If they sing long enough, they can be able to self destruct in a bright blue magik explosion. They can be diffused by decapitation.

Horror: The strongest of the three, but the most straining on Andrew. Like the seven point rune spells, he will be severely fatigued if he does this for too long. All of them have three heads and their respected color depending on the alignment. They are the like the stronger form of the zombies, and can be able to shoot out magic bolts of their respective magic.

Testament: After several hours of diligent work and inspiration (at last), it has finally paid off. The machine parts he had been working on had now been made into a full body armor called Testament, which can be retracted into gauntlets. With it, it increases his defense
and can prolong the usage of his nova abilities. However, the armor is still in the experimental stages and it has been known to shut down now and then if it overheats.

Nova wave: This move was founded by Andrew completely by accident. It has the power and increased field of attack like the nova blast, but it has the range and reliability of the nova beam. Although this attack doesn't have the time limit like the other two, Andrew can only be able to perform the wave for about ten times. Then he needs to recover.

Karn's protection: Illidan Belmont's father, Karn, blessed Andrew's two swords with protection from fire, ice, light, and darkness. However, this ability is shaky at best. The protection is extremely limited. In order for it to work, he needs it to have both blades with him at all times. If he loses one of his weapons, he loses his protection.

Plasma storm: After all of the abuse from electricution he got when restoring Testament, he had another inspiration. He installed a cannon in his chest that shoots out bolts of electricity at his opponents. This weapon will overheat if used too many times and requires constant cooling.

The Nova Blade: There was a reason why Andrea, Andrew's alternate, was shocked to see Lucifer with Darkside. Considered to be one of her best inspirations since her weapons, Andrea created a sword that has a bright silver outside forged of a metorite that fell from the sky the night her friend die and a jet black core which the very blade of the whip sword Darkside. The blade can be able to switch from its normal form to its inverse, but there is a reason. The blade can not only help, but it can hurt too. When the silver color is on the outside, this increases his defenses; however, when it's black on the outside, it increases his attack. It is currently in the AHS alternate universe with the armor.

Crimson Sunrise: This was an item that he had been working on for a while now, but didn't have his armor fully restored to get it to work properly. This item is a dark red hoverboard with four energy spheres, it can go about 70mph, wind permitting, and allow him to go as high as 10 feet. However, there is something special about this board. It can be broken apart and attach itself to Testament's armor, giving it more power. The board parts attatch to his head, back, arms, and legs. Here is the breakdown:

Head: Two front pieces attach to the side of his head, turning into a visor that allows to see through walls and has a HUD system complete with radar. The radius of the radar is a 50 feet radius.

Arms: Two of the energy spheres attatch themselves to his arms, allowing him to create a pair of energy blades that can be retracted from them or create and energy shield for about twenty minutes.

Back: The other two spheres and parts from the middle of the board turn to mechanical wings for flight. The speed of Testament would be about 40 mph and can rise up to 20 feet into the air. This can drain the spheres severely and force him down to have them cool down for two hours.

Legs: The final pieces act as hydraulics for his legs. They don't increase his running speed, but they do increase his jumping ability to go to a height of 10 feet. He just needs to remember not to do this often so it doesn't ruin his knees.

Gamer's Knowledge: Andrew loves video games, one game in particular is Ratchet and Clank, that is why he named his cannon after one of his favorite weapons. With this power, Andrew is able to use the data he had on his video games, he can be able to create various weapons he can call upon by using his watch. The only thing is that he can only keep them solid by the amount of data he has, and that depends depending on what weapon he uses. After they are completely drained they will go back into his watch. He is so far only able to use three weapons:

Multistar: A bright pink launcher with a slot in it. With this weapon, Andrew is able to launch energy charged shurikens at his opponents. When they hit a solid object, they split off into three small shurikens that ricochet around the area. Wild and random in the ricochets, this is one of the only weapons that could hit Andrew if he is not careful.

Meteor Gun: A long red and silver gun that has a slot where Andrew can put one hand into the gun and a handle to keep the weapon steady. With this weapon, he can shoot out multiple firey rocks at his enemies. The only thing is that is this has the worst range of all three weapons and he needs to be pretty close for the weapon to work.

Megarocket Cannon: A long green weapon with four barrels on the end. This is Andrew's heavier ordinance when he needs to get the job done. However, this requires the most data for him to use though. Not only can he shoot a powerful rocket at his enemies, he can charge up the cannon slots to make an even stronger blast. This takes up the most data.

Megabouncer gun: At first, this weapon looks pretty odd. It is a combination of gold and gray with a pretty big barrel at the end. However, once Andrew uses it, people will get to know it personally. At first it fires off a pretty big explosive ball (20 inch diameter), but when it explodes it makes smaller bombs. In its way, it is like a cluster bomb.

Blitz cannon: This weapon has a pair of pretty long barrels and is a dull gray in color. The weapon is much like a shotgun using buckshot, letting it's electrical bolts spread out within the area. Not only that, like the shotgun, it can be able to increase in damage as Andrew gets closer.

Tetrabomb gun: This weapon is best used with patience and timing. This jade green gun is able to fire off a set of five bombs each shot, but the only is that they won't blow up. They would just float there peacefully. It would only go off if Andrew sets them off. (Note: I know that this is known as a TETRA bomb gun and it shoots five, but this is what it is in the game)

Nitro eruptor: Andrew was beginning to feel about creating another weapon from his favorite video game was going to be necessary in the long run, so he had chosen this weapon. At first glance, it's pretty odd. It's a mix of green and gray and unlike the other guns, it looks like it was pieced together with random things. However, this does have some serious power. Used as a grenade launcher, Andrew can be able to lob orbs of explosive power against his opponents in a wide area. However, for some reason it has a lot of hang time. That means it would take a while for the orb to land on the ground and explode.

Leviathan Flail:
The leviathan flail is considered to be a very short range but very potent melee weapon. Consisting of a short energy chain and spiked ball, essentially the weapon didn't look like much. However, it is built to be very powerful. Used as a hammer, the spiked ball increases in size by 100x. The overall size of the ball when it is at its full size is 100 feet while his chain is 10 feet long. However, there are a few things about the weapon that is to be considered. Andrew is unable to invoke the might of the flail through any means except in a motion that slams down on the target. Furthermore, the speed of the weapon increases with the amount of times he swings down. So though the weapon is very potent in battle, Andrew's weapon would burn out very fast if he uses the weapon too many times. The current charge for this weapon can be used as a base is 8 times.

Mad Mod: Andrew's weapon diversity increases greatly with this special skill. At the moment, he can only be able to use 3 mods on each of his weapons that comprises his Gamer's Knowledge. He has several to choose from and in time he can even be able to use even more mods on his weapons. However, all the mods can't be used on one weapon. In fact, each weapon can only use a specific kind of mod. For instance, multistar can use a speed mod, but not an area mod. They come in two forms: Alpha and Omega
Speed mod: Increases firing rate
Area mod: Increases explosive radius
Ammo mod: Increases ammo for his weapon
Aim mod: Increases accuracy
Impact mod: Increases knockdown power
Shock: Shocks anything around the target
Napalm: Fire glob damage
Time bomb: Time delay explosion
Acid: Acid glob damage
Freeze: Ice damage
Mini bomb: Cluster bombs

Nova Charge:
Andrew's nova power has taken an interesting turn. With this skill, Andrew is capable to instill his energy into his weapons, giving them much more power than last time. However, the properties of them are a lot more different than this time. For instance, take the meteor gun. Instead of flaming rocks, they would be energy balls. This power applies to all of his weapons. However, the weakness is that as long as the charge is active, he can't use any other nova skill.

Heavy metal: Andrew's newest battle armor. Feeling the need to make a additional armor in case Testament is not enough. The armor is pretty advanced compared to his old one. They are all kept in his watch and all but his helmet is interchangable. He has pretty big plans with this armor, so he made the chest, head, arms, and legs for this one to be pretty tough. The only thing is that they will go away if they lose all of their energy.

Chest: active guard:
Active guard is Andrew's main defense against his opponents. It has a higher defense than Testament and is capable of cushioning explosive blasts. Not only that, he had designed it to give him a protective advantage from dark, fire, light, and ice. It's just his swords, but the thing is that it could stay with him. This expends the least amount of power of his systems.

Legs: over boost:
Over boost is designed to give Andrew a higher speed while travelling on foot. The minimum that he can be able to go up to is 20 mph. However, this attatchment has a boost system that doubles his speed to 40 mph. This on the other hand drains over boost's systems rapidly, so he can't use this several times. Not like he would need to worry about this system though.

Head: Assault helm
Assault helmet is basically keeps the stats of the overall armor posted to Andrew. He had chosen to create an AI for this. He has called her Seraphim. She tells Andrew what the best course of action for him to take. Not only that, he also possesses a stronger HUD system than he did with the Crimson

Arms: Burning knuckle/Gigas knuckle/Aries knuckles
Burning knuckle: Like the name implies, the burning knuckle uses the power of flame against his opponents. There is a gauge on the top of his hand to tell him how much energy he has left in that arm. But the thing about the knuckle is this: the amount of drain is dependant on how strong of a flame attack he wants to give. The drain isn't as bad with low amounts of energy compared to a full powered burst of flame.

Gigas knuckle: The gigas knuckle is a lot bigger around a portion of Andrew's forearm and hand. This is only when he needs to really hit someone with it. The hand part can be able to quadruple in size and compensate for the imbalance of weight. However, just because he can alter his balance doesn't mean he will be faster. This decreases his mileage by 15 mph when he gets this weapon to full size.

Aries knuckles: These knuckles are built to look just like a pair of normal arm attatchments. However, there is a pretty serious skill in them. He is able to use a pair of blades that have a resemblance to the blades of chaos that Kratos used in the video game God of War. They go to his back while a set of energy chains form around his forearms. He can attatch the blades to them and swing them around to have pretty devastating combos.

Vulcan knuckles: These knuckles are associated with the energy within his own body. They look pretty normal, much like the Aries knuckles. However, the forearms can be able to reveal a set of ten barrels each for him to use like chainguns. They use the energy that Andrew uses for his beam attacks for rapid fire assaults. However, since it uses energy faster than the others, it can only be kept up for five minutes before being completely drained.

Chaos Soldier:
The pinnacle of Andrew's genius and insanity, this merges most of his technology together into a massive combat armor. In this form, he gains all of the traits of each item that he wields in tow. However, by using this form, it locks out any kind of other types of technology and technology based powers that are within his watch.

Breakdown of his armor:

Testament would break apart and intergrate itself into Heavy Metal's armor. The defenses of the overall pair would be quadrupled along with Plasma Storm being readily able to be accessed. The Crimson's pieces would be broken apart and attatched the same manner as Testament. However, with the increase in power, two spheres would be high on his forearms since the blades would be longer. In addition to that, the shield not only gets increased in power (additional 15 minutes), but also he can now perform it on his right hand. Flight and jump abilities remain the same in this form. The HUD would have a radius that is doubled in strength (200 feet). All other Heavy metal abilities are still accessed but receive no boost.

Last Batallion:
Last Batallion, the second stage of his Chaos Solider form. With this form, it removes the lock that is placed on Gamer's Knowledge during his Chaos Soldier form. With this transformation, it increases the strength of all of the effectiveness of his Alpha Mods by 5 times. Furthermore, it increases the potency of his Omega mods by 2.5 times. However, with this form, Andrew had placed a special kind of program that is in the form of a special concoction that he had created. It is kept in a small needle that becomes connected to the vein in the knuckles of his right hand. Essentially it is used to help prevent him to use the powers of the Anicents. Whenever he uses a spell, the liquid would be injected to invoke a form of nausea for him to give him a reminder that he shall not use the power of the Anicents so that he would not overload his body.

Omega Sentinel:
The final stage of Andrew's advanced armor. This time all of his technology is now infused with the magic of the heart of mantorok that resides in his chest. What it does is infuse all of his armor with the magics of mantorok, giving him supposedly a long lasting seven point spell (strongest of his spell levels in the form of enchant item and shield combined). His blades would be able to strike with the very magic that he uses and his shields become much more resilient and even able to give damage to his opponents. However. such power comes at a price. He has to use drugs to keep him instead of being stable, but actually be able to live. He has three shots of an aqueous solution of diazepam connected to his knuckle's vein to keep his heart steady. He also has three shots of nitro to jumpstart his heart in case of a heart attack. The final stage has the risk of putting him into cardiac arrest if the form is prolonged usage of over five minutes.

Energy signature scan: Learned from his first special powers class, Andrew is able to find a person by energy signature by just closing his eyes and focus hard on their mental picture.

Gunpowder knowledge: From the previous science class that he and his friends had attended, he had learned how to create gunpowder.

Energy Ball Creation- This power is very weak. The user can only create a small ball of energy that is highly unstable, though with concentration the ball can takes shapes and color. Use as an attack would be the same effect as flicking someone.

History: Andrew had basically a good family life. It would have been better if his older brother wasn't always trying to freak him out. But Andrew tries to get through the day, and he does it surprisingly well, since he can find other things to think about other than his brother. The main thought on his mind is always money.

Looking for a way to get money, Andrew found an advertisement about there being a need for testers for a new kind of nonalcoholic beverage which paid $500 a day. To Andrew, this was a god send, but he will soon find out that this was a bad idea all around. After 7 days of drinking, Andrew received $3,500 with no taxes on it. He took money to the bank and went home to take a nap. In a few days he started to notice his body was losing fat but gaining muscle. Furthermore, he found out his intelligence was increasing too. But he wasn't the only one who knew. Fearing for the safety of his family, he decided to pack up and began to get as far away from his family as he can to protect them. Through his travels, he learned his first ability, the nova beam. At first he thought it was pathetic, but he knows that everyone must start off somewhere. Eventually his traveling got to the steps of a place called anime high school.

Name: Cyrus Nova

Age: 20,000 (he looks like he is 16 though)

Appearance: Cryus is 6'0", a fair skin complexion, and is of a muscular build, which is due to the fact he does a lot of weight training. When he isn't wearing his uniform, his clothes are usually all black. He wears black sunglasses, but when you look at his eyes they are not normal, the whites of the eyes are emerald green with blood red slits for irises (which was due to his form of training which I will explain later). His hair is jet black and, depending on his mood, can vary from slicked back to bedhead to even spiky. Cyrus also wears a pair of gauntlets, with a gemstone on the right one, on both of his hands. The only time he would take them off is if he needs to take a shower. He also has, like Andrew, a series of scars on his body.

Personality: Cryus is more open about himself than Andrew is. Not only that, he is a very friendly and trustworthy person. Cyrus will always be able to help someone out if it is asked of him. He is a very intelligent person and possesses a good heart. He also is known to be a charismatic person and draw in a crowd with his words. Not only that, he seems to be able to talk with women in a manner that can sweep any of them off their feet. But just because he's a big talker doesn't mean he can't back it up with actions. He is a tough battler and has fought in several missions and wars that would span throughout his lifetime. He has been known to be brave, even reckless at times, whenever he is on the battlefield, which would be the reason why he has more scars than Andrew. If Andrew wasn't there to keep his mind focused he would've been dead several times over.

Special Powers:
Edge master: With Cyrus' high knowledge of fighting, he learned how to use several types of weapons. The gemstone in his gauntlet allows him to tap into his old memories and access the power of his weapons. However, due to the fact that the gem is still not at full power, he is only able to call upon two of his weapons. The weapons he can summon are the three section staff and the whip sword. As he kept training at AHS, he has acquired bladed tonfas, a giant hammer, a great sword, and an axe.

Nirvana strike:
This was the first ability Cyrus had achieved. With it, Cryus can unleash his aggression upon his enemies with this attack. By calling upon it, he can go into a fury and does several strikes. The attack varies though because the attack is different with each of his weapons. This was a pretty impressive feat because this a standard attack for the army he was in, and to be able to do it with several weapons is incredible. This ability would lead Cyrus into several victories. There is a downside though. The only way he can tap into this attack is only if he has complete focus and is able to keep his emotions in check. Not only that, by performing this attack, it can drain his stamina pretty fast and tire him out.

Golden Axe:
Made of a rare metal, the golden axe was the last line of defense of the light element. When combined with his Edgemaster power, his weapons gain the power of the light element in their attacks. Not only that, the Nirvana Strike gets stronger

Golden Axe

Abadon's crest: This was an item that he received a long time ago when he was in Crixa. Not only did it symbolize his power as Abadon, it gave him a newfound strength. With it, he was able to call upon a special kind of armor that would give him enhanced strength and defense. The only drawback is as long as the crest is active, he can not be able to perform Nirvana strike. However, the main problem is that for now the crest was broken into six pieces. He would need to acquire all six parts of the crest and restore it to normal in order for it to work.

Mask of Acheron:
Acheron, one of the most infamous Abadons of Crixa, had been known as the faceless assassin. She had always been known to wield this darksteel mask to cover her true face. Some even said that this mask even had dark magic powers. And it had been proven with him. With this mask on combined with the crest of Abadon, Cyrus changes into his ancestor. He loses the power to use the golden axe in this form, but he does acquire a black scythe in its place. This scythe is pretty strong and has a 10 foot curved blade. Not to mention he receives a speed and strength boost in this form.

Ring of Ouranus:
Just like when Cyrus gained the mask, the relic was made from the past. Originally used by the matriarch of his bloodline, the ring was made to be the opposing effect of the mask. It is a mithril silver ring that is infused with the light element. This gives him armor in the form of a paladin and the golden axe grows even stronger and gains the power to shoot weak light beams. His defense increases, but his speed takes a pretty bad blow. However, his strength also goes up as well.

Squire's Amulet:
An amulet enhancing just slightly the power of shadow, this was to be given to the squire who assisted the sages during their quests. With the symbol of service engraved on either side of its purple coloring, this amulet slightly powers up the wearer's current powers, but only through constant use of personal energy. As of right now, Cyrus gets very tired when using this amulet.

Energy signature scan: Learned from his first special powers class, Cyrus is able to find a person by energy signature by just closing his eyes and focus hard on their mental picture.

Gunpowder knowledge: From the previous science class that he and his friends had attended, he had learned how to create gunpowder.

Energy Ball Creation- This power is very weak. The user can only create a small ball of energy that is highly unstable, though with concentration the ball can takes shapes and color. Use as an attack would be the same effect as flicking someone.

With age comes experience, and Cyrus is a shining example. People are usually freaked out when they find out about his age, but he doesn't care. Where he is from, this age would be the equivalent of a little kid in this world.

He was originally born in a city called Crixa. He came from a very well off family (sort of like the Kennedys, sans scandals). He was raised to be a man of politics, but instead he became a man of war. When he was old enough, he enlisted in the army and within time he rose up the ranks and became a powerful officer in the army, mastering several types of weapons along the way. In fact, he even attains the title of edgemaster (which is the most difficult position to attain in the military) and to symbolize that, he was given a pair of gauntlets, on the right one was a black crystal (which I will also explain too) which allows him to access his vast array of weaponry. He was a military genius on the field. He had led his country to several victories and eventually he attained the title of Abadon (hence my screenname) and became the leader of all armies of Crixa. Not only that, he got married and had a child with the woman he loved. But something bad happened to him in that time he was a soldier, but he rarely will talk about it. However, because of what happened to him, Cyrus had forced himself to forget his entire past from a long time ago. Since every time he dies he is reborn again in a new body, he began to forget about who he really was and even how to fight.
When he was reborn again in Japan, he had a normal life. No more going into battle, no more having to worry about having fear of him dying in some unknown world. He was actually happy for the first time. But over time, he felt an emptiness in his heart growing gradually, he knew something was missing but he didn't know what. All he did know is that he felt that he was meant for something. That was about when he started to have strange flashbacks about this powerful warrior. At first, he didn't know who it was, but over time he started to feel that there was a connection to himself and this person. And with every memory he had, the more he started to feel that there was more to him than he thought. The visions of this warrior plagued him, it clawed at his brain until at last he finally had it. Without a word, he left home to find more about his past. To find out who he really was, no matter the odds, and no matter if the outcome was either bad or good. With the help of some people he met along the way, Andrew being one of them, he was able to restore his memories back and now is no longer ashamed of them.

Name: Lucifer

Real name: Jericho Maxwell

Age: 17 (mentally 45)

Appearance: Lucifer is the shortest of the three. He is 5'10" and weighs about 150lbs. Even though he is slender, he is pretty tough. He has long jet black hair and it has a silver streak going through it. He normally wears his hair in a ponytail, but there are times he just lets hair down. He usually wears all black when he isn't wearing his uniform. He also wears black sunglasses. Not only that, he has a series of black tattoos all over his face and upper portion of his body. He also keeps two swords with himself as well, the darkside (a jet black whip sword, it is NOT of the dark element) and the soul edge. He has dark brown eyes just like Andrew's. He also has a couple of scars around the temples on his head.

Personality: Of the three, he is more collected and calm. Lucifer is also a lot more calculating than the other two. In battle, he usually goes by numbers, probabilities, and statistics. When not in battle, he can get along with other people very well, even though he was alone most of his life. He is very friendly and has a very good singing voice. He is a little weary when it comes to having a girlfriend. He had so many of them before, he doesn't know whether or not it will last. Unfortunately, he can be also at times be a hot head. He tries very hard not to get angry. If he does, he begins to lose control of himself and he might do things he might regret.

Special powers:
Shadow: Due to his genetic alteration, he is able to transform into an assassin. The armor itself is jet black and is best used at night time (it does not use the shadows in any way for transit). He can summon different means to protect himself and also bring out black chains from it and attack his opponents.

Dark bomb: Over time, Lucifer became increasingly obsessive in learning the occult. He learned this spell by drinking a potion he created himself. He is able to create an orb of dark energy that he can either launch it or can slam it into the ground creating a wide field effect. However, this power is really difficult for him to summon unless he keep a cool head and absolute focus to summon it.

Dark thunder: By drinking another potion, Lucifer is able to send out bolts of dark energy from his fingertips. It does little damage to machines, but it does do damage to oragnic life. However, Lucifer is only able to use this spell for about five minutes without it having completely tiring him out.

Inner Darkness: Karn had blessed Lucifer's whip sword with an inner darkness. With it, he can be able to create a portal and be able to go where his mind wants to go. He goes to no dimension, it is only a way to go from A to B. But here is the problem: it will severely drain him if he uses it constantly. Plus he needs to be Shadow for it to work.

Alpha program: There was a part of Lucifer that he himself kept hidden away deep in his mind. It was his old life as Alpha. When activated, his speed and strength increase. Not only that, his body can slowly regenerate his wounds. The only way he could unlock it was using a special chemical he keeps hidden in his dorm. Not only that, in order for there to be no errors when using it, he would need to fight his past self to maintain control.

Armor of Eternal Twilight: This was once used by the alternate form of Lucifer. It is an upgrade to the symbiotic form of Shadow. With it, the new wielder Lucifer receives a complete appearance change. His face is now covered by a black skull and billowing cloak. Furthermore, glyphs of dark energy are now scattered throughout his body. The power of the armor not only increases the power of his dark attacks, but it also increases his resistance to holy attacks (it doesn't make him invulnerable, but it will cushion the blow). But like the name of the armor says, it can only be activated when it is night and not only that, he must be Shadow in order for it to work at all. It is an extension of Shadow's form.

Dark tempest: The next level of his dark power. By tapping into the power of his new armor and spinning around, he can be able to unleash a surge of dark energy that can take up a radius of five feet around him. The only thing is that since this attack requires more dark energy, he needs to use his new armor for it to function properly.

Dark Mist: Lucifer's brand new potion has given him a pretty interesting skill. This power makes a dark mist that covers an area of 30 feet. But this doesn't mean it is eternal darkness. Light can go through it, but this mist is pretty murky. Not to mention the mist only lasts for about 25 minutes before it completely dissapates.

Mark of Nemesis: This is another addition to Lucifer's Shadow enhancement which is a blood red star on his left arm. In this form, he becomes a black and red demon with a pair of long horns and a pair of really long wings. He not only receives a heightened boost in many of his stats: strength, speed, defense, his dark power increases even greater as well as his resistance to the light element. His whip sword gets longer and hooked at the end as well. The only thing is that he needs the Armor of Eternal Twilight, but that only lasts until the nighttime so he will only have dusk til dawn to use this form.

Alpha: A side of Lucifer that he had believed that would be kept asleep for as long as he lived. However, in a battle against the Dark Brethren's warriors, Alpha had been awakened. The overall appearance of Alpha when he takes over is the same as Lucifer. However, he has silver tattoos as well as silver hair with a black streak going down the middle. As Alpha, the program that is in him grows stronger than before and allows him to delve into his old shadow style of fighting. Just not yet at least.

Note: This is not going to be a separate character. They are going to be stuck with each other.

Shadow form: This was Alpha's first Shadow style power. With this power, he can be able to "phase" for about five minutes to make physical attacks go through him. But there are some catches to this power. First of all, after performing this, he has to let it cool down for an hour. Not only that, if he used it for more than five minutes, his molecules would dissolve in the air, killiing him.

Shadow step: When he changes into Shadow, Lucifer is able to decrease the volume of his footsteps to make him practically silent. The only thing that could stop him is if someone has pretty decent hearing. Not to mention that he could only use this unless he is walking. He can't go running around while using this.

Dire staff of Nihilus:
Crafted of ebony and a dark magic enhanced skull, this staff had almost rivaled the golden axe for its power. Those who used it before that weren't of the darkness have been driven mad with the power of the staff. With this power, Lucifer is able to unleash strong blasts of energy. When he becomes Nemesis, he can turn it also into a dark magic shield.

Dire Staff of Nihilus

Dark Arsenal: Using a mixture of his connections, dark magic, and a pocket dimension made by Sakura, Lucifer has a place where he stores a series of weapons. Usually they have the basic properties of guns, but they grow dark and become completely altered than what they used to be. Ammuntion rules still apply for the weapons. In no way does he have unlimited ammo. Just that they now are darkness infused. For now, he only has one weapon in the arsenal.

Dark OICW: The OICW is an assault weapon that is pretty strong. It is a combination of an assault rifle and a 20mm grenade launcher. The clip size of each are 30 and 5 respectively. When infused with his dark power, the gun can be able to shoot dark bolts of energy in single shot, triple shot, and automatic and the grenades would be four times the power of the dark bomb.

Dark Desert eagles:
This extension of the Dark arsenal is used for the desert eagles that he acquires. With this form, the darkness makes them fuse into his Shadow armor. This gives Lucifer 8 rounds of powerful dark energy shots to go off by. However, he needs to reload and wait for them to cool down for thirty minutes before using them again.

Dark FA-MAS: This weapon is designed to have the most ammo in his arsenal. When it is combined with the darkness of Lucifer, it becomes even more dangerous. The dark bullets, when enough are fired, become a stream of dark energy that he can be able to control like a whip. As long as he has a good line of sight going on, he can be able to keep the attack going.

Protus: The Protean, a gel like race that come from another planet, was kept within suspended animation within the American Government. Used as the ground work for Shadow, when combined Lucifer's symbiotic form would increase in power. Once combined with the Protean, Shadow would become to an extent like armor instead of a basic costume. The black material would have spikes covering his shoulder blades and even have a combat visor on his eyes. The effects of the armor would entail various upgrades. The armor would be much more resilient to fire, physical objects, and sound. Furthermore, he would be able to call upon more shapes. The spikes that he had used before are now upgraded. He can be able to call upon longer spikes at this time (the original length is approximately like the interior of the iron maiden). The length becomes as long as a spear and he can only be able to do it one at a time. Other shapes include blades and smaller spikes that Shadow used as his standard. The chains he has are now capable to be linked to his own senses for faster reactions.

Energy signature scan: Learned from his first special powers class, Lucifer is able to find a person by energy signature by just closing his eyes and focus hard on their mental picture.

Gunpowder knowledge: From the previous science class that he and his friends had attended, he had learned how to create gunpowder.

Energy Ball Creation- This power is very weak. The user can only create a small ball of energy that is highly unstable, though with concentration the ball can takes shapes and color. Use as an attack would be the same effect as flicking someone.

Lucifer can no longer remember his old name. He chose the name of Lucifer because he thought it was cool. He doesn't even remember his family. The only family he tends to remember is the government and the army he was in. Other than that, he was usually all alone.

A long time ago, he was known as Agent Alpha. He was the first super soldier ever created by the US government. Lucifer was usually killed in battle, but his government had another plan for him. Every time he was killed, he went under a state of "frankensteining" where they take his intact brain, place it a fresh corpse, and reanimate him. Over time, he became very resentful for what they did and at times, comtemplated in putting himself in suicide missions, just so this can finally stop. Most of the time, he was sent in missions that regular soldiers couldn't do (ie fighting aliens, zombies, and other things that can not be explained) In his later years, he was used as an assassin, taking out "success stories" or byproducts of other super soldier projects. In the year 2003, Lucifer was given an assignment to take out the last soldier Andrew. If he can complete it, he will finally get what he wanted, his death. But Andrew was able to persuade Lucifer in not killing him and there is much more to life than killing. Lucifer now works with Andrew now and then whenever Andrew needs backup.

Name: Sakura Nova

Age: 30

Number of tails: 1

Kitsune name: Farrah

Sakura is a very slender girl. She is 5'11" and weighs 120 lbs. She is a very limber girl. Sakura has saphire blue eyes and when she gets angry, the whites of her eyes become blue and with emerald green slits (like dear old dad). She has blond hair with pink highlights in them. When she isn't wearing her uniform, she usually wears shorts, sandals, and very colorful t-shirts. Not only that, she wears black sunglasses, and a couple of rings on her fingers and toes. Her nails are usually painted red. She also keeps with her a pair of desert eagles with her. After having her soul taken, she had became a kitsune. She has a pair of red fox ears and a bushy red foxtail. Her other features *hair and eyes* seem to not have changed. She now has a pair of tattoos on the soles of her feet. They are gold and red feathers crossed over like an X and a pair of scrolls. One scroll has her first name, and the other one has Sisterhood of the feather.

Sakura is borderline feminine and tomboy. She enjoys having a good date, but isn't afraid to put a couple of rounds in someone's head. She has a very laidback and playful nature, but she is kind of absentminded and has a tendency to forget things, even though she does have a high intelligence; however, it doesn't show that much. Underneath all of that, she is a very responsible person. Although, she is kind of crazy for guys. She will usually be on the hunt for a man and will go to any lengths to find one. However, if one of her friends are in danger, she will easily fight someone until she knows her friends are out of harm's way. She is not as much as a strategist as her father, but she does have alot of courage and spirit to back up her fighting.

Special Power:
Sakura doesn't have any kind of special powers like magic and the using energy or the elements. Not only that, she doesn't have the same skill with melee weapons like her dad did. But because of her father's DNA, she possesses enhanced sense of smell and strength. Her nose can pick up the slightest trace of any kind of smell, but it kind of has a tendency of getting off track if she doesn't concentrate enough. Her enhanced strength makes her strong. However, she can only use that when she is angry. When she isn't angry, she will usually relies heavily on her firearms.

X-buster: (Side note: It's not what you think it is, I'm just using the name) With a crystal Andrew had found a long time ago and instructions he given to Sakura, she was able to make an energy gun. It looks like a basic rifle, but it has four barrels on it. She can be able to shoot out a four weaker beams or a stronger single beam. But the problem is that if used constantly the gun will overheat. Not only that, it makes a very loud sound so anyone will hear it.

Nova Shot: This is her version of the nova beam. With it, she can channel her energy through her body and into her desert eagles to make a stronger shot. However, this attack is only good for about 5 attacks, and then she would need to recharge for about 30 minutes.

Nova Flare:
Energy was building up in Sakura's very being ever since she learned her last nova power had been acquired. With this power, she can be able to unleash a powerful surge of energy against anything in a 10 foot radius that can last for two minutes. The only thing is that with this power, it can only last about 25 seconds. After that, she is completely drained.

Eagle eyes: Another dormant portion of her DNA awakened and she is able to look up to a distance of 4 miles. Her sight improves for nighttime as well. The only thing is that she can only use this power when she is not angry. When she is angry, she only sees the opponent and nothing else...even various obstacles.

Flame shot: By accidently drinking a potion that Lucifer was working with in his dorm, Sakura gains the power to shoot out fireballs from her desert eagles. The only problem is that she is still learning how to use this power so it will give her minor burns on her hands. Not only that, she is only good for only twenty shots until she is drained.

Radar hearing: During her stay, Sakura's hearing is now enhanced. Her hearing is so strong, she not only can be able to hear things at long distance but it is also strong enough to hear really silent things, like a piece of cotton falling on a square of felt. The only problem is that she is less tolerant to supersonic items like a dog whistle.

Dragon Hand:
Made from the shrunken head of a dragon, this weapon functions as an arm cannon. It shoots out a powerful stream of dragon fire against the opponent. It can be able to melt through 3 inches of steel and is pretty good against the cold.

Kitsune Heritage: Sakura is a kitsune, Despite having her soul separated, she still retained her old power. Her type of kitsune is a Fire kitsune. Along with her heritage comes all the basic powers alotted to kitsune and then there's the race powers.

Basic Powers she has knowledge of
-Kitsune-bi (Orb of Flame)
-Mind Reading
-Changing Shape and Appearance
-Manifesting Illusions

Sakura's kitsune powers:
Cosmic Blaze: Don't let the name of this attack fool you, it doesn't send forth meteors. This power allows Sakura's ktisune form three powerful fireballs going in a wide arc. The only problem is that this can drain her badly if she uses all three of them at once. That means she must do them one at a time.

Fireball Z: *It's not what you think first of all* This is the next level for Sakura's flame kitsune style. However, she needs to use the Cosmic blaze to make it work. She uses all of the fireballs together to make a pretty big fireball. Then with a snap of her finger, the big one turns into 10 small ones and they zoom around the opponent, creating area damage.

Bloody inferno: This attack involves Sakura being injured. Whenever she has open wounds and blood comes out of them, she can put her hands into the blood and be able to send out a strong wave of fire. However, there are a couple of conditions of this power. One, she can't use too much blood. Plus, her natural fire would actually be able to seal her wounds. So she can't really get a lot of flame waves out of it depending on the wound.

Mark of Macha:
Sakura's past has always come back to haunt her in different ways. Though free of the past of her mother's death, there is still something even darker in her heart: When Reyome's aspect Macha took her over and changed her into a kitsune. Though it was thought that her influence was gone, in reality it was now dormant in her body. A symbol of the aspect is burned onto the back of her right shoulder blade is apparent to show that she is still under the influence of the aspect. Whenever under high emotional duress, Sakura's body would burst into flames and change into the nine tailed flame kit form that she took on a long time ago. However, since she is still a single tailed kitsune, she can only maintain this form for 15 minutes. However, the more tails she receives, the longer the duration. But the trick is that she has no idea how to gain more tails.

The main attributes of Sakura's new form are multiplied by five times. All of her kitsune fire abilities (not any regular fire abilities) would be amplified in this form. Her enhanced strength would be constantly on while in this form but only increased 1.5 times. While her enhanced senses are somewhat the same, she no longer feels the effects of tunnel vision for her enhanced sight.

Meteor Strike:
A variation of Sakura's Meteor Swarm ability. With this form, Sakura is able to concentrate to create a single orb of fire that is 3x times the size of her meteor swarm flame orbs. With this form, she needs much more concentration to perform this move since if she is not careful the fireball would react violently and explode on her body. Thankfully the damage would be less compared to a normal human or meta human considering that she is a flame kitsune. She can only be able to use this ability ten times a day. Furthermore, it is still bound to the weaknesses of wind and water.

Heat Wave: Applying the knowledge that she had learned from Rish's father and combining it with how she was able to understand the Nova Flare, Sakura learned a kitsune flame ability that allows her to shoot out an aura of kitsune flame around her body. Because of her training, she had been able to create a flame aura which has an area that just surrounds her body. Used mainly as a defensive countermeasure, Sakura is able to use this attack to melt down metal and use the intense heat around her body to keep people from coming too close from her. She can be able to call upon this flame aura for about five minutes before having the flames almost consume her body. In addition, the attack can only be used once a day. Furthermore, she can also lose the aura from dealing with water based attacks.

Inferno Strike:
Taking the knowledge of Diabolos to heart, Sakura had began to learn how to concentrate her kitsune flame into either her hands or feet to create stronger kicks and punches. The strikes themselves have a very explosive blow to them that they can actually be able to take down brick walls and even melt through steel. However, she could only be able to keep this up for only ten minutes due to the problems of the nerve endings in her hands and feet. The flame would become so intense that her hands and feet would be ineffective for two hours.

Rocket Blast:
A concentrated version of the heat wave, when in her fox form, Sakura is able to increase the flames in her body to allow herself for fast transportation and even be able to fly. The highest she can be able to is up to five stories at a maximum speed of 90 mph for about twenty minutes. However, because she is a single tail kitsune, there are still weaknesses in this form. She cannot be able to maintain this kind of speed within colder climates and should there be a lack of oxygen, she would have to conserve herself and go down lower and slower to maintain this form. After completely using it up, it takes four hours to completely restore herself

Energy signature scan: Learned from his first special powers class, Sakura is able to find a person by energy signature by just closing his eyes and focus hard on their mental picture.

Gunpowder knowledge: From the previous science class that she and her friends had attended, he had learned how to create gunpowder.

Energy Ball Creation- This power is very weak. The user can only create a small ball of energy that is highly unstable, though with concentration the ball can takes shapes and color. Use as an attack would be the same effect as flicking someone.

Sakura was born in Japan around the time of Cyrus married the woman he loved. Throughout the time she knew him, she never knew about his past. When she asked her mother, she didn't know either. That was when his past came back for him. He was called away for some "business" and had not returned for awhile. Without any warning, demons who were trying to kill Cyrus found his family and they killed Sakura's mother. Since Cyrus had not returned, so she was placed with her grandparents. About her 13th birthday, she started to notice the changes in her. When the local bully was picking on some little kids, she stepped up and protected them. After a harsh insult dispensed by the bully, Sakura's dormant DNA kicked in and her eyes transformed. The bully ran and now she is constantly referred to as a monster. That was about the time she wanted to know more about her father. Her grandfather, who was once a police officer, taught her how to use a gun when she was 9 years old. Using the knowledge she learned, she packed up her things and left to search for her father. It wasn't until later she met Andrew in Japan, and since she was an only child, she consider's him like a brother to her.
Character files
Character files for the following characters: Andrew, Lucifer, Cyrus, Lance, and Sakura
Right now I am working on showing some of the things I have written in time. I will eventually be getting ready to do a bleach fan fic that always was on my mind.


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